Monday, April 18

Pura Vida

That's right, Im sitting here with sweat dripping down all major parts of my body, Im in Costa Rica! I sadly, but excitedly, left San Pedro last Tuesday. Saying goodbye to some new and old friends was hard. The worst part is knowing, as you promise to visit your new friend in "insert amazing foreign country here", that you probably wont ever see them again. Traveling is amazing and I meet amazing people everyday but saying goodbye so much does get a little hard on the heart.

I arrived in Antigua Tuesday afternoon, I left with a friend Mia from London who was finally granted her passport so she could get home.. it had been stolen and she had been stuck in Guatemala for 3 months! We enjoyed some lunch and eventually some dessert and then a bit of a twilight marathon and met Aviv, a guy from Israel who was soon meeting up to travel with his father. Imagine me and John traveling together.. the funnier thing to imagine is me and Joan traveling together. Ha.

So on Wed I took the 1.5 hr flight to Costa Rica. Once I made it through immigration and customs, which I fucking hate doing, I found a hotel and planned for a taxi to pick Tamara up that night. Well.. that never happened. Her flight was late and after searching the arrivals at the airport at midnight I decided to take a breather from my anxiety attack, get some sleep, and find her in the morning. I found her safe and sound and we got a hostel. The town we stayed in was useless so we trucked it to La Fortuna the next day.

The hostel in La Fortuna was a vacation on its own. It had an amazing pool with a swim up bar... thats my kinda hostel! We decided we would do a tour even though we were getting our first taste of how extremely over priced this country is. With a few laughs and a decision that I just wasnt ready for zip lining again just yet, we decided on Horseback riding for the following day. Oh...dear...god. That night we went for dinner with some girls who were finishing med school from Texas, we had fun and the food was super awesome!!

So the next morning we woke up with excitement in our eyes for our adventure. Let me tell you... it was a painful adventure! I had tons of fun but my vagina still aches... I used some muscles I didnt even know existed and I dont think any of that area will ever be the same again. When we arrived at our destination with the horses we went to a waterfall which was amazing and beautiful and a little chilly but so glad I went and got in! The walk back was a hike and a half and I thought I might cough up my kidneys or something dramatic like that but I made it. The guide was a sweet heart, apologizing, saying he knew it was a hard hike. I let him know Im just out of shape and it wasnt a big deal, no problemo chico!

By the time we got back to our hostel we were craving for pizza so we hit up an italian restaurant where they were playing Michael Jackson. Thats the thing about this country... they place all american music, speak English to you, and over charge you for absolutely everything. If I wanted that, I would go home! While we are enjoying our time here.. I must say, it is really digging a hole in my wallet and we have decided to shorten our trip so that I won't go broke and neither will Tam and she can make it home for a good friends birthday. We still have a few weeks left though so our plan doesnt stop there!

Yesterday we came to Tamarindo which is a beach town on the pacific coast... and man is this place hot! Luckily this hostel has a pool and there is obviously lots of beach but I cant really describe how sweaty I am right now. There is just no way of staying sanitary! Also, I havnt done laundry in 3 weeks so even if I wanted to be sanitary I couldnt. Fortunately for everyone around me I finally sent all my clothes to be washed.. at a HUGE price. They say its 9$ for laundry but then they give you a bag smaller than a grocery bag to put your clothes in so I ended up paying 18$ just for clean clothes-a price I was willing to pay to feel somewhat clean and not kill everyone around me with my stench.

We are staying another night here in Tamarindo, last night was Sunday and it was a lot of fun so we will see what Monday night holds. I think tomorrow we will head down the coast to a town called Samara.. funny how all these places sound like Tamaras name eh. We will be flying through places slightly quicker but the place is to get over and see some of the carribean and go into Panama to see Bocas del Toro before heading back to San Jose for our flights out.

We are having a good time and Im so glad to finally have Tamara here. I love knowing I have not just anyone, but my best friend to do things with! Im used to planning on things pretty much alone and hoping to meet people along the way so its a nice change of pace. I plan to really make the best out of these next few weeks because I feel very fortunate to have this oppurtunity! Not everyone gets to travel Costa Rica with their best friend, thats for sure!

Keep us in your prayers and pray that I stay clean enough for everyone around me to have fresh air supply! Hope all is well at home with everyone, or wherever you may be reading this from! Comments and subscriptions are always welcome, they actually make me ecstatic! haha.

Big love.


  1. I hope that you and Tamara have a blast! Glad to know you are safe and having fun! :)

  2. Glad to know that you two are safe, and enjoying CR. I might just show up there Bail, as I have a strong desire to thaw out.
    Hope you recover from horseriding. ha.

  3. Hey Bail : )
    So happy to hear that you and Tam are havin a time!! Hopefully when you make it back you can bring atleast a portion of the heat with you.
    I'm very jealous of your courage and balls to go traveling about on your own, you will have to teach me some skills someday haha.
    Stay safe girl!! and pick up a hot black guy for me ; )
    See you when you get back

  4. Sounds like so much fun! It sucks being sweaty all the time, but a small price to pay for an amazing adventure I guess...haha


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