Monday, October 17

gooood news.

Hey Party People! No particular topic today but I have a few small pieces of exciting news and who dislikes like good news? No one. Someone might say they do but they’re just complicated liars. Let’s get down to business!
  • 1.) If you’ve read my “Operation Sexy Bitch” page at all over the weekend you will know that I lost 2 lbs last week. Rah rah rahhh!

  • 2.) I am a huge supporter of the Invisible Children Organization. If you are unfamiliar with Invisible Children make sure you visit here and see all the amazing work they’ve done and possibly merch it up. "Invisible Children uses film, creativity and social action to end the use of child soldiers in Joseph Kony's rebel war and restore LRA-affected communities in central Africa to peace and prosperity." The amazing work this group of people has done its barely describable and so massive it is just so insanely inspiring. Finally just a few days ago President Obama agreed to send in troops to Uganda to help fight the LRA and get Joseph Kony outta thurrr. Amazing news!!

  • 4.My friend Robyn over at Robyn Guptill Photography has agreed to do a little mini shoot in my dress if I reach my goal so that will be SO fun and it will be cool to have after pics looking even snazzier rather than on my like 30$ camera on self timer ahaha. Thanks so much to Robyn – everyone check out her photos (click the previous link, silly gooses!)
  • 5.) Only 32 days until I go to Fredericton for my beautiful friend Natty Cattys birthday! So many of my awesome amazing close girl friends will be there and we will all be partying and dancing and loving life – its nats 19th so thats so much fun!! FINALLY NAT...GO NINETEEN, GO NINETEEEN, GO GO GO NINETEEN! I am soo excited. Would love to lose 11 lbs by then but would be happy with 6, we shall see!
  • 6.) I’ve mostly agreed to run my first 5k with my amazing, ever inspiring and motivating sister i law Robin this spring. I never know where I am going to be and I have no details but I am trying to commit to some sort of running of 5 kilometres for sometime in the spring .I’m hopig more of a late May Spring ahah but we shall see. Also hope to be able to do the rotary 10k in the summer with her (which means the family finally has to come to Grand Manan!!!). No idea what Im getting myself into!
  • 7.) I already dropped my high school courses I was taking. And it feels great. I’m stupid..and that’s okay.
  • 8.) I have 36 followers, wahooOo! Aha. Of course, I am one of them ahahah but 35 is not bad, not bad at all. Would love to get 50 by Christmas, hint hint to those of you not following ;)
  • 9.) I’m running out of good news, which is good news for you!!
Thanks so much for checking out my latest post and I will try to come up with something a little more original for ya’ll soon! Thanks for all the support I’ve been getting with the blog and my weight loss journey and all that jazz. I get messages from people here, there and everywhere, some I know well, some I will never know at all, and it is wild and crazy and I love it! Keep the comments coming and go to “Join This Site” to the right (under My favorite people, if you cant see the link simply refresh) to officially follow my blog and give me something else to be excited about!
Big Love.
President Obama Targets the LRA from INVISIBLE CHILDREN on Vimeo.


  1. Congrats on the 2 lbs! :)

  2. WTG on the loss. Very cool about the professional pics. That is on my list for my 40th is professional pics with my 4 kids.

  3. Congrats on the weight loss. Congrats on 35 or 36 blog followers. Congrats on the running. Crossing the finish line of your first 5k will just blast you into being an avid runner, and will totally pump you up to do a 10. Running is the best!


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