Monday, September 12


I am officially inspired! Yes, I know, brutal “keep blog updated” skills happening here but I’m back and I’m ready to kick some blog ass. Whether the inspiration is coming from being totally abandoned (non intentionally – and all blame is placed on me as I chose to be here and I love my friends and want them to fly away and flourish) on Grand Manan, feeling the need to get my write on or so many things pissing me off lately, I’m ready to get back into the blog swing. Just minutes ago I told my friend that if I couldn’t find enough work to keep my mind off of how much I hate my situation that I was going to basically become a power blogger. Either way, if I work a lot or work a little, I’m hoping to get back into my blog big time. It makes me so happy to write, whether I have readers or not (but readers and comments really do make my day!)

So apart from making my grand announcement of a return to my few readers who have probably totally given up on my blog, I do have a topic today..or at least a string of thoughts. It is inspired by a show I was watching with my friend Diana the other day. After nearly 1000 episodes of Say Yes To The Dress (which is frightening, might I add) a new TLC show came on called Big Sexy. If you havn’t heard of it, basically it’s about four “plus size” women trying to make it big and possibly find love in NYC. My first reaction to the show was, these women are wild and I’m loving it. As a girl who has always had a little..okay a LOT of cushion going on I can definitely appreciate it but it can really be for any woman – size 0 or size 22. These women are basically just trying to find happiness, despite any insecurity they have, any standards society has set for them or situations they may be in. Is that not something we can all relate to?

Even in the first episode some of the challenges these women talked about facing solely because of their size was a little intimidating. From being in their 30’s and still not being able to find a decent man to not being allowed access to a club, they are amazingly confident and optimistic for what they face. They have reason to be though - amazing personalities and some are so gorgeous they are working as models.

The show got me thinking about plus size modelling – not for myself, just in general. I started researching plus size models and became fascinated with these women. Some, even though extremely skinny and never something anyone with a brain larger than the size of a pee would consider big, were among the most beautiful women I had ever seen. Some had truly sexy, feminine, curvy bodies which I think is amazing – of course these women should be models. The thing is, most of the women had tried to be “straight models” and after years of eating disorders had let their bodies just be the size they were meant to be and later become majorly successful as plus size models.

I’m not 100% sure where I am headed with this blog. Basically I always want women, and men too of course, to feel confident and beautiful and love themselves. I am still on this journey, and I definitely am a girl who would love to be a size 2 but at the same time I truly strive to find things to love about my body. Being down on myself doesn’t help anyone. My main point is that these women stopped going with what other people thought they should be and embraced themselves and became successful and most likely a whole lot happier.

Are all women born to be thick, curvy, voluptuous, tall? Absolutely not. Are all women born to be slim? Of course not. Do I condone over eating, eating unhealthy, being unactive – definitely not. The point is to do whats best for you, whats best for your body and find the things you love about yourself instead of trying to fit into a mold you don’t fit into.

I’m going to leave a letter written by Plus Size Model Kate Dillon. She is one of the starving straight models turned healthy plus size models i was talking about. Her amazingly successful plus size model career thus far has included being in several issues of Vogue magazine, working as a high fashion model, appearing on ANTM, being involved in advertising with big names such as Gucci and the list does go on. This letter has some of the most inspiring advice I have ever been non directly given and I will never forget it.

“I'm not sure how many things I believe I truly know, I mean REALLY know. But I know I'm right about this one thing :my truth is that I am free. I am free from cultural ideals and anyone or anything trying to inflict those ideals upon me. I am free to be whomever I want or need to be at any given moment - ugly, fat, cool, beautiful, smart, goofy, or really really uncool. i am free to make mistakes - to say the wrong thing or to say nothing at all. I know Im free because for 7 years I wasn’t free at all. I lived in a remote and lonely place, confided by anorexia, sentenced by myself. I've been a plus size model , a big girl model for 8 years now and in that time I’ve used my career to celebrate my freedom and to prove that beauty, success and healthy are not bound by someone else's ideals. Unfortunately, our culture has a tendency to make people feel badly about themselves - no matter who you are! Prejudices regarding size, race, religion and sexual preference is rampant - its too hard to please everyone. So please yourself. Respect yourself, take care of your body, respect others and set yourself free.”

Word to truly live by. Free yourself, people! Big Love, xo B.


  1. Great blog my beautiful Bailey! XO

  2. Good to see that you're writing again! You're right....that is inspirational!

  3. Great post! Kate Dillon is an incredible role model. Being healthy, respecting and loving ourselves and our bodies is what we need to focus on, not being the unattainable (and unattractive in my opinion) size zero. So happy to see you back at blogging!


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