Tuesday, February 15

Feliz dia de San Valentin

This is my first blog I have ever written off the island. It feels great! I arrived in Edmonton last Wednesday night. It has been less than a week and although I already miss things about home, especially people, I am really loving this new start. It’s cool to think I am beginning a new era in my life, away from home, away from things I know. I will be away for at the very very least 5 months, and most likely more. While it’s scary, it’s also exhilarating.

So far, even after only being here for five days, I feel I have done so much! First of all I got to see my brother, sister in law and 2 oldest nephews for the first time since June and my other brother for the first time since my graduation! Also, I saw my newest nephew and niece – Max and Mollie – for the first time ever. They are pretty cute.

Edmonton is only the first part of my trip but I have already tried new things, had fun experiences and made some interesting observations. Here are a few :
- This is my first time ever past London, Ontario! The west is cool so far  I might be seeing the mountains soon which would be amazing!
- West Edmonton Mall – for those of you who don’t know a)I have a huge shopping addiction b)This is the biggest mall in the world. This is a deadly combination for me! Its amazing.
- Holding twin babies – it’s kinda cool.
- I saw a 3D movie...and not just any movie, oh no, I saw Never Say Never. I love Justin Bieber even more now.
- The water here gets really hot..everywhere. It is turned up in Jers house but holy crap, at the mall, at the movie theatre – it gets so hot, so quick. I feel like on Grand Manan I wait two minutes for water ANYWHERE to get warm.
- My nephew and I shared our first rollercoaster ride. Im a rollercoaster junkie so it was fun to go on one with my nephew who is also a fan!
- There is indeed a Nickelback craze here. I know they are from Alberta but it doesn’t make them a good enough band to play all the time. I think I’ve heard them more on the East Coast though – shame shame!!
- I have been cleaning and being a functional human being more than normal. I feel more productive and useful which is nice.
- I went to a Casino, it was my second Casino ever and I enjoyed it a bit more because it wasn’t so intense and seizure inducing. In Alberta you can gamble, drink and smoke at 18 so I saw some guys who looked younger than me at the Casino – sort of weird. I didn’t get carded – also weird.
- A disgusting observation I made was that, a lot to my surprise, there isn’t a lot of people with great style here. There were a few but I thought I would see outrageously beautiful girls with amazing style that made me want to die for their closets – not the case. A lot of people are very stuck in SUPER old school styles and I’ve yet to see extremely attractive people (outside the house Im living in but of course, we are all from the east.) for the most part. We’ll see how the rest of the month goes!
- I won my first game of Life..actually..i kicked ass.
- Lots of Mario world on Wii. Tried out the Mario kart.. steering screws me over.
- Major observation: my sister in law is super woman. I don’t know how she does all the things she does – which is a lot of things. It’s one thing to have 4 children, it’s another to have 2 4 months old twins, a crazy busy 2 year old and an eccentric 6 year old. My brother and her do a amazing job raising them and still manage to eat, shower and fit in one million and one activities. It’s truly a marvel. I can only hope I would ever be able to do handle it all as well as they do.
That’s all I have so far. This blog wasn’t very insightful or funny but more for friends and family who like to know what I’m up to and how the family out here is doing. I’m having an amazing time and I miss everyone at home but I’m so excited for the months ahead and for the independence I will start to gain from this experience.
Big Love ,

PS. To everyone in love, out of love, not believin in love, unaware of what love is - happy valentines day. i don't care if you already have a valentine, don't celebrate or do not wish to receive my valentines day love - you are getting it anyway! valentines day is a little over rated maybe but fun and you can make it fun whether you have someone special or you dont. because there are other special people in your life and you can chose to celebrate that love. i just spent my 19th valentines day single and it was perfectly great. i have great family and great friends who gave me some sweet sweet valentines day lovin. valentines day, like everything else in life, is what you make it. so if you are in a relationship - celebrate that person and your fabulous or not so fabulous relationship. if you are single, make some cookies for your friends and watch a sappy movie - enjoy your day either way.


  1. Hey Bailey,

    Was so excited to see you already had a post to your blog! Had to read it immediately. Thanks for sharing. You're obviously having a great time already and growing as a person in just this very short time. I'm on this adventure with you, as I'm sure are several others. :-) Can't wait to see what's around the next corner for us all. LIVE IT!!!

  2. I love how you said this blog wasn't funny or anything, but yet I LOL at least 3 times!!


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