Thursday, May 13

duckfaces and shit randy hates.

Two posts in one week, holy ole fart, im a blogetter and a half. I found a few interesting sites today that I think are pretty unknown and might interest a few people.

Okay. First off.. hahah.. I am laughing thinking about it. You know the girls on your facebook, or maybe even a few special guys, who feel the need, IN EVERY PICTURE, to pucker their lips? And not just pucker them but like.. totally distort their face in the process? This site is pretty much dedicated to these people but not in a positive way. It is and the pictures are funny but the captions are funnier. At this point I havn’t totally figured out if it’s guys or girls but it’s totally hilarious. It actually sounds like a few of my friends ranting on. I love that the writers do not support the overuse of bronzer and that stupid ass pale gross pink lipstick color girls think is nice. THANK YOU! Its SICK. Anywhooo. That is one site you should check out.

THEN that site sent me to another site called The site is exactly what it’s a dude talking about all the things he hates. This guy is decently good so far, but DOES ramble a bit : warning, posts are pretty long sometimes! I have only read a few but he makes a few really funny points and I kind of enjoy it. Check it out if you’re into that kind of humor.

On a personal note its my cousins birthday tomorrow or in 45 minutes – she’ll be 18 and i love her so..HAPPY BIRTHDAY RACHEL!. Then the next day it’s my friend Cassie’s 18th birthday so..happy birthday to her as well! My bestie’s birthday coming up as well, then mine.. so rock on May!!

Ouh..tomorrow is my last day at my job. I don’t even think I’ve mentioned my job on here partly because I work 40 hours a work so when I’m not at work, I try not to think about it. But i do actually LOVE it. I work at a daycare. I used to be the person who “hated kids” but ever since working at an orphanage in Guatemala and starting my job at the daycare I totally dig kids..under the age of 5. Anyways, it was just a 12 week job and I am inevitably on the 12th week so.. tomorrow is my last day. I will miss ALL of the kids, but I shall admit I picked favourites. Anyways.. when I look at them I realize I won’t be a part of their lives anymore and they won’t be a part of mine which makes me sad because I want to watch them grow and learn but.. that’s life. Gotta move on.. keep on keeping on. Anyways.. what can ya dO!.

Alright..its nearly midnight so I should head to bed so I’m attentive for my last day haha. Have a great weekend 2 blog readers. Xo

Me with Rach+Cass..and Happy Birthdays Girls.xo

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