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My life in Xela.

Hey Guys! I don´t think many have been reading my blog but thats okay, my mom is a fantastic fan! If you do read my blog, and you like it.. I would like to ask you to check out Lindsay Frosts blog, Im following it and it is kind of a similar idea to mine now but a lot different and a lot better. She is living in Denmark with her boyfriend and writes about her life there and all the changes and stuff. Its really amazing and other than facebook, pretty much the only thing I keep up with while traveling.

The other day at dinner I wrote a whole page full of ideas I was going to blog about that afternoon at teh internet cafe. About 10 minutes into the walk to the internet cafe that afternoon, I realized of course, that I had left the paper back at the house. Typical Bailey! But I have it with me now and I have a bit of time to write so Im going to spend some Quetzals and catch you guys..or mom..up on my travels, experiences and observations including the food, the culture, the boys, my adjustments, the orphanage and what my plans are at this point in time.

So people always ask me about the food, is it spicy? is it good? does it make you sick? The answers to these questions are all yes and no aha. Mostly, the food is not spicy which when I first came here I was totally expecting spicy food! A lot of it is pretty bland but I havnt actually tried a ton of authentic guatemalan food, Im not sure there is much. The Guatemalan foods I have mostly been acquainted with are bachi, frijoles, plantains and thats about it.

Bachi which may not be what its called at all, was made with potato, tomato sauce, pork and some vegetables all whipped together, into a sort of compact little potatoe burger..aha. Hard to explain. It was wrapped up in a big almost sea weed type wrap but you didnt actually eat that part. I never know what things are actually called but it sounded like diana said Bachi. It was alright, but not spectacular aha. The real guatemalan food seems quite bland to me.

Frijoles are beans and we have them in an almost soup like texture, I LOVE them. They obviously are not guatemalan but just incredibly common here. Plantains are like thick bananas and they fry them up here, and usually serve them with frijoles, i also SUPER love plantains. I love having plantains and frijoles for supper, sounds crazy, but it rocks my world!

We eat a lot of frijoles and eggs. I like eggs so its alright for me. Sometimes they are scrabbled up with vegetables in thema nd for some reason this makes me sick. Things dont make me sick so much anymore but for the first week and a half I shit every 10 minutes, it seemed like if I even thought about food my stomach would explode. I think it was just the adjustment, and for the most part I have been fine ever since.

Breakfast is usually cereal or eggs with little hotdog type things, equivalent to breakfast sausages I would say. Sometimes they leave bananas for me, there is always lots to eat. Lunch and supper are usually about the same size, sometimes lunch is larger, sometimes dinner is. A few times a week we have chicken, steak or pork(maybe ahaha) and I have definitely had mystery meat. We have sandwiches sometimes, one bnight they have me four.. I was like.. I think im fat enough now. They put a sauce on their sandwiches that Im pretty sure is a mix of ketchup and mayo, not too bad, not too amazing. Sometimes there is soup, which I really like and they serve me a lot of pasta. I have been trying to stay away from carbs but its not easy here, especially with all the bakeries.

The main xela bakery is called Xelapan and if I gain any weight, xelapan would probably be to blame! They have the most delicious desserts and everytime I smell it I just want to go in and spend all my quetzals! I dont though, I have actually lost 13 lbs since arriving in Xela and that thrills me! Maybe I will be skinny and chocoately the next time you all see me, aha. I can dream!!

So hmm... I thought I might write a little about the clothes here. If your image is that everyone is in rags, its not true at all. I actually find a lot of the people, atleast in xela, are very well dressed and some even have fantastic style. With that beign said, surprisingly, I find the ones with style are the boys. The girls just seem to be sort of set back in style, not that Im a fashion guru, but still some dress really well. I find that shoes are big here, everyone wears nice shoes and there are shoe stores like..everywhere. I think the shoe stores in the mall out number the clothing stores. The weird thing is that alot of people really match their shoes to their shirts and sweaters, its almost TOO matchy! I have seen people way too matchy, like fully clad in red... not okay. but, its a different culture! I love boys in nice shoes so Im in heaven.

When it comes to school everyone wears uniforms. I think its kind of cool and my friend I met from Australia said in Australia it is the same way. There may be some schools here without uniforms but I am doubting it. When you go to the parque somedays around dinner you can see like hundreds of kids and teens hanging out in uniforms, I kind of like it. When they arent in uniforms alot of them seem to wear clothes from AE, AeroPostle and Abercrombie and Fitch. They dont have those stores here in Xela but a lot of the markets have their clothes.

When it comes to boys, there are many aha. I find myself quite attracted to the boys here but I am actually on my best behaviour this time around! The guys I meet in clubs or through friends are for the most part very nice but there are lots of, what we would call rude guys, in Xela. They like to whistle and yell crazy things at me and other girls, sometimes whatever words they know in English. It can be a bit annoying, I have no idea if they think it makes me want to talk to them. I trust most of the guys I meet out though but have had a bit of trouble, it all turned out okay though.

A lot of the boys here dance..which is very sexy. I grew up around lots of white boys who for the most part, didnt know much about dance and if they did, it certainly wasnt any sort of latin dancing like salsa. It creates a special illusion of sexiness. I have been told many guys who teach salsa use it as a way to find, teach and attempt to sleep with all the gringas aha. With that being said, I have seen it in action but not all of them are that way and I have actually met some really really nice guys who teach salsa and are perfect gentleman.

For the most part Im still having an amazing time. The thing about being away is that.. its like..the most scary but the most rewarding experience. Adjusting to life without my friends and family is hard and I cant see myself permanently removing myself to a place with no one I know but I have always told myself to do things that scare me, so this definitely qualifies. I feel everyday I scare myself a little, but at the same time I grow a little. I find myself gaining a tiny bit of independance day by day and confidence as well. Being in a place where my body time is more accepted and even sometimes considered sexy, is good for me. Not that I am taking full advantage of it, but its nice to not feel like a big chunk of shit beside all my friends when I go out.

I am seeing new things and experiencing new experiences everyday. This weekend I will travel to Antigua, Guatemala. google it! Eventually I will spend some time at Lake Atitlan, maybe learn some spanish and then on April.13 I fly to Costa Rica to meet up with Tam for a month which will be amazing. I am attempting to have the time of my life and its working out okay so far, haha. I miss all things familiar, I miss having hugs everyday and love but I am recieving so many messages and wall posts and comments that fill my heart up everyday! So thank you so much to everyone who keeps in touch!! I love you all so much!

Thats all for now.. hopefully I didnt bore you too much. Please comment and let me know what you think and what you would like to hear about! I know I didnt cover everything i said I would but its getting late and I should leave the guys at this internet place alone ahah.

Big Love!


  1. Good job bail, very interesting!

  2. I want to go to the xelapan!

  3. Excellent blog Bail! Love it and love you XOXO

  4. As always Bailey, you amaze me. :-) It's great to know that there's a place where women are appreciated for their true beauty. People in the US and Canada don't know everything. They just think they do. LOL! You are beautiful, brave and absolutely AMAZING!

    Every day may not hold an experience that is exciting, but you ARE having adventures that most of us never will.

    Sending you big hugs and love electronically. While not the same as the real thing, you know we'd be hugging you for real if we could! You'll have an amazing time with Tam and I can't wait to read your next blog. I may not comment every time, but I AM reading them to be sure. Living vicariously through your adventures brave girl! You're grabbing life by the cojones and oh the places you'll go!

  5. love your blog and love you ..keep them coming..we miss you bunches.Tonight is comedy night ,minus you...BOOO!!!!!!!--stay safe .Love Debs xoxoxoxoxoxo

  6. love reading what is going on with you cant wait fro you to get back here and tell all of us all about miss ya love ya cass

  7. Thanks for the shout out to my blog, and your sweet compliments! It sounds like you are having quite an interesting time in Guatemala. I agree with what you said about loving guys in nice shoes! The food sounds sketchy to me, I guess I shouldn't complain too much about Danish food compared to Guatemala haha. I can totally relate to the evilness of yummy foreign bakeries! They are my nemesis. I also can relate to missing familiarity, but by doing what you are doing you are gaining more confidence, courage, and a unique life experience that few people get to have. I love reading your stories, and do so as soon as I see you post new ones. Keep them coming. Have a great time in Costa Rica, I am so jealous!

  8. The reason they have so many shoe stores is for fashion of course, but a lot of people don't have vehicles or it is just easier to walk than drive. I am not sure if this is the case in Gatamala, but it is the way in the Middle East. Be safe, take care, your on an awesome journey, making lots of memories.

  9. Hi Bailey, Enjoyed reading all about your adventure sounds very exciting.Keep up the good work.Will keep reading. Take care..:)

  10. Loved reading your blog so interesting and educational!!!! Love hearing through other people of course how they live in other countries. You are having an experience of a life time. We all come in different sizes ,shapes and heights and that is what makes each of us unique in our own way!!!!Enjoy and have the time of your life through your travels. Will be waiting to read your next blog.(Hugs)


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