Wednesday, November 30


Okay.. in 15 mins (from when I started working on this technically it probably already is because it literally takes me HOURS to write blogs sometimes) it will be DECEMBER! December is my most FAVORITE month! Those of you who know me decently well are like "wtf, you hate snow, why is december your favorite, you love sun" Well, people, here is the logic. December IS my favorite month, minus the cold weather and snow but summer is totally my favorite season. But cmon, december is the most exciting month ever!!

December means Christmas and I am a Christmas Fairy. December means friends, family, and FOOD. The 3 most awesome F's ever. Not just friends but SO many friends, at home, for an extended period of time. FUCK YEAH. Family showing up outta no where, gettin wild with holiday cheer - love it. And food.. don't even get me started. Christmas food is the best food. And the best Christmas food is Brunch. My Christmas brunch every year is the main even of the the main annual event of my LIFE. I love it with everything I am and it is only 25 days until sweet sweet brunch brushes my lips.

So if you forgot in the last 45 seconds, I love Christmas. I am not going to lie to you, I fucking adore getting free shit for a whole day. It's like birthday x 10 and its CHRISTMAS. Everything just feels good, everyones happy and merry and fatter than like 3 days before because of the abundance of food. And thats what I really love about Christmas - the spirit. I love the presents but I love the spirit. And the spirit makes me BUCK WILD.

I don't get naked or anything but holy shit - the money spending goes ape shit. I have already spent embarrassing amounts of money on Christmas. I try to tell myself "200$ limit, you can do it girl, only mom and 2 friends". yeah.. about 2 minutes into Christmas shopping the "spirit" hits and im all "FUCK THAT SHIT" and off I go. Seriously. Ask anyone. I am going to be so broke after Christmas Im going to have to walk to work.

I don't even care though. I'm not in school yet and I work and thats about it. I live with my fabulously providing parents so I pay no bills or anything besides my cell phone and gas. I pay if my car breaks, which does happen (fucking cavaliers) but other than that my money is sort of there to save or spend or chew up and stuff in a sock. Whatever. I won't always have this money and some day I wont be able to buy even my mother and 2 friends dollar store pencils so I'm going to give myself a merry christmas and buy people whatever i fuckin want to.

So.... now I'm all hyper thinking about Christmas. But let me go back to the main topic.. December - I almost forgot. We are just about to enjoy my most favorite month and it is also the ending to another year. I can hardly believe it. I have done so much this year and changed so much but.. thats for another post on another day.

I have no idea what my new years resolutions were for this year, I really don't. But I do have a few last minute goals Id like to reach so I've set myself up with a December goal list - 9 before the New Year. :) Feel free to share with me if you have any for december.

1. Lose 10 Lbs
I have had a really slow November for losing so it would be nice to have a really great December and get back on track. Wish me luck!
2. Finish Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred
I finished Day 3 today and it is not easy! I can do it but like i said, its a challenge!
3. Make it through the Holidays without eating every sweet in site.
SO much food around! I'm doing 30 days no sweets until Dec.21 and its not easy. I cheat. But the point was to keep myself from eating so many and I have cut back SO much so I consider it a success :)
4. Enjoy the company of my friends as much as I can while they are home.
Since I work instead of go to school I don't get the Christmas break my friends do. I really want to get in as much time as I can with them this holiday though -they mean so much to me!
5. Inspire someone to come to the gym with me.
or inspire someone at all. I love hearing that I inspire someone to get active or eat healthy. It makes me feel so much better and I want everyone else to feel better too!
6. Burn at least 4000 calories every week of December.
Not easy but I can do it. It's going to take some ass kicking.
7. Stress Less
I've been having some work stress lately that I would like to let go of. I need to just take it day by day and enjoy the little things.
8. Snore more!
I can sleep 9 hours these days and be just EXHAUSTED trying to yank myself from bed the next morning. It's hard to work a full day, get in your work out, catch up with my blog/friends online and get a good nights sleep as well. I know I don't have kids or anything but it turns out to be a pretty full day. I need to start making sleep a bigger priority! (its 12:45AM and im blogging.. will start tomorrow night ahaha)
9. Be confident
I want to start loving my body and appreciate all the great things Im doing for it. I'm a long way form goal and I'm a long way form loving my body but its little things - baby steps. I will take pride in the way I look, get fixed up and enjoy my progress thus far!

So wish me luck on my list! Thanks for tuning into my ridiculous blog once again - I really appreciate you amazing readers. This past year you have been outrageously fabulous to me and I can't wait for a new year of blogging with all SIXTY FREAKIN FIVE of my followers. Maybe 75 by Christmas? ;)

Big December Love
Bailey. xoo

Saturday, November 26

what to do when you did nothing.

And by doing nothing I mean I have lost nothing in about three weeks. It's hard to be so public about your weightloss and have to own up to the fact that maybe it doesnt always go the way you want. Let me explain.

I have been awesome. I eat great, I even gave up sweets for 30 days(im going into day 6- SO not easy). I work out regularly and I have a really great attitude most of the time. This week I have really gotten down on myself as the loss has not come close to happening (in fact i gained!) and because of my crumby attitude I didn't work as hard as I could've.

I feel a lot of pressure. I have an insane amount of pressure from myself to lose this weight fast and steadily. I feel pressure, (that is from myself) to keep going to give you all something to be proud of. I don't want to let you down and want to inspire anyone who needs that bit of inspiration to turn their life around (in any way really, not just with weight loss). So I guess when I don't lose, and especially if i gain even a pound, I feel so disappointed and like I'm letting everyone down.

Another horrible part of not losing each week is feeling that dread of "you are going to gain it all back now." I am in control. I know that. But it's scary. I've gained weight back before and it's the worst feeling. I know for sure I never will do that to myself again but I am afraid OTHERS think I'm going to do that. I feel when I don't lose that everyone is like "yeah, psych, she obviously can't do it". I know that no sensible human, esp since most reading this are friends and fam, would think that but it's sort of a weird psychological state I'm in right now. (still waiting on that period ahah damnit, she makes me a psycho. seriously. psychopath.)

So this is how I've been dealing with the lack of loss. I've cried, sulked, cried, grumped, swore, weighed myself obsessively and have basically been seeking out support for kicking a plateaus ass. I think its coming though. I have hope and a mostly positive attitude. Once "aunt flow" graces me with her super late pressence and my body realized I've kicked the sweets I think I will see good things. I'm going to push myself super hard at the gym, start Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and I've adjusted my calorie intake since my loss.

And thats the thing. Loss. I've lost! I've lost 30 lbs...thats like.. a big baby! Thats awesome. I am so much stronger and I have so much more control than I did a year ago, even 2 months ago. I DO have a ton to be proud of and I need to realize that so that I can keep pushing.

People have been so supportive, telling me I inspire them or just telling me I look good.. the little comments mean SO much, you have on idea. Especially at a time like this, as my good friend Bono once beautifully sang, sometimes you can't make it on your own. Or some bologna like that! I couldn't do it without the support I recieve daily from friends and strangers alike.

So, no, I didn't lose any weight this week and I didn't lose a ton in November in gneeral. Im going to in December. And I'm going to keep losing until I'm the sexiest bitch you've ever seen and you wanna lock up your boyfriend (who i wouldnt dream of stealing cause im not that kind girl.. just sayin...) and fight your urges to become bicurious in my honor.

To those of you in my position, fighting a plateau or finding it hard to get started.. just do it. Kick some ass. Eventually your bodies will catch up with your minds and your hard work and so will mine. I have optimism if nothing else, haha.

Big loveee.

Thursday, November 24

Shit I Don't Get Part 4

It's back. I must be a moron because there is a lot of shit I don't get. Or, everyone else is morons for giving me so many incomprehensible situations. You decide.
Status Attacks : I have a lot of issues with the way people act on facebook. I could probably do a whole blog about it. The thing I really am not a fan of is posting shitty things about people, especially over jealousy. We’ve all wanted to do it. I know I have definitely wanted to be like “[insert moron here] is a stupid fucking moron and everytime they come into the store i want to throw the ice cream machine at them”. But I don’t. I have a filter and if I actually got to know people who seem like idiots, I would like them because I tend to like everyone and we are all human. Mostly I think people need to realize that calling someone ugly doesn’t make you any prettier and you writing statuses about them probably doesn’t phase them, in fact it’s only phasing you. You are putting all this extra anger and energy into something that is only taking from you and no one else gives a shit. Just because someone likes it doesn’t make the person you are attacking ugly, fat, stupid, sluttty or whatever it is you think they are. It just proves that you are letting them hurt you even more.
Status Attacks Part 2 : Attacking your stupid bf/gf/husband/wife/ex and his/her new gf/bf/mistress/mistrer? Okay. Listen ladies and gents. If the person you are with cheats on you... or moves on... then you need to move on. If you are stupid enough to stay with them, you need to deal with the fact that it is not a monogamous relationship anymore. Yes, people make mistakes and sometimes they never do it again but mostly they do, don’t fucking kid yourself. You want to know why your significant other is cheating on you? Because you are letting them and they, like everyone else in this world, are totally down with having their cake and eating it too. I love cake. So don’t be getting all pissed and buck wild in your statuses, attacking all the girls your husband is cheating on you with when you clearly know he’s a cheater. He’s a loser, you need to move on and you’re making yourself look pathetic. The only people who are liking your status and commenting are your mothers, your sisters and the other morons who are letting/have let their partners cheat on them incessantly. Make the right decision and move on. Please. For the sake of ALL of our newsfeeds. On the real, have some respect for yourself. If you disrespect yourself enough to let someone treat you that way then why should they treat you any better?
Curse Words : I understand being offended by offensive statements. If I tell you to go fuck yourself, you are certainly allowed to be offended. If I say, You are fucking amazing, then you need to relax. I hate getting shit for cursing. As you may notice if you read my blog regularly, I swear like a pirate and I use whatever words I wish. This is because I don’t believe in a)letting anyone tell me what I can and cannot say and b)giving random made up words power over how they affect me. I use fuck mostly as an adverb like very. Instead of you are very silly, you are fucking silly. That just means you’re silly, maybe even more silly than the average joe. It doesn’t mean anything offensive, in fact, I like silly people. I understand that people use curse words in a negative way A LOT, and I too use them when I’m angry or upset but 85% of the time I’m not using them to be offensive so there is no reason to be offended. If you don’t like it on my facebook or on my blog to the point where it’s a decision whether I stop using them for you to keep me in your life, you may have to delete me and stop reading my blog. That is a sacrifice Iam personally willing to make because Im not going to let a simple little word change my whole life. I just don’t get it.
Why I can’t resist bacon : I can resist many things. I have changed my eating habits SO much in the past few months and I can keep my hands off most things with a bit of effort but I have the hardest time avoiding bacon. What the fuck is it about bacon that is so ridiculously amazing? Whenever it is around it is like my world is just a little bit better. After New Years I’m giving up anything that doesn’t fly or swim other words Im giving up cows and pigs ... and bacon. AHH! I know I can do it once I cut all that out completely but right now I do eat those things and if there is bacon sitting there.. I just can’t do it aha. All of a sudden my mom is making bacon frequently and its always at work all hot and fresh and delicious. WTF! Can you guys resist bacon? Cause I seriously can’t. And I literally never cook it. I’ve never cooked it in my life. Actually that is a lie, Courtney and I tried once. I think we almost burnt her house down. We couldn’t even see there was so much smoke. My point is.. I don’t even try to eat it..its just there..taunting me. Life is hard.
Trends: Ever noticed how trends tend to come to Grand Manan about a year after they hit everywhere else? Now..I’m not trying to say that I started any of these trends, that I was the first on the island, or anything like that. All I’m trying to do here is point out that no one ever needed to talk about me behind my back or make fun of me because I dressed different than everyone else, because later (and when it was out of style, thanks)ended up doing it too .
Example 1: tapered jeans. So many people thought they were so ugly when I decided I was going to rock them in like..grade 10 or 11. Eventually everyone wore them and everyone still wears them. I was not the first around here but very few people bought into it at first They aren’t as popular as they were but I certainly was on the right track.
Example 2: colored extensions. I did this when i was like 15. I had like 8 colored extensions. I also had my real hair pink, purple, blue, red, yellow, green, black .. everything. I got a lot of shit for it. People thought and said i was a fucking weirdo, which I was, but hello.. like.. 7 years later.. look at you! All of a sudden every girl and their fucking shi’tzu has a little pink streak in their hair. Everyone gave me crazy fucking looks and now its cute and trendy. Haters gon’ hate.
Example 3: leggings. HOLY. I did this in grade 8. I had black leggings and a white skirt that I loved. When I went to Florida in grade 7 thats what all the girls were wearing and I thought it was the most wonderful idea in history. It took almost a year before this trend caught on and girls still wear it but no one understood what the fuck I was doing. I was doing the best idea at the time bitches.
It doesn’t matter anymore. It doesn’t matter that I was the bomb and that eventually everyone realized it was a good idea, but only when everyone else did it and it seemed okay. It feels good though, deep in my vain soul, that i wasn’t crazy and that these WERE good trends and eventually people realized it..after me. But what feels better is that I did it without anyone’s approval and I did it because I wanted to. I always went with my own stupid teenage style. I was always true to myself and I didn’t need everyone else to be wearing something to feel like I had the right to. I did whatever the fuck I wanted and that’s more than I can say for a lot of the girls I went to high school with.
So that is the end of Part 4 of Shit I Don't Get. I don't get a lot of shit. Mostly I don't get people and the crazy things they do so I'm sure there will be more parts and parts until someone shuts my blog down for being too offensive. Hope you enjoyed, have an awesome weekend and Happy Turkey Day to my American readers.
Big Love.

Monday, November 21

go robbb, its your birthday.

I have been seriously dedicated to the show Dancing With The Stars since the 2nd or 3rd episode of this season. Before now I had never been interested but I caught myself by surprise this time around. So every Monday+Tuesday night I putt over to my aunt Debs house for the event of the week - I seriously get excited, its pathetic.

As many of you may know, tonight is the finale! The three finalists are Rob Kardashian, JR Martinez and Ricky Lake. From the start I really love JR Martinez but over the past few weeks I have fallen in love with Rob and will be routing my heart out for him tonight. He has turned into a really awesome dancer and I cannot get enough of how cute he is!

Do you watch Dancing with the Stars? Who is your favorite?

Thursday, November 17

my amazing support system

I've always been a giver-especially of advice. I live to give, you could say. I'm a Christmas fairy, no matter waht I say, every year I like to go crazy and buy and buy and buy. I love to give advice and open peoples minds and show them things about themselves or their situations they might not be seeing. Lately though, I've had to be a taker. I've been taking lots of advice and motivation and compliments and inspiration from a lot of different people. Weight loss is hard and there are rough days where you need someone to boost you a bit, I know I can't do it on my own.
my top 5 supports in no particular order are..

1. My amazing mom, Joan. She has always got my back. I've been on a few diets...... Okay. I've been on MANY diets. I've tried a lot of different things, eating the most random foods, cutting out things I shouldn't be, getting no where. Every time though, she buys me what I want to eat and always makes it for me. This time around I've been doing things right and like every other time she has been there for me and without her I would be in trouble. It is different this time too, I've been sticking with it for a while and my body is starting to change. She is always quick to let me know that I look great or that this body part looks smaller or she can tell I've been doing this exercise. She keeps me going and she has even joined me which really really helps - its so much easier to do something when you have a loved one (who lives with you, at that!) who is on the same track. Thanks Mom, U DA BEST!
2. Maddy is another really amazing part of my support system. I have two friends who I texted as soon as one of the following happens a)I Lose weight b)I go down a size c) I do an intense work out. I seriously HARASS them. Fortunately, Maddy at least acts like she loves it. She is so supportive and always makes me feel awesome about all the progress I've made. I am so lucky to have these people..its unreal.Link
3. Tamara is that other friend who recieves all my texts and acts just as excited. It's like its happening to them. It's hard being here alone and going through all this with no one ot talk to about it face to face. I'm lucky to have Tam to text whenever and get online and talk to if Im having a bad day or I have some success. She also is a part of My Fitness Pal and is always motivating me on there as well. She has my back with everything and my weight loss is no different. I'm so lucky to have these people who make me feel beautiful and strong. I truly could not do it without them. I would not be working this hard without the support I have.

4. Robin is my sister in law and she inspires me every day and pushes me everyday. She is a machine in every sense of the word. You will not find many women who do all she does while raising four children, three of whom are at home with her all day. She is always there for me and motivating me. Like the others she always has amazing things to say when I am successful and always gives me the best advice when I need a little boost. I've leared and continue to learn so much from her.
5. Okay, this may be egotistical, but my 5th biggest supporter is myself. Everyday I wake up and make a concious decision to eat better and work harder than I did yesterday. Everyday, or at least most days, I go to the gym and work hard, even when I only slept 4 hours or I feel sick or it's my wretched time of the month. I push myself all the time and I work hard to keep my goals in sight and work hard towards them. When I see a picture from my highest weight or I look back even over the last few weeks I am proud. The progress I've made pushes me to go forward, and while I couldn't do it without all the amazing people in this post and in my life, it comes down to me making the decisions and I'm happy with the ones I've made.

Thank you to everyone who supports my blog, supports my weight loss and inspires/motivates me . Also a huge thank you to anyone who ever made me feel inferior because of my weight, took a stab at me because I was heavy, treated me unfairly, doubted me or talked about me behind my back - you have no idea how much you have fueled and empowered me.

"And you can never break my stride. You never slow the momentum, at any moment I'm about to blow. You'll never take my pride, killing the flow, slow venom and the opponent is getting no mercy - mark my words. I ain't letting up, relentless, I smell blood, I don't give a fuck: keep giving them hell"

Big Love.
Bailey. x

Sunday, November 13

Too Blessed to be Stressed : Bloggers for Health Week 4

This is the fourth week of bloggers for health. I have really enjoyed being apart of it, sharing my tips, learning tips from other participant and reading all their posts/successes, etc. This weeks topic is about stress and how I handle it and tips to reducing it.
I have always been amazed and intimidated by the insane tolls stress can take on your mind, body and spirit. Some think stress is just something you feel for a day when something goes wrong but stress can be an ongoing issue that may become fatal. Aside from the common side effects, did you know that stress can cause hives, stuttering, sweating, blushing, mumbled speech, heart palpitations, infections, poor libido, poor sexual performance and constipation? Many people’s stress can lead to depression and suicidal thoughts. We really need to make personal efforts to reduce our stress so that it does not get out of hand.
Here are some things I like to do when I get stressed!
  1. 1. Take a nap. Sometimes I just need to catch up on some sleep because life can be exhausting. Also, taking a little break in the day can be nice. Sometimes I wake up feeling refreshed. If you wake up every day or after every nap feeling panicked, you may need to make further efforts in finding a solution for the issues causing you stress.
  2. 2. Exercise. For some people a walk will do but I like to kick my ass. I run harder, bike faster, lift more reps and go longer. Being on the treadmill gives me time to tell off anyone I need to tell off in my head and focus on finishing instead of whatever is bothering me.
  3. “Experts agree that one best way to manage stress is through exercise. Exercise has been proven to relax the body and mind, lower blood pressure, etc. Exercise can help by providing an outlet for negative emotions such as worry, irritability, depression, hostility, anger, frustration, and anxiety.”
  4. 3. Go for a drive and blast the music. I like to get in my car, go for a drive, turn on a good song and sing my heart out. Choosing songs that maybe relate to what I’m stressed about help.
  5. 4. Cry. If I need to cry, I do. Sometimes you just need to let it out.
  6. 5. Talk to someone. I don’t like to talk about my issues really, not the big ones, so I tend to bottle it up inside. When I eventually talk to someone about it it feels really good and they usually can give me a different perspective which is nice. I always feel better!
  7. 6. Write. As you can see a major outlet for me is my blog. I write about things that piss me off or make me sad or just the way I feel about myself. I write about my weight loss journey and random shit. It all helps. Every time I write I feel good and a lot of times I feel weight lifting off of me.
  8. 7. Shop. I know this is a bad idea but I don’t always spend. Sometimes it’s nice to just look around for things you like. I love to shop so sometimes I just sit on my laptop and look around clothing sites for the next time I feel like buying. It settles me down.
  9. 8. Shower and Get pretty. If I’m feeling stressed, especially about my body or weight loss or anything vain like that, I get pretty. I shower, put on sexy underwear, I pick out a nice bra, I wear something nice, I do my hair and I spend time on my make up. It makes me feel better especially if I have to go out into public when Im already stressed and want to lay in my bed all day.
Those are just some random things I do. I’m lucky because I rarely feel stressed for more than a day. I have times where I get stressed about money or having no friends around, sometimes I stress about my physical appearance or the future, but my life is good. Thats another thing – think about all the positives. Keep a positive attitude and be THANKFUL for everything you have. I’m pretty lucky and so I try to focus on that. Doesn’t mean I don’t get stressed, but it helps when I do!
Hope everyone has a great week. Wish me luck as I try to lose a few more pounds before my trip to Fredericton for Nattys birthday!! Leave some commnent love and follow me if you aren’t a follower! Would love to see all my Island Readers following!
Biggg Love.
PS. Operation Sexy Bitch has been updated this weekend as usual. :)

Thursday, November 10

..and you thought i was single.

My relationship seemed amazing. We spent a TON of time together and he knew me inside and out. He knew how my brain worked, my likes, my dislikes, my strong points, my faults. I loved him. I wanted to spend all my time with him. I cut others off because of how strong my relationship was getting with him. Our relationship was what I would consider intoxicating, by the time I was 15 my whole brain was wrapped around him, when I would spend time with him and how I would spend that time.
Thats when things went wrong. The relationship consumed me. I started hiding. I would hide with him in my room, embarrassed of how much the relationship had consumed my life and what it was doing to my body, to my self esteem. I let him hurt me, I let him gain control of my days, I let him warp me into someone I didn’t want to be.
It was love-hate for so long. I loved the way he made me feel. I loved that when no one else was there, I had him to run to. When I had a big whole in my heart, he would fill it up for me. He didn’t make fun of me, he didn’t leave me out, he was always there when I needed him. But I hated the way he made me feel after spending so much time with him.
In the past I had many points in my life where I knew I needed to change my relationship with him. I tried ending it altogether only to relapse and go crazy with him. I tried balancing him out with work outs, only to give up soon after. At one point I had broke it off for almost 6 months but an emotional breakdown had me running back.
I am 20. I have seen so many changes in myself and the way I see everything in the past year. Finally I have ended my horrible relationship with him. His name is Food and he will never own me again. I have a great relationship with him. We are no longer together but I keep him around as I know I need him to live, to keep me strong, to fuel my work outs, etc. Sometimes I hit him up for a little bit of action (everyone needs their sweets) but I’m quick to remember how easily I can get caught back up in him if I spend too much time letting it consume me.
I will never let him take control of me again. I won’t let him bring me to emotional depths where I am no longer myself anymore. I won’t let him make me feel so horrible about myself that just a glance in the mirror moves me to tears. I won’t let him take up time where I could be enjoying life, time that could be spent exercising, something he barely allowed me to do even 2 months ago.
I am finally in control. I have a healthy relationship with food. I will win this battle.

Wednesday, November 9

Ten on Tuesday

I'm super excited because I have hit 55 followers this week! I was hoping to get to 50 by Christmas so this has exceeded my expectations in a big way already! I have lots of new followers who literally know nothing about me so I found this cool link up over at Roots And Rings and I thought it would be a sort of interesting way to say a little bit about myself but nothing too boring and ordinary. :) Happy Tuesday, ya'll :)

1. What’s your favorite television show for each day of the week?
Sunday –
Monday – Dancing With The Stars
Tuesday – Glee
Wednesday – Survivor
Thursday –
Friday –
Saturday –
Im not a big tv watcher, apparently aha.
2. How many times do you wear your jeans before you watch them?
sometimes once.. sometimes like 5 times aha. gross, i know. but.. its jeans. i only have 2 pair that i wear (i like dressses!)
3. What is your favorite pasta shape?
well as most of you know i'm on a diet and i tend to stay away from bad carbs. i fucking LOVE pasta though and my favorite kind of pasta shape ..okay this is gonna sound fucked to those of you who appreciate good eating..but i love spiral kraft dinner ahahah. but i suppose i appreciate fusilli, which is the same idea - spirally! aha
4. Do you read newspapers?
5. Do you sleep in socks?
If I am wearing them already, yes. I am WAY too lazy to take them off. I am also too lazy to put them on before bed but I would rather sleep WITH them because i dont like the way way sheets feel against my feet. ugh.
6. Favorite genre of movies?
romantic comedies. duh.
7. How do you feel about wrestling?
I feel absolutely nothing about it lol
8. Should men pluck their eyebrows?
Fuck yes. a little maintenance never hurt anyone.
9. Do you have dimples?
i wish.
10. Do you like to camp?
Yes! Camping is sweet with the right people and location :)

Sunday, November 6

she and him and movember!

I wanted to quickly post about two things I am super excited about today.

1. It's Movember! Normally, I would not support such a month because I'm not a big fan of facial hair certainly not a fan of staches in specific but what an amazing cause! I love to see all my guy friends and more growing out their stupid facial hair for a really wicked cause. I know for some guys it's just an excuse not to shave but I really do think movember has spread an INSANE amount of awareness for Prostate Cancer!

Did you know that 99% of men will get prostate cancer? That means that most of, if not all of, the amazing men in your life will get prostate cancer. Luckily its a very slow paced cancer and most most men will get it and live a full healthy life like they would have without it. I had no idea about this fact, that so many men get prostate cancer. Wanna know how I learned it? MOVEMBER! Movember was brought up last night as I chatted with the all knowing Dexter Duo (James and Jesse) who frequently learn me new stuffz! I had no idea about this fact but because we brought up Movember they filled me in and now I know! Thank you Movember!

So to the dudes (and ladies too - this is not a gender specific project) : wear those staches, beards and whatever proud! You are amazing and I hope you don't even think about those schicks sitting in your bathroom until December1st! (This photo is of a friend participating last year (Im petty sure). So disgusting under any other circumstance! But I love him for participating! Go Douglas!)Ladies, you can participate to, like Neat!

Another friend, Mike, participating! I love boys who do Movember! You guys are amazing.Does anyone out there in the blogosphere participate? Link me to your pics or blog posts about Movember :)

2. I almost took an actual, unintentional shit in my actual pants when I saw a blog post about a a new Christmas cd called A Very She & Him Christmas! Have you ever seen the movie elf? Of course you have. As you probably know Zooey Deschanel plays the character of Jovie and sings Baby, It's Cold Outside in the shower and when it hits your ears its like your ears are having orgasms! So anyways, this CD is her! And its Christmas music! And its Zooey Deschanel! And I'm still shitting bricks after a half hour. So much so that I felt like writing half a post about it! YAY! Youtube this shit - shes brilliant!

I get over excited about stupid shit. I know. But Movember is great and Christmas is greater.. or at least of equal amounts of greatness! So get excited with me, people!

Big Love!! xo

PS. For those of you who havn't read in a few days, there are updates on my operation sexy bitch page :) Thanks for all the support everyone. smooches.

Saturday, November 5

bailey cooked something???

This week my Blog for Health is a recipe! This is such a weird one for me because a)My blog has never been about anything cute like outfits/recipes/clothes like many popular blogs these days and b)I cannot fucking cook to save my life. Recently I tried out my own recipe, without any help from Joan(my mom) if you can believe it! So I thought I would share as it is healthy and a great alternative for those looking to satisfy some cravings but still wanting to eat what you like.
Before I get into that I would just like to look over my last two weeks of Bloggers for Health. Along with the rest of my diet/health/whatever plan, it has gone really well. I have been sticking to all my goals and when I feel unmotivated I tell myself to fuck off and I keep going. The attitude rule I made in week 1 is still ringing true. It still has to be a conscious choice everyday to say “this is what i want. This is what i need. I have to work my ass off for it.” And I am.. and I’m kicking ass and I’m totally taking this moment to gloat. To see how Im making out, check out my Operation Skinny Bitch page (link at the top) and check out my weight loss for the week and some non scale victories I had! Onto the food!!
When I diet the #1 thing I crave is PIZZA! I think because it covers all the things i try to cut back on – Empty Carbs, Cheese and Red/Processed meat- I want it more. So I found this awesome recipe for a cauliflower crust and I added my favorite ingredients.
Recipe for Dough:
Rice 1 cup of cauliflower through a food processor and chuck it into the microwave for 8 minutes. No need to add water – it contains enough on its own.
Mix 1 beaten egg, a splash of oregano and garlic powder (i don’t measure that stuff, i just know go on how much i like the taste of each. Also use whatever fucking spices you wish - obviously) and 1 cup of mozza cheese (you can use some low fat if you wish , whatever works best for your diet) while you wait.
Mix the cauliflower in with the mix and stir until the cheese is all melted and you have a little ball of dough. Spread it out onto a 9 inch pan. (mine usually wont actually reach around the whole pan but its all good!)
Bake for 15 minutes on about 450. Then its time for ingredients!! Again, this is up to you totally but I use salsa as a sauce, spicy chicken, green peppers and onions. I avoid the cheese as there is totally enough in the crust to get me by.
This totally helps with the pizza craving and is so so so filling! Its an awesome alternative and can be something fun to play around with. There are lots of other recipes like this I am finding out so google it up and see what you can find J
If you didn’t see my earlier post about Christmas, I would just like to reiterate that I am getting SO pumped! I went Christmas shopping Thursday and there was Christmas songs and decorations in the stores and there were some Christmas tunes on the way up. When you put Cass and I together after Nov.1st its like a Christmas Fairy Extravaganza!! SO EXCITED!!!
Okay. Thats all for now!

Tuesday, November 1

ohhhh my soul.

IT IS NOVEMBER 1st! For as long as I can remember, November 1st has always been the first day of Christmas aha. Nov.1 mean that Halloween has gone bye bye and in with the Christmas traditions. Of course, my very first and one of my favorite traditions to get going is christmas music! I already made a christmas playlist to be burned and placed in blue steel :) Here is the cd! As you can tell I'm a big fan of pop/country covers and Dolly Parton ahaha.

1.Where Are You Christmas? - Faith Hill
2.Happy Christmas (War Is over - The Used
3.Silent Night - Taylor Swift
4.Let It Snow - Michael Buble (But It doesn't need to actually snow)
5.Christmas Tree - Lady Gaga
6.Winter Wonderland - Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers
7.Christmas To Remember - Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers
8.Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays - Nsync
9.Last Christmas - Glee Cast
10.Baby, It's Cold Outside - Glee Cast
11.Christmas Love Song - Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers
12.Wonderful Christmas Time - Demi Lovato
13.I'll Be Home For Christmas - Brad Paisley
14.All I Want For Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey

I have SO much more Christmas music and will definitely make more cds but this is my first one for Christmas 2011! I am going Christmas shopping this Thursday - i know, Im startin early. (Confession - I started 3 weeks ago ahaha).

What are your favorite Christmas songs?

Big love.

PS! Who is excited about the Justin Bieber Christmas Album that is released today? I need it!<3

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