Sunday, March 28

Flawed Design

So when I first started this blog I planned on talking about myself more and all that but mostly I've just been sharing things I'm interested in, things that catch my eye. So I deleted my introductory post and changed up my mental design for what I wanted my blog to be about. I still don't think anyone will see this but if they do, it makes me happy, because I want other people to see the things I have come across that intrigue me. Anyways, it's been a while since I shared something or even wrote on here so I just wanted to share a bit of hope. Everyone has heard of the sites fml(fuckmylife).com and, and while these sites can be amusing, they mostly reflect the sad, disappointing or the immoral things in life. So my friend Sarah sent me a link to one day, and I fell in love! Every few weeks I go read it for some inspiration. The stories are so inspiring and hopeful, they make me realize how many good people there are in the world, and what we are truly capable of. Please give it a visit. The story that gave me the idea to share the site with my blog was this : Two months ago, my best friend died in a fire.

I was told that he would've made it out alive, except he ran back to try save his two-year-old half-sister. They found him holding her, she died in his arms while he was trying to protect her from the flames.

A brother's LOVE GMH .

Oh. And PS. The title is also a great song by Stabilo - Flawed Design. Youtube it. :)

Sunday, March 14

Chat Roulette

Alright. About a month ago a friend was telling me about a site called chat roulette. Basically, you go on a site, and are instantly connected to someone that could be anywhere in the world, and you can chat with them, either through typing or via webcam. Your mic can also be used but neither have to be. I decided quickly this mostly a pervert site, I saw a bunch of weiners and was nexted pretty frequently as well as nexted everyone else pretty frequently. (Nexting - chosing to find someone else to chat with). I forgot about it until a few weeks later when I showed up to a friends house and her and another friend were causing a riot on the site. That day was the end of me, I've been loving chat roulette ever since. Some people are on their to get some action, some to meet interesting people, and some to cause a riot - like my friends and I do. Most people are finding out about this site now, it is absolutely booming in popularity. I just found a video about it, and thougth I would share the video as well as a link to the site and a description about it and my experience with it. It's not for everyone, but if you are ever bored, it can definitely get interesting. Check it out.

chat roulette from Casey Neistat on Vimeo.

Monday, March 8

Carly Maicher

So I'm just putting up a quick link for music lovers. This is a link to my friend Carly's myspace. She's an amazing musician and has this beautiful, soulful, rich voice that I love so so much! You should check her out if you love hearing new music!. Just go to the site below or click this entries title - Carly Maicher! xo.

Thursday, March 4

Gag Me.

What the heck? I had no idea this was even legal, but apparently it is. This is a video about stores, most that you will know, and possibly shop at, that take used products like UNDERWEAR and put that back on the shelf! The part that really gets me is about hanging them out over night to release the odor.. DISGUSTING! who wants used panties? not me! Check it out.

Retailers caught selling used lingerie
Retailers caught selling used lingerie

Lilly Scott

I am doubting anyone will see this but I am watching American Idol and I thought Lilly Scott was just very.. inspiring. I think this season is incredibly unique and full of ACTUAL artists.. people who could just make music I, personally, could love. I usually get SO bored of this show after the auditions but I'm really enjoying it this season thus far. So check out her performance.. I'm diggin' it.

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