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Okay. I started writing this long elaborate blog the last time I was at the cafe. Then when I went to press publish, they shut off the wireless as a sign to tell me to GTFO and all was lost. So this time, instead of trying to rewrite everything I said, Im just going to talk in little blurbs as I remember things that have happened over the last week and a half.

So I left the family late the night of March 4. My flight was real early so I basically just planned to sleep and then wake up for my flight. i went to check in but they told me they couldnt take my bags til 4am, fuck, great, I love carrying around a ton of luggage all over an airport. Then the man decided that he needed to drag me into a scary back office so I could print off proof (as in my ticket to costa rica) that I planned to leave guatemala before 90 days was up. Apparently at the airport in Guatemala they would like kick me out... guess what, they didnt give a shit, they basically saw that I was canadian and pushed me out the airport doors. My flight to LA from Calgary was about an hour or more late, so by the time I got to LA, I had about 20 minutes to catch my flight to houstan. And let me tell you..the folks at LAX are not fucking around. That place is HECTIC. You have to go to different buildings and catch buses..I almost quit. I made it though..somehow.

So when I finally got to Guatemala it felt nice. I didnt feel like I was in a strange place. So now Im in xela..and Ive been here for about a week and a half. Made a few friends, mostly been at the orphanage and school. Have gone out a few times. Last friday I decided even though I was pretty sure I have no talent in the art of salsa dancing that I would go to a private'ish class with courtney, samantha and her mom Sarah. The bad news is, I still cant salsa dance and it was mortifying. The good news is.. well..there isnt any, I guess the fact that I dont intend to go back is good news for me.

After the hellish class, we went out to eat at an indian restaurant that served mostly burgers and pizza, yeah..not so indian. Then we headed to a kind of sports bar and had a drink. I had a Hawaii 5'0 and it was delicious if you were wondering. Then we headed to La Rumba for Salsa night..yes..I know.. I dont like salsa, but sometimes they put on music I like to dance to aha. Mostly we just drank and laughed and turned down most guys who even if we had said yes were probably too drunk to actually dance. I did say yes at the next bar to one guy but he was a little too handsy for my liking, onto the next one!

On Saturday, with the same crew.. actually most things I do are with those people, we headed to the hot springs. If you talk to me, you probably know that I have already been there but it was worth the revisit. This time we caught a chicken bus (like an old school bus) just barely to Zunil. We almost missed it but started running really fast and hopped in the emergency exit. Hoisting myself up wasnt as hard as I thought it would be, must be growing some serious muscles.. but also a half developed teenage guatemalan boy was there to help..im not sure if it helped or not. Once in zunil we hopped on the back of a truck for the ride up the mountain. It was a beautiful, and sometimes alarming, ride up and the hot springs were amazing and hot as ever. They looked a bit different as they had to reconstruct after a mudslide but was still awesome. Tried the bean soup , wasnt too bad except, like most things in guatemala, they decided there needed to be coriander in it. WHYYYY?? Coriander is the worst. They put it in everything that should be good here.

So what else..hmm. Ive had ice cream twice here, although Im trying to diet. Ive decided the minimum 1 hr walking a day, eating very little and shitting out everything I eat makes me deserve ice cream sometimes so.. I buy some. its sooo good. The cones are sooo good ahah. Its all so good. Today i decided I needed an ice cream AND chocolato banano, which as you may be able to guess, is a frozen banana, covered in chocolate with nuts, sprinkles, whatever sprinkled on it. SO GOOD. Although I have treated myself with these things, and a few things from Xelapan (the most delicious bakery ever invented) I have managed to lose probably about 10 lsb already, fitting into pants that did not fit me when I left. This is exciting, but Im a little worried about my nutrition. Oh well, whatever will be will be.

I always think of things I should write about and then once I go to write, its gone. It has literally taken me two hours to get this much in because Im so ADD and have a million people I need to email and blah blah blah. If you have any questions or want me to write about somethings specific, tell me. I would be happy to write things that would actually interest people rather than blabber on about nothing which is kind of what I always do.

I suppose I could fit in a bit about the orphanage since I get alot of questions about it. For the most part, the kids are all different, especially the one I work with, the babies. There is one, Luis who I love, that is still there but he attends school now so I rarely see him. he is in one of my guat albums from last time so you can go look if you wanna see waht he looks like. I promise to upload pictures at some point, I just need a computer that I can put pics on first aha. Some of teh older boys are the same, which is kind of sad. I worry they will justbe ther euntil they have to be on their own and I wonder if they will be ready.

Juan, or Juanito aha, is a really violent but irresistably cute little boy. He reminds me of Henri alot, but more violent aha. He seems to be a bit attached to me and is super posessive. If he sees me holding another child he decides that simply beating them will solve the problem but it usually just gets him put in the crib..which he knows how to climb out of. The other day he fell head first out of the crib..that sucked.

Alex is this little, really heavy, 2 year old I would say. He has the craziest but cutest rotten toothed smile. He wines and cries and is almost always grumpy but you cant help think hes cute when he laughs. He likes to pass out..anywhere really. In someones arms or under a bed, doesnt matter much to him. When I upload pictures you will see aha. He also has the most rotten poos Ive ever deal with in my life.

Jorman, Marta and Lupe are all from the same family. Jorman is a boy and he is about 4, probably almost 5 and sooo adorable. Marta is 3 and she kind of looks liek she may have down syndrome but she is absolutely adorable. Lupe is the baby girl and my friends Courtney and Sam are sooo attached to her. Today, without warning, they all left. It was sad but really happy because they get to go, surprisingly to us, all the way home to nicaragua. We had no idea the kids could come from so far but it kind of sounded like the dad may have had them in Guatemala and there was some trouble and thats how they ended up in the orphanage. I was lucky enough that for the first time today I took pictures so I got a few of them.. they were all so adorable.

Alicia is this little tiny girl. She is probably close to 2 but she honestly weights about 15lbs. She is just so teensy and adorable.

Isaac, Stephanie and Gabriella are another family. Isaac is sooo cute. One day he cried for his mommy and I just wanted to cry with him not only for him but because I missed my mom. They all got to see her today on a short visit, so that was nice. Gabriella is definitely the leader of the pack not only in the family but with all the little kids. She is smart and cute but she seems to be in charge.

I think thats about all I have time for right now. The friend making process is slow but things are looking up! Im enjoying myself for the most part and really enjoying the warm weather. I hope everyone at home is happy and having fun and hopefully a bit more warm soon. I love and miss all of my friends and family and cant wait to see you in the summer!! xoxo.


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