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Have you ever used stumbleupon? Maddy introduced it to me months ago but it took me a few tries before I started actually getting into it. I love it now – I “stumble upon” the coolest stuff. I have my own account and you can adjust it to show you things you are more interested in. Then, when you find cool stuff, you can like it, making your future results even more likely to be of interest to you.

Not everything is interesting but its easy to click through and keep going to find something you like. Among the things I’ve found are a site with upcoming trendy songs (which I love), lots of cute pictures of cool animals, a sweet picture of a city where you slid your mouse over and it showed the sun rising and setting and the site I’m going to be mentioning. These things may all sound ridiculous to you but.. stumbleupon seems to know the peculiar things that amuse me.

The site I stumbled about today was called 201 Ways To Arouse Your Creativity. Katie Tallo is a writer who combined 201 tips for being creative from several different writers. Here is what she said about her compilation : “Creativity is like sex. You fumble your way through, you get lost in it, you fall in love. Both are passionate, rhythmic, pleasurable, and flowing. Both can bear fruit. And both can rack your soul with vulnerability, bliss, fear and awkwardness. I like to bare my soul once in a while, but what I love even more is exposing other people’s secrets.

The people I speak of are writers. They lust writing. When you’re in lust, you can be desperate to keep that feeling alive. So when creativity goes limp, writers are the ones who know the secrets to keeping it interested. They know how to flirt with it, tease it and arouse it. In fact, they know hundreds of ways to get their creative freak on.

Below, I’ve exposed some of their secret tips, methods, and techniques. After all, they just left them strewn across the web. I lovingly picked them up, adapted and played with them. Some are contradictory and some are in harmony.”

I find myself at a loss for creativity all the time. You’ve probably heard me say I’m the least creative person in the world and its true most of the time. I’m not artistic, I can barely draw stick people. I can’t write music, I can’t think up stories off the top of my head. I like to write but its all pretty literal, I can’t manage to write with amazing depth and description. So when I saw this sight I was like WEE OUHH, maybe a chance to dig deep and scrape up a few millilitres of creativity within myself. So I read through and compiled a list of my favourite ones that I hope to try at some point. These are tips from writers so a lot were focused on writing but I think they could spark creativity to do anything or to be just plain creative.

1. Do something important that’s very easy.
2. Try Free writing
3. Take a shower. Change clothes. Give yourself a truly clean start.
4. Get away from your computer. Take a pen and paper and go somewhere new.
5. Quit beating yourself up. You can’t create when you feel ass-whipped.
6. Stop visualizing catastrophes and focus on the positive.
7. Listen to new music. Try something rhythmic and instrumental that you’ve never heard before.
8. Finish something.
9. Surround yourself with creative people.
10. Consume information by the bucketload. The more you know, the more you can create from that project.
11. Meet new people from different walks of life. Strike up a conversation on the bus.
12. Creativity is a muscle. Exercise it daily.
13. Don’t judge your ideas until you have plenty to judge.
14. Stop telling yourself you’re not creative.
15. Don’t be a workaholic. Take breaks.
16. Experience sights, sounds and smells. Sitting still won’t bring new ideas in; experimenting and trying new things will.
17. Wake up 10 minutes early then go back to sleep and dream.
18. Go jogging. Running is a great way to refresh your brain. The effort will also bring satisfaction. Self-esteem is good for creativity.
19. Drink a beer with your buddies. Being happy will make you more productive. It will also give you greater enthusiasm.
20. Give gratitude. Thinking about all the things you are grateful for produces a positive energy flow and vibration.
21. Get some crayons and warm-up your creativity. Get a piece of paper and draw a totally useless picture of nothing at all.
22. Name the colors in a box of crayons. Name them with abandon, using words like squashed-pea-green, severed-arm-blood-red, or dancing-fairy-silver.
23. Volunteer. Getting your hands dirty for a good cause can be the source of more inspiration than you’d ever imagine.
24. Embrace your inner grouch. Discontent may just be a vast, untapped source of creativity.
25. Be more playful. Horsing around may be better in the long run than hunkering down.
26. Aim at being unique, not ordinary. Go right past the dull.
27. Stop being (other people’s) perfect. The expectation of making something perfect uses up emotional energy that you could put to much better use being creative and artistic.
28. Just say screw it. Maybe you just have to say screw it and stop trying so hard.
29. Avoid logical thinking. It’s often the enemy of truly innovative thoughts.
30. Free yourself to make mistakes. Just try out your ideas. Ask yourself, what’s the worst that can happen if I’m wrong?
31. Use life markers for ideas. Old photos, family stories, a journal entry, a souvenir from a trip, a collection you love or a piece of clothing–if you’ve saved it for a reason there is most likely a story there.
32. Be curious about everything.
33. Let your body contribute to your creative process by blaring the music and dancing around the room.
34. Go out and live your life. Do not allow yourself to become stuck in a hole of your own creativity.
35. Look for inspiration all around you, in the smallest places

So..when you are feeling uncreative or are needing some inspiration to be creative at whatever it is you do, you can flick back to this list – I think it could be pretty useful. And make sure at some point you check out stumbleupon if you havn’t already. It’s best at that moment of despair when you literally have NOTHING to do and every website you like seems absolutely boring and atrocious. Happy stumbling. :)

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  1. Inspiring post, and interesting site. I can see myself spending a little too much free time there haha.


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