Saturday, October 1


I actually am surprised at myself that it's been a week since my last post because I was on quite the posting tyrade for about a week there. The thing is, my laptop broke for the umpteenth time so I've been using my mothers laptop that great great grand father t rex passed down so I havn't really been able to do anything too complex online like update my blog or work on my course (well darn!).

But here I am! I'm babysitting and the baby that needs sitting is asleep so I thought I'd take a second-after I cleaned up like a responsible babysitter(and took a 2)-to write a little posty poo. Oh, but Bailey, you have a job, why would you be babysitting? Well folks, I do love kids and he's the sweetest little thing! But yes, I do have a job and yes again, babysitting is 2x the work for half the money. But at this point, I will take half the money. I'm still getting shit all for hours at work, no idea what I did to deserve that one yet, and I am desperately trying to save so i can get off this island eventually. I took hours at the marathon, joy of joys, and am currently pulling some 11hr day babysitting gigs. Super fun times. For those of you who need house or pet sitting, I am also still offering that service so give me a jingle if you pity my desperation!

Other than job hopping like I have an attention disorder I have been doing nothing but sleeping and working out. This is probably a good thing but it's taking a rotten toll on my emotions. I miss my friends and my life isn't super enjoyable. On the plus side I can feel myself getting stronger every time I go to the gym and it makes me much more enthusiastic about returning the next day. Because of my crazy babysitting shifts I have to take a few days off from the gym but the little guy is keeping me decently active. I'm not seeing much movement on the scale but I'm eating ridiculously healthy and expect something sometime soon.

My goal this month (yay its october today!) is to lose 10lbs. I use a fitness/health website called My Fitness Pal and I have joined up with some other users and we are challenging ourselves to lose 10 in October. Pretty sure I can do it but since the scale hasn't been moving super quickly I'm going to be working my ass off. For those of you curious about My Fitness Pal - it's a really amazing tool I would recommend to anyone who is looking to lose some weight or even get some tips on healthier living and working out. You can record your weightloss and even your inches, you can record your food each day and they count the calories for you and you can also enter your exercise each day and it will let you know how many you burned. It has some really amazing tools and also some really amazing users. It's great to make friends who are on the same ourney and you are sure to find someone who's situation is just like yours. It's great if you need a little encouragement. I have lots of friends on there, even about 10 who I know in real life so I promise you would not be alone in it. If you feel like joining let me know and we can be friends :)

I don't have anything too exciting to write just yet but keep your eye out for new additions to my blog. So far you may have noticed I added some new pages. The find me page is simply all my links for twitter and such things incase you love me so much you want to see even more of my life (highly doubtful, its all laid on here anyway). The bookworm page is books I've read, some mini reviews and books I plan to read. I'm recording them because part of my 30 before 30 list is to read 150 books - this list will eventually be added to my blog as well once its more complete. The about me page is pretty self explanitory and the operation sexy bitch page is just a little page I've started working on that is solely dedicated to my weight loss journey.

Thanks to all my readers for checking out the blog. I've even had some readers who aren't my mother and who don't even live in Canada lately and it's really exciting for me. I like to know people everywhere can relate or enjoy my blog. But please, I beg of you, follow me if you read! If you don't have a google or twitter account you can follow me with it just takes a second to sign up and then you're done forever lol. I would REALLY love to get to 50 followers by Christmas :)

I hope all is well in all your lovely lives! And if you have any odd jobs to be fulfilled for large..actually even small sums of money, I'm your girl ;)

xo. big love


  1. I guess I am a follower (stalker) and your you XOXO

  2. lol and you're signed onto my account. cute.

  3. It's so fun and exciting to get foreign readers who you don't know on a personal lever. I am just catching up on all the blogging I missed while I was MIA, and I am so excited to see all of these new posts from you. They are great! Check out For The Love of Blogs if you are interested in tips on how to improve your blog, plus gain tons of new readers. I'm going to checkout My Fitness Pal too. Thanks for the recommendation.


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