Sunday, October 2

fifty, fifty, fifty!!

It's my FIFTIETH post! Wahoo! I have been trying to think of something I could do involving 50 for my fiftieth post for a few days. I probably wouldn't have ever noticed it was my 50th if I hadn't been updating my design and randomly saw somewhere that i had 48 posts (i have blogged once since then). I'm excited I found it though because it got me thinking...

I know that's a scary thought, wouldn't want my head to catch on fire. But I was just thinking about when I started the blog and my vision for it at the time and how it's changed so much and evolved and how much i truly love having this blog. No matter how many people chose or chose not to read it it's such an awesome therapy for me and i truly love writing.

A shoutout to those of you who have been here since my first post (which is mostly my mother and best friend) and to those of you who jumped on the train in the last year or so. I appreciate you all and you've seen me through a lot. Through my low low lows, to my travel experiences, weight loss, rants and everything in between. Thanks for sticking around :)

So in honor of my fiftieth post and to help celebrate some of the people who have inspired it or read it and gave me the motivation to keep writing, i've created a list! This list is 50 people who at some point or another inspired me to write, motivated me, gave me an idea for a blog, commented on it.. anything! Some of the people might be considered a bit random but you all played a part in this blog somewhere! If you have no idea why you would ever be mentioned and you are curious, make sure to ask me. If you didn't make the list and expected to (which is highly unlikely because not that many people read this blog lol, I'm sorry - it wasn't meant to be offensive. !

Tamara Ritchie
Joan Small
Maddy B. Rice
Robin Small
Crystal Ren
Adam Sandler
Jessica Churchill
Kristi Kasper
Tara of Born This Weigh
Lindsay Frost
Carly Maicher
Rachel Dexter
Jason Guptill
Sarah Quayyum
Courtney Guptill
Diana Green
Heather Brown
Will B. Rice
Hayley Bustos
Gina Berger
Mark Navarro
Nevan Urquhart
Kim Rayner
Debbie Dexter
Cassie Brown
Sheri Horsman
Cassidy Ingersoll
Courtney Hayes
Samantha Bachrach
Kids at the Orphanage in Xela
Maria Mush
Rosario The pan Lady
Georgia's Trying Something NewLinkKate Dillon
Darsi Brown

Okay I only got to 34. hahaha. I suck. Technically it would be over 50 if you include every individual child at the orphanage who inspired me so basically I finished the list. I know there are probably more people to be mentioned but its after midnight, I went out last nigh and got up this morning 4 hrs later to babysit and.. things arent all right in my head at the moment. haha. So again, thanks so much for those who are here reading at my 50th post. I hope you, and more, are still around at my 100th , 150th, etc :)

big BIG 50th post love. xo


  1. Congratulations you and you inspire me too! XOXO

  2. Wow...thanks for including me in this list. It's funny actually, because you are on the top of my list of people that inspired me to start blogging in the first place. I was in awe of the first post of yours I read: Fat, Fabulous and Faking it. It gave me the courage to decide to write for myself, but share it with the public. You are an inspiration, an honest and hilarious writer, and I am flattered that you think of me as someone who inspires this lovely, fun, genuine blog. Keep up the great work, and don't stop writing!

  3. So flattered that I made this list! You are such an inspiration to so many Bailey!! I love reading this blog!


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