Thursday, October 13

Shit I Don't Get Part 2

High Beams
The typical Grand Mananer learns to drive at the age of 16. So you would think that those on the road after dark, who a great percentage of are probably adults, would know how to properly use their high beams. It doesn’t quite seem that way the past few weeks as I drive home from work. I try my best every time I drive at night to keep my high beams off when behind or approaching a vehicle – common sense and common courtesy! The funny thing is that my car is such a piece of shit that you would barely even notice the difference between when I turn them on or off but I still do it. I find SO many people are super inconsiderate and leave their high beams on whenever they fucking feel like it. It would be okay but it’s like the people with the newest, most up to date, top of the line vehicles are the ones leaving their high beams on and it’s like fucking navigation lights to see miles and miles away. I am BLINDED, it’s seriously dangerous.
Chunky Highlights
You may call them streaks, I don’t care what you call em as long as you don’t decorate your hair with them. This is not 2001 people and you do not need to style your hair with 3 inch wide chunks of blonde streaks. Try something a little more natural. I’m not saying this will get you a boyfriend but.. you will be a lot closer than you were with this god awful chunky highlights. This goes for the dudes too – frosted tips? Seriously? What the fuck.
Tanning Beds
You know, I get tanning beds. I get wanting to be tan, for most people it’s simply more attractive and laying in a hot bed feels fucking awesome.. tanning rocks. But actually.. it doesn’t. It kills. Like.. literally..proven..kills. The thing I REALLY don’t get is parents who love their children, specifically teenage girls, yet let them tan in tanning beds. Girls in their teens and twenties are 75% more likely ot get skin cancer... SEVENTY FIVE FUCKING PERCENT!!! That’s insane.. and it is so easily avoided. If you are going to let your kids go tan in the tanning bed and you think that their vanity is actually worth skin cancer then be my guest. But make sure you pass them a pack a day before school each morning and feed them only processed foods so they can get lung cancer and other fun diseases to go along with their skin cancer. And if they don’t get skin cancer, they’ll look really fabulous with wrinkles at 26. Good work! (and if I get get skin cancer, at least I will know I tried.)
Tanning Salons at Gyms
What the fuck? It’s like sending the message that Tanning is the same sort of group as working out, like it’s a healthy activity. While I understand that you work out to look good and you tan to look good, you also should be working out to feel good and be healthy. I just think it’s sending the wrong idea. You should treat your skin with as much respect as you treat your body with exercise. Exercise=Healthy, Tanning Beds=dead...cause you died..cause you got cancer. Not fun.
I don’t like fur on anything. It’s not like an animal rights thing (though I am supportive of animal rights), it could be fake fur, I just don’t get it. Like.. clothes are clothes..fur is fur. We are humans. We don’t have fur. But we do wear clothes... not fur. Hahah. Okay..I’m rambling but I just don’t get it and I don’t think it’s attractive at all. There may be one out of every 50 fur items that I can tolerate but..its rare.
Mannerless Adults
bbbYou know, with all the shit I hear from adults about kids not being gracious and having no manners or respect you would think that adults WOULD be gracious and have manners and respect. But after working for a year in a restaurant setting, I actually find the ratio of polite kids to polite adults to be a bit worrisome.. at least for the adults. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard grown adults complain about how none of the kids have manners, they aren’t thankful for anything but if I counted every adult who comes in, complains about stupid fucking shit, is rude to everyone, and doesn’t say please or thank you, you may be astounded. Most of the kids say please and thank you and for the most part have friendly dispositions (theres always gonna be an asshole or two). Some adults come in, grumble, throw their money at me, don’t say thank you, complain about the food and walk out leaving their rude stench in the air. Makes for a really great day! That being sad, for the most part, I have amazing customers who make me laugh and smile and happy to be working where I work every day. To those of you who have manners, you make my days SO much better, thank you, I appreciate you!
Okay. Not as many things I don't get this time around but there is always a chance for part 3. Thank you for putting up with my ridiculous rants.. yes.. I am ridiculous.

Big Love.
Bail. x


  1. I don't get any of these things either. Especially the tanning business. I would do just about anything to not have ghastly pale skin at the moment, except get into a tanning bed. Hilarious ranting. I look forward to part 3!

  2. Bailey, you make me smile and laugh. Love your post on tanning beds. (and agree).
    Now I feel the need to leave a comment about high beams. LOL
    I have one of these new vehicles you are talking about and I am an adult (in years anyway), and I drive at night. Here is my problem....I get high beamed all the time, because people think I have my high beams on, but I do not! So, what do I do when people flick their lights on high beam?? I flick mine up too. (see only an adult in age) hehe. of the idiots you may be speaking of is me. lmao. I promise, my lights are not on high beam. Honest. But they are apparently very bright. lol
    Keep writing! :)

  3. Another great post, Bail! As always.


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