Saturday, October 29

tricks and treats.

Okay, I don't have any tricks for you up my sleeve today but that COULD be a future blog! I havn't had many treats lately either, even with the mini halloween snacks all over the place. That in itself is a treat though because I had some really good Non Scale Victories and a pretty awesome scale victory I think! So check out my operation skinny bitch to find out about my week!

I have felt pretty exhausted mentally after writing that lost blog. It took a lot out of me but in a good way. I wasn't really sure how to follow up on my next blog post so I've just kinda stayed away from the blog for a couple of days to let it sink and hopefully as many people as possible could see it. I got a good response from it and I'm thankful.

I would also like to clarify that the person I mentioned in my blog who referred to me as progressive is NOT a homophobe. We just do not see eye to eye on the topic but the person does not hate homosexuals and I just wanted to make a note of that. I love this person very much and they are very attractive and wonderful to me and they also don't look a day over 30.

On that note I need to head to work! After work I will be heading to some halloween parties and i am SO excited to get my drink on. I am being a jungle kitty and I will make sure to post some pictures on here for all my off island readers!

Big Love and Happy Halloween!!
Bail xo

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  1. Have fun at the parties! Can't wait to see pics!


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