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Alright. Here comes a doozy. I know it’s been weeks and weeks but the main thing I can blame it on other than the obvious – myself and my own laziness – is the lack of inspiration in my life. My friends are gone, I don’t do much for fun, I work all day, and while I like my job it, much like my life, lacks inspiration to write. I know that sometimes the things I write about aren’t exactly poetic but a lot of it comes from things in my life provoking me to write or express it, I don’t just sit down and shit out random words onto my keyboard.

So anyways.. I was youtubing like a champion and came across this video. I suggest you watch it because a)it’s pretty bitchin’ in a thought provoking type way and b)it might help you better understand where I’m coming from if society hasn’t already made you understand where I’m coming from. Previously mentioned video :

Okay so..ridiculous. It’s insane what a little photoshopping can do to the average girl. I mean, great, sweet, you can do some cool things with photoshop but that’s not the point. The point is that they do this to women and men all the time, put it all through the media, and tell us that these people actually look like this and basically that we are beautiful if we look like that too. I know that it’s not that simple and not every add is like this, and not everyone falls into that trap, but think about it. Think about what you would look like if you could be the most beautiful person you can think of..I bet it’s not even an everyday person and if it is in fact a celebrity, they don’t even actually look like that.

The sad thing is that the celebrity is beautiful and fine how they are and probably talented and successful yet our standards of what is beautiful have become so high, farfetched and fake that they are photoshopped and fucked with to the point of this ridiculous idea of perfection even though they are already extraordinarily beautiful. Did you know that Kate Hudsons eyes aren’t even blue? On magazine covers and even television commercials her eyes have been photoshopped blue. Why? I have no idea! She is amazingly beautiful and talented, yet someone feels the need to make her eyes a different color. That is so fucked up! I found these pictures.. of amazingly beautiful people who apparently had to be photoshopped.. WHY?? They are so gorgeous.. I would kill to look like they do without being edited.. there was no need for any of it!

The scary part of it all is that so many people buy into it. I know I do. I have never felt beautiful in my life and I feel totally useless if I don’t have a shit ton of make up on and my hair done. I may still feel the same if I hadn’t grown up thinking that you had to be blonde, skinny and perfect to be beautiful or loved but I might not. Millions of girls might feel be more comfortable with themselves if these stupid superficial ideas of beauty hadn’t been shoved down their throats. It seems like there is no one there saying “you’re beautiful without make up, you’re beautiful because you’re you” which is true. The most beautiful girls in the world are the girls who are natural and who comfortable with themselves and who are beautiful from the inside out. Nothing is more beautiful to me than a girl who is confident and funny and smart.. external beauty fades. What will it mean when you’re 80 and you have no personality?

I think it would be awesome if we could look in the mirror and say “wow, my freckles are awesome”, “i love my blonde hair”, “i love my pale skin”, “i’m so glad i have hips”, “being tall is amazing”, etc etc etc. It doesn’t matter what we do, we’re too big, too small, our butts are too big, too small, our boobs are never big enough, our nose, our lips, our hair, everything.. and things are so in and out of style.. magazines telling us we can only wear this because we’re this size and to color our hair this color because the moon is in this place and god forbid you don’t wear this make up brand because you WILL look like a gremlin, and the guy you like WILL disregard your existence.

It’s all really fucked up. I think wearing make up is fine and wearing nice clothes is great – i’m a shopaholic. The point I’m making is that.. we have to start seeing beauty in other things. I see beauty in my friendship with my best friends – when I can sit with them and we finish each others sentences, and say stupid shit no one else would understand, and laugh til we can’t breathe. I see beauty when someone takes a shopping cart for an elderly lady at the save easy. I see beauty when I drive around my hometown and realize how blessed I am to live in such a beautiful place. I see beauty when my customers smile and say thank you and they mean it. I see beauty in peoples laughter. I see beauty in new friendships. I see beauty when someone stands up for someone they don’t know. Beauty is not always just how skinny someone is or how pretty their face is or how many guys/girls rhink they are’s who they are and how they make the world a better place.

I’d love to see society get back to seeing beauty in a more natural way. There are lot’s of inspiring campaigns started – by Dove and even by Tyra Banks. She is a bit of a freakshow at times but she has amazing vision for changing people’s perspectives of beauty. She thinks that our definitions of beauty should expand and I agree. If we all tried to see the true beauty in every person and everything.. I think we could really surprise ourselves.I know not everyone agrees with me but I really hope that someday we start seeing things a little differently. I know this rant has been insane but tonight it really hit me how insane my standards are for how I should look. I have a long ways to go before I’m beautiful but I also know that I don’t need to be perfect because it’s not even real.

I don't like standard beauty - there is no beauty without strangeness." -Karl Lagerfeld”

And one more video for your viewing pleasure.

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