Monday, September 19

Gym Observations

For some of us September is a new beginning, almost like a new year. Some of us go back to work, some to school. Parents send their babies to kindergarten for the first time or send off their freshman to university. We hesitantly put away our summer clothes and tanning lotion and if you are like me, we bring out the work out clothes and head back to the gym and work out classes.
That’s correcto, I headed back to the gym today. Last Wednesday I went and got a new membership and left the island shortly after so wasn’t able to start up until today – definitely won’t be updating until Oct.19th, BAD ASS! (Sorry Pete!)
Here are 10 observations made during my trip to the gym today.
1) I didn’t totally dread my immediate future on the drive there. I could barely believe my eyes... or.. mind? You know what I mean.
2) I should have dreaded it.
3) I’m a fat slob who seriously needs to start moving my ass more often.
4) 65 year old men still go the gym...more often than younger men apparently. Im impressed.
5) 65 year old men at the gym don’t like Spanish rap, LMFAO or Kesha. Who knew?
6) The bike doesn’t get used very often... there should never be spider webs and little yellow spiders on exercise equipment. Wtf?
7) Seeing male thunder thighs is scary.
8) Seeing mine is most likely scarier.
9) Even after wanting to quit 5 times and seriously considering a nap on the mat, I still have hope.
10) Not long after I thought about what time I would go tomorrow and then realized that even though it wasn’t fun, I still planned on doing it again. Success!
Big Love.

PS. I'm considering doing a page on my blog following my weight loss journey apart from normal blog updates. Good idea, bad idea?


  1. I think a separate blog is a great idea. You might even get me motivated to get my own butt in gear. :-)

  2. Inspire me please! Love you XOXO

  3. I say mix it in this blog, you'll still keep your original readers and gain some supporters for the weight loss journey ! :)

  4. Hahah this made me LoL. Great idea to have a page just for this journey. Please keep writing lots about it. It inspires me to get moving!


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