Sunday, November 14

Say No To Fur Vests.

Well I suppose after two weeks it’s time for an update on my get thin and healthy shenanigans. I havn’t exercised once and I eat cake for every meal. Ha. Just kidding! I’ve been doing alright and am proud of my progress thus far but I DO need to shape up and I’m going to!

I haven’t been perfect of course but I’ve been trying and any progress is good progress. The videos I’m doing with Sheri are going well and getting better each time. When it is bad, it’s funny - we are blessed with sarcasm and the ability to laugh at ourselves which helps a lot. I don’t feel so discouraged, I just keep going. I’m going to start going to the gym as well as doing the videos soon because I feel I should be getting some more intense cardio in but I don’t want to wear myself out too bad – I do work 40 hours a week and it can be a lot. I have huge respect for women who have children, work hard and still manage to work out and stay healthy – you are goddesses, absolute goddesses! Thanks to my dearest Diana who has said she’d start going to the gym with me – yay!

So I’ve only lost a few lbs but I’m feeling good. The food thing is the hardest – especially working at Vernes. I’m constantly surrounded by food – GOOD, unhealthy, fattening food. When it’s slow I just want to eat it all. It’s a struggle every second of every day I’m there but it will get easier and my will power will hopefully get stronger! If anyone has any tips for how I can say no to the food, leave me a comment ! I will try anything because it truly is so hard. I’m starting a new meal plan that is low carb so a bit of structure with my diet will hopefully help me keep away from the junkfood – we’ll see!

So moving onto other news! I’m finally starting to really commit to my trip in February. I’m in the process of booking flights to Jeremys and then I will be headed to Guatemala after a few weeks there. Hoping to stay with them for about three weeks because I miss them so much all the time and I haven never even met the newest additions. Once in Guatemala, I think I will spend the first few weeks volunteering again at the orphanage. It’s a big commitment for me though because I feel I’ve been working so hard – three jobs in the past year – to have enough money to go and then it’s just like BAM- 1000$ gone for the flight and 800$ gone for volunteer – that’s a lot of hours of work disappearing into thin air. But I believe it’s worth it and I’m really excited to get back there. I was so happy and it will be different but hopefully just as good if not better!

So speaking of the orphanage I just thought I’d lay out a little baby part of an idea I’ve been having. I just want to know if it seems stupid because when I bring it up to my mother she just looks vacant and unresponsive so I’ve can’t tell if it’s stupid or if she’s just giving her usual reply to my ideas. Since I’m traveling around Central America hopefully I’m just taking like one big huge backpack, I’m not dragging suitcases everywhere so I thought maybe I could just take one HUGE suitcase with me to Guatemala and fill it with stuff for the orphanage. The stuff my mom sent in the mail (bad idea) never made it and I could just leave the suitcase there and be done with it and they need so much stuff so I think it would be perfect! I remember one of the last days I was there one of the ladies who worked with the kids I did came up to me and my friend Jossy and told us that they really needed baby wipes. I was never able to send any and it weighs on my heart everyday because it’s such an easy thing and to us it’s just like baby wipes. I saw them wipe the babies bums with jeans and rough fabrics all the time because they didn’t have friggin baby wipes. How sad is that? It’s so fixable so this time I think I will take just fill up a suitcase with essentials and some clothes and stuff and cart it to Guatemala, and leave the suitcase there.

If I have to I will buy the stuff myself but if you want to help out and maybe give me a few items – that would be perfect. Even passing the word along to someone who might be interested in helping me out – that would be amazing. For more details on what type of items I am looking for or what you can do to help or even if you just want to email me aha, it is Or you can message me on facebook or call my house. If you don’t live on the island or do and still wish to email me an item message me for my address. I do not leave until the first of February so this is just my idea starting.. there is lot’s of time to let it marinate aha.

So tomorrow I weigh in – so wish me luck! Also a humongous, giant, statue of liberty sized thank you for all of the support! I never even dreamed anyone would read my blog let alone that I would get so many comments and messages (and even a card in the mail from a special lady) with words of wisdom, praise, advice, constructive criticism, etc – it was amazing. I am truly blessed and surrounded by amazing people – you made me feel so great in a difficult spot!

And lastly, to everyone with and without style, NEVER BUY A FUR VEST. I have no idea why they are in style but eventually everyone will wake up from this fashion coma and realize that much like the mullet, fur vests need to stay in the vault – forever!
Love to all, as Jason informed me, four readers! Haha.


  1. baby wipes seems pretty easy...see what we can do!

  2. So, is there no money for wipes, or are they just not available to the orphanage? Just wondering if a donation would be easier than trying to carry 50 pounds of wipes. LOL! Obviously that depends on the answer to the question.

    I SO admire you for the way you attack life and the adventures that you dare to take on. You are an amazing young woman!


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