Sunday, May 9

too much to handle.

OKAY! I know.. bad bailey.. it's been pretty much a month since my last post. The good thing is - I have lots to say and no one actually reads this blog so.. SAFE.

number one on the agenda - (i think) have you heard of it? basically, you get an account, people ask you questions, then you answer them. they can ask them anonymously or, if they have an account, they can chose to post their account name. at first i just liked reading peoples answers and asking questions but i have created an account because I like to answer questions and i've seen some super good ones on a few sites. so this is my formspring :

i named my formspring the great escape because of number 2 on the agenda. i have been totally loving the song 'the great escape' by patrick watson lately. it has this nice coldplay type feel. if you have seen the sweet commercial for orange juice where they light up an inuit community and give them all orange juice - this song is the one playing. it has also been on greys anatomy which is where i get TONS of my music! i will post the video to great escape, you should check out his music, i am right now and hes good :)

okay. 3rd. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! to all the mothers in the world - it has GOT to be the hardest job in the world. i work just 40 hrs a week at a day care and that is hard enough for me. raising a child would be the hardest thing ever as far as i am concerned! my mother is sooo amazing and i am so thankful because i know not everyone was as lucky as i was. but many were, so happy mothers day to all the amazing moms in this world!

alright so.. yeah. that is not as many things as i was thinking but check out my formspring, ask me a few questions, check out patty dub.. and have a great week! and today is sunday, so dont forget to check out the sunday secrets at MY FAVORITE!. <3


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