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Bloggers for Health Week 2 (AND HALLOWEEN!)

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Officially! I love Halloween, I think Candy rocks and dressing up is so much fun. I wish Halloween was like.. a quarterly thing, 4 times a year...2 at least. But it’s not so you gotta make the best of it while its here and make the best of it I did. I feel like I got hit by 10 buses last night but it was worth it. Do I have pictures? DO I EVER. I was a jungle kitty, here is a peak of my Halloween celebrations!
I got a lot of really nice comments on my make up which made me happy. I always feel like I look like shit on halloween so it was nice to get some good feedback. I also tend to feel super FAT on Halloween because all of the girls have their cute little costumes and I'm trying to cover myself up enough and look cute but I usually just look fat lol. I felt good last night though and got some comments about my weight loss which always feels really good! Here are some more pics of my friends and I :)
Just thought I would shared those as promised. Hope you all had awesome Halloweens and enjoyed the one night we can look like watever we chose.. so funnn!
So onto this weeks post for Bloggers For Health. For those of you who didn't see the first weeks post or what it is all about, you can read it here, otherwise stay with me! This weeks prompt is to write about my work out plans from the past, present and how it can evolve.
I've always had a love hate relationship with the gym. Well...mostly hate or..forced.. or.. you know what I mean. I've never been thin and never been in shape and am ALWAYS trying to lose weight. Sometimes I get on rolls of going to the gym 4-5 times a week for a while but after about two months it usually ends. At one point when I lost weight in high school i was pretty dedicated for about 6 months but then I got fatter again and gave up.
The gym is full of lots of positives and negatives. The positives are obvious and extremely rewarding and liberating. Losing weight, feeling healthy, being healthy, being strong, being in shape, being able.. they are all amazing things and everyone wants and needs and deserves to experience them all. It takes hard work though, not many people are blessed with amazing bodies, health, strength and confidence without ever stepping foot in the gym or working hard for it. That is where the cons come in, the reasons we really hate the gym.
The cons are toughies. First of all, no one wants to look bad. If you go to the gym because you feel fat, you usually feel even fatter when you are there. Then there is the people. I get lucky, sometimes I can go to the gym 5 days in a row and see 2-3 people in total or none at all. It's brilliant. But then you do see people. You see the girl working it out with her toothpick legs and the girl running for an hour on 7. Then there's the dudes. If you are an overweight girl, or a girl at all at the time, the last thing you want to see is dudes. If you are working hard enough you look like shit, you feel like shit and you might even smell like shit. Not only that but you feel like they are totally analyzing everything you do and the way you look while you do all your exercises. Chances are they are focusing on lifting their weights (so that they can leave them on the floor for you to trip on) but it doesnt matter. Its a god damn racket.
Anyways. I've looked past the cons. I need to be there. I even want to be there sometimes. And if a bunch of dudes are gonna see me sweating my anus off and see all my shit shaking around then so be it and if they say shit, they say shit. I'm the fat chick but I'm the fat chick whos at the gym everyday before you get there and after you leave, working my ass off.
So right now that's my relationship with the gym. I work out on average 6 days of the week. If I'm not at the gym I run/walk outside but I'm usually at the gym. As far as my routine goes I always do some cardio and I always do strength training. Strength training is super important especially if you are trying to lose weight. I do have a specific plan and it goes a little something like this.
Mon,Wed,Fri : I train for my 5K and I don't do any other cardio. I have it all written down so I cant remember exactly what I do for weights but I believe I do Core+Legs these days.
Tues,Thur,Sat : I usually hit up the bike and the stepper if I'm feeling particularly motivated. I then work my arms, shoulders and most days I try to stick in butt exercises because I have the flattest ass ever. My ass is flat, my stomach is fat. someone put some dollars in my plastic surgery hat.
Sometimes I try new cardio or strength exercises but this is a typical week at the gym for me. I mostly just try to improve on the things I do now, especially the treadmill since I'm training for a race. My plans for the future is to just make like Daft Punk and get Harder, Better, Fast Stronger...and a lot thinner! (For updates on my weight loss journey make sure to check out my Operation Skinny Bitch page, updated yesterday! Yay!)
Exercise is amazing. It's insane how much stronger I feel since I started working out regularly about 6 weeks ago. I feel stronger and I can see actual changes in my body and my definition. Obviously I'm not super defined because I still have a lot of weight to lose but any change is great. I feel more confident when I am there and more confident in general. I feel healthy and my body gets unhappy but I do anything to get in the way of that ( like body was not impressed with last nights halloween events).
If you feel like you want to start hitting the gym or taking a walk once in a while or it. Get moving! You will feel so much better and you will start looking more fabulous as well. For more tips and seeing other bloggers work out schedules hit up the Bloggers for Health page (I will link you at the bottom) and see what everyone else is up to. :)
I hope everyone has an amazing week this week. November is upon us, it's time for Christmas music and I am SO excited! Unfortunately the snow has already started to fall in my corner of the world which is MEGA depressing, I hate snow, but it DOES mean christmas is close. :) WAHOO!!!!
Big love. x


  1. Hey Bailey,

    I envy you for being able to work out 6 days at the gym! I can see that it's working cause you've lost 25 lbs so far. Congratulations! That didn't come easy and I will be cheering you on as you reach your goal.

  2. Laughed out loud at the plastic surgery hat comment...another great blog. XO

  3. Lovely blog ..Happy Halloween.
    Visit mine and follow each other.

  4. Happy Halloween to you, too! That's a cute costume.

  5. Fabulous Halloween costume. You make one hot jungle kitty! Your workout schedule is brutally awesome. I have the next three months to do nothing but chill out in Denmark, so I have been working on working out most days of the week. You keep me inspired and motivated, as you should already know.

  6. Great post! I agree, it's hard sometimes to work out in the gym when you've got all these super fit people around you.. I know, as someone who is trying to lose 50 lbs. But as I've been working out regularly for a few months, it's nice to see these skinny frat girls who get out of breath during spin class and big ol' me, chugging along and doing okay... maybe that makes me mean but I feel so vindicated!

    Good luck with the 5K training, and I need to take a page from your book, and do some more weights. I hate them in general, so I avoid them but if I want to get serious I need to bite the bullet and just do them already.

    Excited to keep in touch via Bloggers for Health.

  7. Oh Bailey, you make me smile :). First off... love love LOVE your eye make up!! How long did it take you? look extremely detailed! You're costume was super cute too! Go You!!

    Second... I've been going to the gym regularly for about 6 months now and it is STILL a struggle. What got me through was classes. because most men don't take the classes lol. Granted I had to get over my fear of exercising in front of people in a fairly small room COVERED in mirrors! I know you have it in you, try using music to block your scenery out and go to town so you happy and healthy! :) Hope you have a great week to doll!

  8. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog! I feel that same way about the gym--sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it. I'm moving this weekend so I gotta find a new gym, hopefully one with dance classes.

    Your Halloween party looks like fun! I'm not dressing up this year, but I sure am eating a lot of candy. :)

    I can't wait to start listening to Christmas music too!

  9. It's so awesome that you're feeling stronger from exercise! Also, I like your jungle kitty outfit.

    I find, at my gym at least, none of the men are looking at anybody...they're all too focused on grunting and lifting!

  10. Wow, you are a workout beast! I was not born a runner and I remember very recently that 5k was too far for me to run. In fact, I'm injured so any running is now too far. Congrats on keeping yourself motivated and it sounds like you're already getting results. Oh, and you look so cute in your halloween the eye makeup!


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