Saturday, October 15

im quirky.

HERROW! Before I get into the main topic of tonights blog I just would like to point out a few things.
  1. If you are reading this and you are not a follower, you need to be. It is seriously not that hard. Do it. Now. But come back and read this. Wuv you.
  2. I constantly update my other pages so check em out if you at all interested in a)finding a good book to read or b)interested in my weight loss journey.
  3. On my operation sexy bitch page I will be updating each week on NSV’s(non scale victories) and also the scale victory for the week so check that shit out if you are looking for inspiration or are just wondering when the hell im gonna stop being so darn fat and out of shape.
Okay! So onto tonights topic. I recently was reading a blogworld friends post about being honest and real with her readers about her failures and downfalls as she had read a blog from a friend of hers about it. Basically what she was getting at is that it’s easy to lose followers if you act like your life is perfect because that is so far from relatable its not even least thats what I got from it.
She is totally right. And I think that most of you will agree that I keep it pretty honest with my blog and my main subject of criticism is usually myself..or crocs or something. I tend to talk about my daily struggles or things that bother me because life is fucking crazy. Life is wild. Life is unpredictable and never the way you think it should be and thats okay! The imperfections bring the craziness and adventures and fun unexpected things and I’m okay with that and I will continue to write about it.
That being said I hope that I’m not too negative for ya’ll..its just my sense of humor and I’m not trying to depress you. I’m sort of in limbo with my life right now, not moving forward, not moving backward and not having much fun. When my life is some day more average, more settled down, more figured out.. then maybe my blog will become more about how great it is or something a little less dark. But for now, this is what it is and I like to think you guys like it because you can relate to it. Let me know what you think!
So on the previous note of being honest and having imperfections and all that jazz I’ve compiled an interesting little list of my quirks. I hope that you guys will comment and give me some of yours and we can take a bath in and soak up all of our imperfections as they make as exactly who we are. .. which is awesome.. well.. I know that IM awesome anyway. ;)
  • I say “like” like ALL the time.
  • I am totally addicted to food.
  • I am a recovering nail biter but i relapse when i get really upset.
  • I touch my face when i feel nervous, insecure, guilty or embarrassed.
  • I’m a horrible google earther.
  • Google earth makes me motion sick
  • Everything makes me motion sick. Even my own driving.
  • I have a really hard time paying anything.
  • I’m horrible at cooking but still want to learn.
  • It really bothers me when people can’t spell my name, especially if I’ve known them my whole life.
  • My time of the month turns me into an actual monster.
  • Ice cream randomly gives me horrendous shits.
  • I am way too candid about feces..especially my own.
  • I stutter and stammer especially when I’m tired.
  • I hate being told what to do especially by people I don’t care for.
  • Crocs make me really uncomfortable.
  • I never want to have female children. (Sorry to my future daughter(s) who may read this.
  • I can fit my fist in my mouth.
  • I drive too fast. All the time.
  • I could actually go on about my quirks for like 30 more minutes. I talk forever.
  • I rarely pose normal for pictures.
  • See what I mean? At least my friends are disabled with me.
Okay. Thats enough. I actually could go on and on and on but no one wants to hear all that!
What are your quirks? (Besides continually reading my blog and not following.. ;))

Big Love.


  1. Ha ha! Wishing there was a "quirky" button right now. You're a trip Bail! Big hugs!

  2. Hi Bailey , you can count me as a follower of your Blog :) Quirky is Great ! Vive la Difference ! I have always considered myself a tad "quirky" ( I like to call it unique) Loved raising my Boys , never missed having a Daughter . That said a Grand Daughter would be nice to spoil & then give back to her parents tee hee . Your Blog is inspiring & refreshingly honest :) Keep on Bloggin Girl hugs

  3. Hi Bailey!

    Thanks for leaving your comment on my blog.

    I think you must be the live of the party! Love your honesty.

    You will see a little white flower in your Favorite People now.

    Take care.

  4. I agree, you totally gotta be honest with your readers, especially on a weight loss journey... it's not just for them, but your ass too!

    You're quirkiness keeps up coming back!

  5. Your blog is one of the most honest, and least dark out there. You tell it exactly like it is in a refreshing, hilarious way. I love it, so don't change a thing! Your quirks are hilarious too btw. PS: Al looks really smart in that pic haha :)


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