Thursday, November 17

my amazing support system

I've always been a giver-especially of advice. I live to give, you could say. I'm a Christmas fairy, no matter waht I say, every year I like to go crazy and buy and buy and buy. I love to give advice and open peoples minds and show them things about themselves or their situations they might not be seeing. Lately though, I've had to be a taker. I've been taking lots of advice and motivation and compliments and inspiration from a lot of different people. Weight loss is hard and there are rough days where you need someone to boost you a bit, I know I can't do it on my own.
my top 5 supports in no particular order are..

1. My amazing mom, Joan. She has always got my back. I've been on a few diets...... Okay. I've been on MANY diets. I've tried a lot of different things, eating the most random foods, cutting out things I shouldn't be, getting no where. Every time though, she buys me what I want to eat and always makes it for me. This time around I've been doing things right and like every other time she has been there for me and without her I would be in trouble. It is different this time too, I've been sticking with it for a while and my body is starting to change. She is always quick to let me know that I look great or that this body part looks smaller or she can tell I've been doing this exercise. She keeps me going and she has even joined me which really really helps - its so much easier to do something when you have a loved one (who lives with you, at that!) who is on the same track. Thanks Mom, U DA BEST!
2. Maddy is another really amazing part of my support system. I have two friends who I texted as soon as one of the following happens a)I Lose weight b)I go down a size c) I do an intense work out. I seriously HARASS them. Fortunately, Maddy at least acts like she loves it. She is so supportive and always makes me feel awesome about all the progress I've made. I am so lucky to have these people..its unreal.Link
3. Tamara is that other friend who recieves all my texts and acts just as excited. It's like its happening to them. It's hard being here alone and going through all this with no one ot talk to about it face to face. I'm lucky to have Tam to text whenever and get online and talk to if Im having a bad day or I have some success. She also is a part of My Fitness Pal and is always motivating me on there as well. She has my back with everything and my weight loss is no different. I'm so lucky to have these people who make me feel beautiful and strong. I truly could not do it without them. I would not be working this hard without the support I have.

4. Robin is my sister in law and she inspires me every day and pushes me everyday. She is a machine in every sense of the word. You will not find many women who do all she does while raising four children, three of whom are at home with her all day. She is always there for me and motivating me. Like the others she always has amazing things to say when I am successful and always gives me the best advice when I need a little boost. I've leared and continue to learn so much from her.
5. Okay, this may be egotistical, but my 5th biggest supporter is myself. Everyday I wake up and make a concious decision to eat better and work harder than I did yesterday. Everyday, or at least most days, I go to the gym and work hard, even when I only slept 4 hours or I feel sick or it's my wretched time of the month. I push myself all the time and I work hard to keep my goals in sight and work hard towards them. When I see a picture from my highest weight or I look back even over the last few weeks I am proud. The progress I've made pushes me to go forward, and while I couldn't do it without all the amazing people in this post and in my life, it comes down to me making the decisions and I'm happy with the ones I've made.

Thank you to everyone who supports my blog, supports my weight loss and inspires/motivates me . Also a huge thank you to anyone who ever made me feel inferior because of my weight, took a stab at me because I was heavy, treated me unfairly, doubted me or talked about me behind my back - you have no idea how much you have fueled and empowered me.

"And you can never break my stride. You never slow the momentum, at any moment I'm about to blow. You'll never take my pride, killing the flow, slow venom and the opponent is getting no mercy - mark my words. I ain't letting up, relentless, I smell blood, I don't give a fuck: keep giving them hell"

Big Love.
Bailey. x


  1. This is wonderful Bailey! Thank you for sharing this with us. The support system you have is amazing and you are blessed to have these people in your life. Love it

  2. Bailey, you are a beautiful young lady. I can see a bubbly, positive personality and look at that smile!

    I'm so happy to see you've got all the support from your mom, sister-in-law and friends. Most of all, yourself.

    Take one step at a time, keep on moving forward towards your weight loss goal.

    Stay strong, know that you are loved and just do it!

  3. Hi Bailey...I got your site from FTLOB. IS that right? Hmm...the letters seem off...well, its late. I can really relate to your struggle. I have been overweight my entire life...It's funny as I look at so many blogs...all little wisps of girls....I feel out of place...well and because I'm not 20 something or even 30 something. This has got to be a good support in itself. You can post your highs and your lows...challenges, successes. Its another place to feel keeps you in check so to speak. That's great...your goals seem in place. I was on one successful diet about 2 years ago and lost 75 pounds. ITs nothing anyone would do nor should they. I think I ate like 850 calories a day....mainly peanut butter and crackers.

    Anyway...Good luck...if you need additional can always email me...been there done that. Sure would like you to visit. I'm a new blogger so friends are always welcome.


  4. I love that you included yourself on this list. Come to think of it, yourself is probably the most important person on the list, but it certainly doesn't hurt having all those other people on it either :)

  5. This post is very inspiring. When you are aware of those around you that makes you a person who KNOWS who she is. See? after all you do! Thank you so much for stopping by. Your post are fun and lively. Make sure you come back and visit :)
    p.s With Pinterest it's pretty easy to be creative, really!

  6. When you focus on the positives and the amazing energy and fuel you get from those who love you.... it's easy to forget about the naysayers. Bye bye haters! This is great, never give up.


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