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Click it to see the full thing . It says : I told her I understood..but no matter how she explained it, all I ever heard was "you're not worth waiting for".

Post Secret is one of my favorite sites and I have probably already talked about it but I don't remember. Anyways, this is one of the new sunday secrets I checked out today. It just made me think about when someone breaks your heart. It doesn't matter if they say I still love you or it's not you it's me... you are still hurt and something is not right. I think that when something like that happens we always say "Oh well this is my fault, what could I have done better, how can i be better for this person, how can i make them want me, love me, see me." I think that's such a horrible frame of mind though. Sometimes we do make mistakes, mess up, do things that maybe make us undeserving of someone's love. That doesn't mean that every time something goes wrong you need to change yourself for someone. If someone doesn't want you, maybe they are undeserving of your love and attention. I think if the person you love, even if it is a friend, a family member, a bf/gf.. if they don't see you for who you are and love that person, what makes them deserving of your love? I've seen way too many friends go through a break up and try to change for someone forever.. the way they look, their friends, their hobbies.. is it really worth it? as teenagers especially we get so absorbed in being in relationships and fitting in .. it's too bad. i'm not saying i've never gotten batty over a guy , i'm totally guilty too. it would just be bomb if we could look at someone and be able to tell is this person going to hurt me? is this person going to use me? will this person love me and care for me properly? before we get in too deep. but i guess that is part of falling love and dating and forming friendships and caring about people - sometimes you just have to put yourself out there and put your heart on the line, and sometimes you might regret it. but when i think about it, you can find some really great things when you put it all out there. you just have to decide if some pain is worth eventually finding great friends and someone to love. im reminded of a friend who kept getting hurt by a guy constantly because he was hurt before her. she never gave it up though, she loved him enough to put her heart on the line over and over and over. now they are one of the happiest couples i know, and truly happy, truly comfortable. we all thought she was crazy!

anyways..the whole point of this little tyrade i guess is that you're probably going to get hurt but at least you will be putting yourself out there and never think you are too good, but don't think you don't deserve happiness or what you want. because you do. everyone deserves their happiness!

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  1. I love post secret too Bail! I check it every sunday. :)
    And this post is very true, you should have feel like you have to change who you are for somebody.


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