Tuesday, May 10

live from honduras.

Okie Dokie! I totally have sucked at keeping up my blog but honestly havnt been spending tons of time online. When I am online I usually quickly check my FB or skype so I dont have much time to dedicate to a well thought out blog that is good to read. I bought 2 hours of internet though so I thought I would check in and let everyone know Im alive and well and all that jazz!

I have been gone from home 3 months today, and have been traveling in Central America for just over two. If I leave on time I have a little under 2 months left down here but am considering changing my flight to a few weeks earlier for 2 reasons. Reason 1, the money is running out and reason 2, i totally miss Canada. I will be heading to see my family in Edmonton and then eventually headed back towards the East!

On an emo day I created a list of some of the things I miss about real life and home. Dont get me wrong, I am having an amazing time. Everyday I meet at least one new person and I meet amazing people who amazing stories, I see beautiful things and experience stuff I will never be able to experience at home. That being said, it is a very different and sometimes challenging lifestyle. My whole life is in a 60L bag and i carry it on my back to different places every few days and it can be exhausting physically and emotionally.

So without further a due, here is a list of things i miss from home. Some obvious and expected, some I didnt know I would miss but either way, if you ever plan to travel.. this may be a bit of a heads up!

Food =
I totally miss verns food!! Working there for 6 months makes you build up a bit of a dependance on it, I think.

Penny Candy! Its a rarity down here and its just not the same as a trip to Castalia Convenience! Is rarity a word? You know what I mean.

Regular Meals. Sometimes I only get to eat once a day because Im busy or I dont have the energy to go somewhere or I dont want to walk the streets alone. So it will be nice to get home and have 3 meals a day if I want to.

Diet Pepsi, if you know me well, you know I have a serious addiction to diet pepsi. Thanks for the rare appearance of diet pepsi down here and the fact that when i do find it, its totally stale.. I have probably had 3 cans of diet pepsi in the last three months. I do miss it though!

Comforts =
My bed!! I switch beds every few nights, sometimes only sleeping in a bed once. The beds arent always comfy or clean, so it will be nice to have clean sheets and a bed I know I can keep going home to.

Sweating. I will be so glad to be able to step outside and not instantly perspire to the point of needing to change my clothes.. which I will then sweat on again!

Clean clothes. Being able to do laundry, and even have it done for me, on a regular basis will be spectacular. I usually get to do laundry about every 2 weeks and believe me, by that time, my clothes are getting pretty disgusting. I could try really hard to do laundry a few times a week but I have to pay to have it done and its just not convenient down here.

Clothes and Make up. I cant wait to have everything in my closet and in my room and be able to wear any of it any day I want. I wear one pair of shoes down here and that can get a little old.. I miss my collection of shoes!! Im tired of the clothes I have, I have been wearing them for 3 months now.. its not fun. I also feel very behind in fashion.. Im going to get home and look like a total bum.

Toilet Paper! Okay. This is a bit disgusting but..seriously..sometimes its an issue. Places dont always have toilet paper and I will love going to a public bathroom that is a)CLEAN! and b)I dont have to pay for toilet paper! Yes, literally, people stand outside some public bathrooms and make you pay for toilet paper.. its hellish.

Smells. I cant wait to smell the ocean and the smell of summer on Grand Manan!

Funds. I cant wait to be working, and be productive, and have a steady flow of money flowing into my pockets!!

Electronics. I miss my laptop so much, I hate having to pay everytime to use a computer or bug a friend to charge my ipod or what have you. I just miss my things!

Social =

Parties! I miss grand manan parties. I get to party with alot of new, interesting people but I do miss home and seeing people I know and enjoying myself in a comfortable Gm setting.. like a bait shed or a beach aha.

Pre drinking with the girls. Some nights when everyones status says they are hanging out together having drinks.. I get pretty jealous! I would give anything to fly home for a weekend and be sitting around Michelles table being rowdy and stupid, playing card games we will never finish because we get to tipsy to focus.

Phone calls with my nephews, I love picking up the phone and hearing Will blab onto my father about something or hearing Rusty mumble nothingness to his nanny.

Texting. I miss having a phone and things just being a phone call or a text away, its
so convenient! I wish I could fire random texts to friends while down here just to say hello or get a question answered.

Working. I loved all my coworkers so much at verns, i miss chilling with them or going up to Sheris and watching movies. I miss dancing in the kitchen with Cassie, making Monica crazy.

Fitting in. I meet lots of people and have been really lucky but sometimes its hard to fit in with groups of travelers. I have been the new girl more times than I can count and have thrown myself into groups of people that scared the shit out of me. It will be nice to go to a place with lots of people and be able to travel around and talk to different people, knowing that they are nice and they know me, etc etc. Sometimes I get tired of pútting myself out there to be honest.

So.. Im running out of internet time. I think I wrote quite a bit though, I probably sound like a complainer. That isnt the aim, I just thought Id share some of the difficulties of traveling long term because it isnt always amazing. It is definitely amazing sometimes though, as you can see from my pictures and stuff.. I am having the adventure of a lifetime. I learn things that I would never learn at school or at home. My eyes are opened every day to new places, new people, new ways of life, culture...everything, its impossible to keep your mind closed.

So anywho, thats about it from me. For those of you wondering Im currently in Honduras and am heading back into Guatemala in about a week or so where I will finish my trip! If anyone wants me to write a blog about something in particular or you just have a question, fire me an inbox on facebook or just write a comment here. if you liked, disliked or have a question about anythign I wrote, make sure to leave a comment. i really like to know when you guys are reading and enjoying and even if you arent.. i want to know what i can change! also, become a follower! that would rock as well!

hope everything is good with everyone. miss you all and i will be seeing you pretty soon! big loveee.


  1. I can totally relate to so much of what you said here Bailey, except for the sweating and food part thank God haha. It is nice to hear that you are still soaking in everything, regardless of all the things you miss. Home will always be there, and when you go back, things will mostly be the exact same as when you left. So, as you are doing, make sure to always live in the moment and not wish anything away. Later on, when your travels seem like a lifetime ago, you will look back on it and it will seem even more incredible than it does right now, so enjoy every second of it! I have a hard time keeping that in mind sometimes. I am so jealous of your trip though, and you have inspired me to do some more adventurous, and solo, travel!

  2. I agree with Lindsay. This journey will be even more spectacular when you reflect back on it.

    I am happy to read another blog from you too, because I was starting to slip on mine, and reading yours always inspires me to do a better job with mine.


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