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Okay.. in 15 mins (from when I started working on this technically it probably already is because it literally takes me HOURS to write blogs sometimes) it will be DECEMBER! December is my most FAVORITE month! Those of you who know me decently well are like "wtf, you hate snow, why is december your favorite, you love sun" Well, people, here is the logic. December IS my favorite month, minus the cold weather and snow but summer is totally my favorite season. But cmon, december is the most exciting month ever!!

December means Christmas and I am a Christmas Fairy. December means friends, family, and FOOD. The 3 most awesome F's ever. Not just friends but SO many friends, at home, for an extended period of time. FUCK YEAH. Family showing up outta no where, gettin wild with holiday cheer - love it. And food.. don't even get me started. Christmas food is the best food. And the best Christmas food is Brunch. My Christmas brunch every year is the main even of the the main annual event of my LIFE. I love it with everything I am and it is only 25 days until sweet sweet brunch brushes my lips.

So if you forgot in the last 45 seconds, I love Christmas. I am not going to lie to you, I fucking adore getting free shit for a whole day. It's like birthday x 10 and its CHRISTMAS. Everything just feels good, everyones happy and merry and fatter than like 3 days before because of the abundance of food. And thats what I really love about Christmas - the spirit. I love the presents but I love the spirit. And the spirit makes me BUCK WILD.

I don't get naked or anything but holy shit - the money spending goes ape shit. I have already spent embarrassing amounts of money on Christmas. I try to tell myself "200$ limit, you can do it girl, only mom and 2 friends". yeah.. about 2 minutes into Christmas shopping the "spirit" hits and im all "FUCK THAT SHIT" and off I go. Seriously. Ask anyone. I am going to be so broke after Christmas Im going to have to walk to work.

I don't even care though. I'm not in school yet and I work and thats about it. I live with my fabulously providing parents so I pay no bills or anything besides my cell phone and gas. I pay if my car breaks, which does happen (fucking cavaliers) but other than that my money is sort of there to save or spend or chew up and stuff in a sock. Whatever. I won't always have this money and some day I wont be able to buy even my mother and 2 friends dollar store pencils so I'm going to give myself a merry christmas and buy people whatever i fuckin want to.

So.... now I'm all hyper thinking about Christmas. But let me go back to the main topic.. December - I almost forgot. We are just about to enjoy my most favorite month and it is also the ending to another year. I can hardly believe it. I have done so much this year and changed so much but.. thats for another post on another day.

I have no idea what my new years resolutions were for this year, I really don't. But I do have a few last minute goals Id like to reach so I've set myself up with a December goal list - 9 before the New Year. :) Feel free to share with me if you have any for december.

1. Lose 10 Lbs
I have had a really slow November for losing so it would be nice to have a really great December and get back on track. Wish me luck!
2. Finish Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred
I finished Day 3 today and it is not easy! I can do it but like i said, its a challenge!
3. Make it through the Holidays without eating every sweet in site.
SO much food around! I'm doing 30 days no sweets until Dec.21 and its not easy. I cheat. But the point was to keep myself from eating so many and I have cut back SO much so I consider it a success :)
4. Enjoy the company of my friends as much as I can while they are home.
Since I work instead of go to school I don't get the Christmas break my friends do. I really want to get in as much time as I can with them this holiday though -they mean so much to me!
5. Inspire someone to come to the gym with me.
or inspire someone at all. I love hearing that I inspire someone to get active or eat healthy. It makes me feel so much better and I want everyone else to feel better too!
6. Burn at least 4000 calories every week of December.
Not easy but I can do it. It's going to take some ass kicking.
7. Stress Less
I've been having some work stress lately that I would like to let go of. I need to just take it day by day and enjoy the little things.
8. Snore more!
I can sleep 9 hours these days and be just EXHAUSTED trying to yank myself from bed the next morning. It's hard to work a full day, get in your work out, catch up with my blog/friends online and get a good nights sleep as well. I know I don't have kids or anything but it turns out to be a pretty full day. I need to start making sleep a bigger priority! (its 12:45AM and im blogging.. will start tomorrow night ahaha)
9. Be confident
I want to start loving my body and appreciate all the great things Im doing for it. I'm a long way form goal and I'm a long way form loving my body but its little things - baby steps. I will take pride in the way I look, get fixed up and enjoy my progress thus far!

So wish me luck on my list! Thanks for tuning into my ridiculous blog once again - I really appreciate you amazing readers. This past year you have been outrageously fabulous to me and I can't wait for a new year of blogging with all SIXTY FREAKIN FIVE of my followers. Maybe 75 by Christmas? ;)

Big December Love
Bailey. xoo


  1. That's great that you have your goals listed so neatly and clearly. I'm sure you can certainly attain them all. P.S. I'm am utterly astounded by your number of followers. Teach me your ways. I need more!

  2. The way you write makes me so excited. About everything, ever!

    I've just bought a house so I'm a bit broke for Christmas. However, the boyf and I have decided to make people sweets and things for Christmas. Hopefully by the time I've made 300 peppermint cremes and 500 cheese straws I won't want to eat any of it.

    Burning 4000 calories a week is massive. You can do it! I did the Insanity Pure Cardio workout yesterday. 45 mins, burned 450 calories!

    Running and yoga tonight. I need to lose 7lbs by Christmas to hit my goal!

    Wish I could be your gym buddy.

  3. What a great way to start my day! You can do're proving it each and every proud of you...always have been! XOXO

  4. I alos love Christmas, its my fav time of year too!

    Your goals sound great !! :D

  5. I love Christmas, too. I'm trying to control the spending too, which is why I'm making so many gifts. I get to have the Crazy Christmas Feeling the whole time I'm knitting.

    Also, you can achieve those health goals!!! You're determined, so you can do it!

  6. my family goes NUTS @ xmas -- always has for as long as i can remember & i do the same for my kids.
    it's one day a year & we live it up!

    loveeeeeee the goals!
    i need to get on the monthly goal thing -- definitely in 2012!

    thanks for joining the *no more muffin top* hop -- you rock!

    misadventures of a chunky goddess

  7. Good luck with your list!

    "I fucking adore getting free shit for a whole day" - Totally agree!!! It's my birthday a few days before so hopefully I get extra free shit! :)

    I'm now follower #70



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