Friday, October 7

A Goodbye Letter.

Today I was separated from one of the main characters in my life. As far as I can look back in my friendships, she’s there; my first real friend. She is in so many of my memories you would think she was my sister. The longest I’ve been apart from her is 5 months, and when we reunited there were tears and I knew in that moment that she would be a part of my heart forever.

Growing up on Grand Manan and forming the friendships we do is different than a lot of places in this world. We meet many of our friends before we ever enter school and we spend most of our childhood and adolescents with them, whether we like it or not. We know the ins and outs of these people, we notice things about them they don’t know about themselves all without permission. It just sort of happens living in such a small community.
Although sometimes you don’t get a broad selection of people to choose as friends, I have found that my friends I made living on Grand Manan are unlike any other friends. They know me so well and I am so thankful for them. Although we are now at an age where some leave for school or move away, I see many of my friends from home on a weekly basis and even the ones who are furthest away I see one or two times a year.I’m about to be separated for a year or more from one and it’s only hitting me now how much of an impact it may have.

Although I cannot even verbally describe how excited I am for her, I can’t help but mourn my own loss. No one can laugh at the stupid shit that I laugh at like she can. No one else sat with me watching jersey shore or greys anatomy or any other stupid show faithfully like she did all last winter. No one else played “lovely ladies” with me endlessly in elementary school, got me stuck in a muddy pond or does impressions of people i dislike like she can.
I know that I will miss her all the time. I will miss her stopping into my work for lunch and brightening up my day. I will miss storage war marathons. I will miss sleepovers. I will miss laughing at peoples stupidity and being ignorantly blind to our own. I will constantly feel a void, after all, she is one of the last friends I have on the island that aren’t gone off to school. I will survive – I do have a lot of other amazing friends – but she will be missed, clearly.
So, Diana, as you take off on your adventure I just wanted to give you a goodbye letter on my blog. A whole blog dedicated to you, you spoiled bitch. ;) This will be the start to so many amazing changes for you and we are all sitting here admiring your courage and envying Australians because they are about to have things shaken up a bit. I hope they are ready for a girl who is as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside with a sense of humor like no one else. They are about to have the asses charmed right off of them and their lives will never be the same, just like mine will never be after having you be a part of mine. I love you, Im proud of you and I will miss you more than you know.

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off your bow lines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”


  1. Such a sweet post! It's true. The friends we make on GM, who we meet pretty much within a few months of being born and spend the first 18 years of our lives with at least, are like no other. Maybe you should work on getting out to visit in the next year. Now that would be amazing!

  2. for some reason that little loser grows on ya, i miss that kid already hahah


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