Monday, August 2

August Rush

August Rush is such a good movie, if you havn't seen it, you should. Good soundtrack too, which you will enjoy more if you like the movie most likely.

Anyways, the title and that little ramble has nothing to do with anything. August is here though, I welcome you August! The summer has been pretty awesome so far, I've had some fun, relaxed, tanned, spent time with friends, partied and have been trying to make the best of the time I spend away from work! So just to update quickly on the Summer Bucket List for anyone(also know as no one) who is interested, I have only succesfully completed 5 of the 14 things I listed. I have two months left (I said I was giving myself through to the end of September) but I better get crackin' I'd say! The ones I have done are : Jumped off the high diving board, jumped off the wharf, slept under the stars, Tea Time and Magic Mountain! They were all pretty awesome. Jumping off the wharf was such a rush, I honestly recommend it to anyone who likes a little adrenaline rush. The tide was pretty low so it was a nice little drop. The same night my friends and I made a home made slip n slide and honestly.. that should've been on my list but oh well, it was fucking awesome. It was the most fun I'd had in a really long while. See my facbeook for pictures, aha. I have also befriended over half of my goal. so..YAY!

So a quick shout out to my friends youtube. He just bought a videocam and has started capturing some of the crazy antics him and the boys get up to. To see some pretty interesting videos, check his youtube out, it is I recommend Tequila Group Puke :)I kind of want to add the Cliff Jumping they do to my bucket list..we'll see!

To motivate me into being a little more dedicated to my bloggeroo, I think each Sunday or monday I'm going to post my favorite sunday secret from, my favorite site. I've done a blog post about it I'm pretty sure. So hopefully when i look at the sunday secrets, I will need to post your favorite one and you might as well write a nice blog about something interesting while you are add it. and VITO!!

Okay. Soooo.. very last thing I wanted to mention is the most hilarious youtube video. It's a girl basically teaching other ugly girls how to make yourself appear attractive. It's pretty accurate, really. hahaha. So I had it posted on my facebook but if you didn't see it or you don't have me on facebook, check it out.

Alright. Have a fun summer, do what you want, you only live once, HAVE FUNNNN!. xo


PS. I chose this as my favorite secret not because I feel I have huge boobs or anything like that but because everything is relative. Some girls might be sad because they want huge boobs but then if you have huge boobs you are insecure because sometimes people may define you by it, or you think it's the only thing people notice and they are always looking. Small boobs, big boobs, no boobs - everyone gets insecure and we always wish for what we don't have. Just try to be happy with what you have because you're probably great no matter what.

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