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Have you ever reflected on your life? The choices you've made, the paths you've chosen, friends you made, changes been through? Have you ever thought about all the good things that have happened to you? All the things you are blessed with? The things you take for granted? I find myself thinking about bad aspects of my life, or bad things that happen and I don't like that so a while ago I decided to list 100 things i like/love about life in general. At first it took me a second but once I really got thinking, finding 100 was insanely easy and with a bit more time I could've gone to 200 or more. If i had gotten really specific my list would be pages long.I think it's important, especially when you feel low or like there is nothing good going in your life, that you think about the things you have to love or appreciate in your life. There is SOMETHING, no matter what. I definitely challenge everyone to try it, because it make me happy just thinking about it. I will leave my list at the bottom for ideas or if you are just interested. :)

So I found a secret I wanted to post this week as well!

It might cut off so just incase, it reads "I intentionally missed my flight because I saw a guy in line wearing a turban. I was terrified but I didn't feel guilty."

So some people would consider this racist, some would consider it stereotypical, some would considerate it totally legit and some just plain stupid. It made me think, where is the line between you know.. intolerance and stereotypes? I don't know if this situation would make me nervous just because i'm a pretty tolerant person and I try not to be stereotypical. I'm open-minded and smart enough to know that just because there are cultures who wear turbans who have committed terrotist acts does not mean every person you see wearing a turban is a terrorist or a bad person at all. there are people of every color, shape, size, religion, race, etc who are horrible people - terrorists, rapists, murderers, liars, cheats, etc etc etc. But I certainly do have stereotypes and I find it hard to shake them, even if they are little. I think that the best thing we can do is to just try our best to see every person as a person and not as a race or a religion or even an age, sexuality, gender. where do you think the line is? would you cancel your flight solely because a man wearing a turban was present?

lastly, if you read my list at the end, you may notice that pretty harmonies is one of them. it was inspired by this video that a friend posted on facebook. these dudes are amazing. they have beautiful voices, they have those most amazing arrangements and the harmonies are just outrageously good. i love them. im totally in love. my heart is melted in a puddle because of these guys. so at least check out this video im posting and if you are into it i suggest : fireflies, it's very pretty. then hero/heroine and possibly a little 'in my head'. oh yeh. jason derule. its pretty interesting. then justinrobinettmusic is like..a leg to their channel and i think it smostly just the one dude and he does a very nice cover of the only exception by paramore which i would check out..or.i guess i already did but .. if i was you . anyways. do it. now

So..thats it! . Haha. Quite a lot really. Big Love!. xo

100 things i like and/or love :)
1. My best friend
2. My Yankee blankee
3. Phone calls from my nephew
4. Clementines
5. The colour purple
6. My mother
7. Microwaveable things ie: soup, pizza pockets, alphaghetti, etc.
8. Rummi, as in the card game
9. Shopping online
10. Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
11. Watching movies
12. Pictures
13. Big Brother (the tv show)
14. Traveling
15. Friends
16. My izzle group and our reunions
17. Spanish
18. Boots
19. The smell that comes from the dryer through the little vent that leads to outside a house
20. Tide to go
21. Latinos
22. Smoothies
23. Scented Markers
24. Having money
25. The orphanage
26. Greys Anatomy
27. Notes/Bulletins
28. Bananas
29. Diana’s (my xela house mom) spaghetti
30. Harry Potter Series (including the movies)
31. Tye die
32. Cuddling
33. Pot lucks
34. Old charismatic cars
35. The Beach
36. Kayaking
37. Endorphins
38. Gambling
39. Kraft Dinner
40. Clear Skin
41. Tenting
42. Long talks
43. Peppermint Tea
44. Cuddling in blankets when cold
45. Laughing/Smiling
46. Piano
47. Respect
48. Pretty scents
49. Cool sunglasses
50. Baby laughs
51. Kissing
52. Texting a boy you like.
53. Pictures
54. Blogging
55. Postsecret
56. Reading Jodi Picoult novels
57. Long emails from friends
58. Meeting new interesting people
59. Trying new things
60. Meaningful tattoos
61. Seeing a couple who look like they are in love
62. Mutual lust
63. Lipstick
64. Natural beauty
65. Puns
66. Body butter
67. Grade 12 biology
68. Sarcasm
69. Grand Manan
70. Minigolf
71. Facebook
72. Forever 21
73. Invisible Children
74. Harry Potter
75. Songs with memories attached to them
76. Pretty harmonies
77. Eye liner
78. Jungle jims
79. Crazy hair
80. Nose rings
81. Sexually explicit raps
82. Tie dye
83. Volleyball
84. Authentic grand manan events
85. Funky/antique/oldschool jewelry
86. Hugs
87. Millers pond
88. Making money
89. Fresh, salty air
90. Christmas
91. Hearing a good song you havn’t heard in a while
92. Lazy Sundays at Rachie’s
93. Chat roulette with friends
94. Fun hats/banadanas
95. Online shopping
96. Writing funny songs off the top of my head
97. Partying
98. Seeing people’s true colors
99. My amazing,diverse and fun family
100. My Health


  1. bail j, i don't think you're aware of how amazing you are.
    NO idea you had a blog.
    you are seriously such an amazing writer.

  2. SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTT didnt knwo you could leave comments! ... that is such a good idea, and makes you realize how much is awesome. especially KD hahahaha.. i love your blogs you deep and reflective person! xo

  3. gee, thanks ash!. i never thought of myself as a good writer but i appreciate it all the same!.

    shut up, maddy aha.


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