Wednesday, April 6

San Pedro Fever.

Greetings from San Pedro! San Pedro is in Guatemala and you should google it. It is on the beautiful Lake Atitlan and Im very much in love with this place! I wound up here after Xela and havnt even made an effort to go anywhere else.

I left Xela last Friday afternoon, headed towards Panajachel which is another town on the lake. When I got there I had zero plans, no plan for a hostel or more travels, I just planned to not plan. The couple in my shuttle were frantically trying to make it to San Marcos, even though they definitely did not need to be that frantic. They asked if I minded if the shuttle driver went to the dock first so they could catch a boat, I was totally cool with it of course because I didnt have a sweet shit of a clue as to where I was going. When we stopped all these guys crowded the shuttle asking where we were going, without thinking I said San Pedro and 5 minutes later I was in some dudes boat, sailing across Lake Atitlan.

The sail was nice. It was about 35 minutes and even though I was squeezed between a bunch of middle aged guatemalan dudes, one of which kept falling asleep on me, I loved it. It made me realize how much I miss the ocean and how much I take it for granted. Although Atitlan is obviously not the ocean, it still felt nice and it is a huge Lake. The sail was beautiful as well, a bit foggy but amazing to go past all the little towns on the coast and see the surrounding volcanos.

When I arrived in San Pedro, again I was attacked, not so aggresively, with dudes wanting to show me hostels or hotels or plan for me to go horseback riding or kayaking. I kind of let a guy lead me around so I could find my way up to the main road where I planned to ditch him. As I was walking up the little hill to get you to the main road I heard my name being called, I turned and saw an old friend from the last time I was in San Pedro in 2009 , Diego. It was so awesome to see, not only a face I knew but his, he is the sweetest guy. He was so good to me, he took me and showed me what is now my hostel, Yo Mamas Casa.

Since then things have been pretty chill. Lots of chilling and sun and drinks. San Pedro is very relaxed and many of the tourists are here to hike the volcanos, which I dont do. The atmostphere is great here and the people are so great as well. I got 2 free shots of Grape Rum the other night and that was fabulous, I dont think Iv ever been offered a free shot in a Canadian bar.. ever. They probably charge me double actually. So you see why I like it here.. its very care free and fun which happens to be the way I like it.

Diego has been good to me, showing me good places to hang out, watching movies with me and he even took me to his Futbol game! For those of you wondering, which you shouldnt be, Futbol is soccer. They didnt win but I had fun watching and Diegos cousin..also Diego..who I also met last time in San Pedro, was there watching with me as well. Its cool to have a look at a place from a different perspective, I really enjoy meeting locals.

I have made a few friends at the hostel but traveling alone is hard. People seem to either be established here and dont have much of a need for my friendship or they are traveling with someone else. My dorm is mostly male, which is fine and well but dudes are kind of independant, not really looking for some random canadian chick to be buds with. For the first few days there was a guy named Micky from Ireland in my dorm who I got a real kick out of. He was the sweetest but once you got talking and comfortable he was so crude and honest.. but I loved that about him. He left and I actually miss his pressence even after only knowing him a few days.

The only other girl in my dorm is Mia. Shes from England and I really like her. I so love the british sense of humor and the way she tells stories, its so good. She reminds me so much of Nadia and in my head I call her Nadia way too much. Theres lots of other people in the dorm and in the other dorms but havnt made any really amazing connections yet. I think that the fact that I have a local friend who I hang out with a lot is partly to blame but I think Im just young and havnt quite figured out how to throw myself into a group of people and fit in. I try my best though, putting myself out there as much as possible.

I honestly dont have much to write at this point. Just thought I would update for people because I havnt had many chats. I also dont really know how many people are reading my blog so sometimes Im not sure why I write them. So if you are reading my blog I would appreciate it if you became a follower or left a comment, it encourages me to keep writing. I am at 15 followers, 2 are my accounts so I guess Im at 13 followers but its still kind of exciting for me aha.

Also, to everyone, inbox me! My life isnt exciting everyday, and its definitely not too exciting to not be thinking about everyone and all your news and how your days are going. I love getting messages and hearing about whats up in Canada with everyone so please inbox me!

Big Love!. xo


  1. I check your blog every day in hopes of being able to catch up on your life, and read your wonderful writing.
    love you soo much and happy your making the best out of your travels
    love your bestie

  2. Great story Bailey! I think you are so brave traveling by yourself, and squeezing between middle aged Guatemalans on boat! And how random to meet someone you know just like that. You are so outgoing, I am sure it won't take long to make connections. This post also inspired me to try some solo travel. Time to cut the cord with my bf I think haha. Anyway, I love your stories, so keep it up...more readers will come!


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