Friday, December 31

a whole new year!

Oh hey 2011. So weird. 2011.. it even looks weird. I honestly can’t believe its 2011 – I’m going to be twenty this year. Excuse my French, but that shit is messed up. In some twisted bailey way I feel like 2010 went so fast but soooo slow. I guess that would be partly because it was so uneventful.. it just all blurred and slugged along but since I can’t remember any of it it seems as though it went fast.

I know people say this all the time but I have a REALLY good feeling about 2011. This past year for me has been a year of no achievement – I literally did nothing with myself besides work and make bad decisions. I have sometimes scattered and unsure plans for 2011 but they are big plans and I truly intend to make it a fabulous year no matter where I end up, what I do or who I meet – I believe in 2011! Haha.

Do you have your new years resolutions ready? I can’t believe I still feel so seriously about new years resolutions after 20 years (okay..10 years i suppose) of making a million and accomplishing one most likely by mistake. I suppose there is nothing wrong with wanting to be a better person or do better for yourself or for others, at least it’s in your head. This year I really am going to try to put forth an effort with somethings. In 2010 I finally stopped chewing my nails which wasn’t one of my resolutions but I’m glad it happened and it should've been on my list..then I would’ve accomplished something! Aha.

So I’m trying to compile a HUGE list of resolutions for the new year so that a)I am being more cautious about being a better me for myself and for friends/family/strangers and b)I figure if I did about 1 for 10 in 2010..then if I try for 100 and I get 10 in 2011...that’s 10 things I’m doing better or at all aha. Probably a stupid theory but one I’m going to put to the test anyway! So here is a list of things I wish to accomplish or.. get better at..or WHATEVER in 2011.

Maybe you are making a list, maybe you aren’t. Either way...have an amazing 2011. Make it your best year, and continue to try new things and make everyday better than the one before. Do what makes you happy, no matter what anyone thinks. Time flies.. faster and faster each year and eventually I want us all to be able to look back and regret nothing and be satisfied with how we lived our lives and how much we loved everyone and what we did to make our life really mean something special. Happy New Year, everyone!

Bailey’s Resolutions for 2011
Eat less meat!
Stop using the word gay as a slang word.
Listen and experience more music.
Get a tattoo.
Build my self esteem.
Eat more organically; reduce processed foods in my diet.
Exercise more often.
Write more often.
Do things that scare the shit out of me.
Become more independant.
Have my first real relationship. (Maybe i’m going a bit overboard?)
Climb something ridiculous.
Let everyone know how much I love them.
Acquire a cute pair of heels and wear them with confidence.
Make someone feel beautiful.
Do something dramatic with my hair.
Explore a new religion
Become more fluent in Spanish
Learn to cook.
Feel pretty.
Buy and wear a bathing suit.
The list goes on but.. who cares? Aha.

There you go!
So goodbye 2010, I won’t miss you much. Thanks for any new friends and good times (and believe me, I did have a few!) but I’m ready for bigger, better things. Cheers.

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