Sunday, November 6

she and him and movember!

I wanted to quickly post about two things I am super excited about today.

1. It's Movember! Normally, I would not support such a month because I'm not a big fan of facial hair certainly not a fan of staches in specific but what an amazing cause! I love to see all my guy friends and more growing out their stupid facial hair for a really wicked cause. I know for some guys it's just an excuse not to shave but I really do think movember has spread an INSANE amount of awareness for Prostate Cancer!

Did you know that 99% of men will get prostate cancer? That means that most of, if not all of, the amazing men in your life will get prostate cancer. Luckily its a very slow paced cancer and most most men will get it and live a full healthy life like they would have without it. I had no idea about this fact, that so many men get prostate cancer. Wanna know how I learned it? MOVEMBER! Movember was brought up last night as I chatted with the all knowing Dexter Duo (James and Jesse) who frequently learn me new stuffz! I had no idea about this fact but because we brought up Movember they filled me in and now I know! Thank you Movember!

So to the dudes (and ladies too - this is not a gender specific project) : wear those staches, beards and whatever proud! You are amazing and I hope you don't even think about those schicks sitting in your bathroom until December1st! (This photo is of a friend participating last year (Im petty sure). So disgusting under any other circumstance! But I love him for participating! Go Douglas!)Ladies, you can participate to, like Neat!

Another friend, Mike, participating! I love boys who do Movember! You guys are amazing.Does anyone out there in the blogosphere participate? Link me to your pics or blog posts about Movember :)

2. I almost took an actual, unintentional shit in my actual pants when I saw a blog post about a a new Christmas cd called A Very She & Him Christmas! Have you ever seen the movie elf? Of course you have. As you probably know Zooey Deschanel plays the character of Jovie and sings Baby, It's Cold Outside in the shower and when it hits your ears its like your ears are having orgasms! So anyways, this CD is her! And its Christmas music! And its Zooey Deschanel! And I'm still shitting bricks after a half hour. So much so that I felt like writing half a post about it! YAY! Youtube this shit - shes brilliant!

I get over excited about stupid shit. I know. But Movember is great and Christmas is greater.. or at least of equal amounts of greatness! So get excited with me, people!

Big Love!! xo

PS. For those of you who havn't read in a few days, there are updates on my operation sexy bitch page :) Thanks for all the support everyone. smooches.


  1. so, i got your comment. stalked your blog for awhile and now i know about you. cool. you're white? i am too. well, half-breed but i think i look more white. half mexican half white. your workout playlist is good. i would recommend some of the songs off the new coldplay album as well. very upbeat. good bpm for running too :) i'm building my playlist, for the day i decide to start working out again. soon, i hope, thanks to operation sexy bitch. :D

  2. Those prostate cancer stats are INSANE, I had no idea!!

  3. So glad you left me a little comment love, or I'm not sure when I would have found your fantastic blog - thank you!! I'll be your newest follower in just a few. As for Movemer - I just learned about it last week myself while blog surfing. News to me. Given the sats - why aren't we hearing about it more? Congrats on your OSB progress !! Can't wait to read more.....

  4. Girllllllll come spend some time in Asia and you'll be longing for the good old days of hairy mustached men. I'm telling you I cannot even believe how much I miss men with body and facial hair! (And PS - I'm super obsessed with Zooey Deschanel. I think (500) Days of Summer might be one of my Top10 fav movies of all time.)

  5. Ooohh...I love Zooey D. I will definitely ituning her Christmas CD!
    PS: I have been using MY Fitness Pal since I heard about it from you and I LOVE it! Thanks for the recommendation!


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