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Too Blessed to be Stressed : Bloggers for Health Week 4

This is the fourth week of bloggers for health. I have really enjoyed being apart of it, sharing my tips, learning tips from other participant and reading all their posts/successes, etc. This weeks topic is about stress and how I handle it and tips to reducing it.
I have always been amazed and intimidated by the insane tolls stress can take on your mind, body and spirit. Some think stress is just something you feel for a day when something goes wrong but stress can be an ongoing issue that may become fatal. Aside from the common side effects, did you know that stress can cause hives, stuttering, sweating, blushing, mumbled speech, heart palpitations, infections, poor libido, poor sexual performance and constipation? Many people’s stress can lead to depression and suicidal thoughts. We really need to make personal efforts to reduce our stress so that it does not get out of hand.
Here are some things I like to do when I get stressed!
  1. 1. Take a nap. Sometimes I just need to catch up on some sleep because life can be exhausting. Also, taking a little break in the day can be nice. Sometimes I wake up feeling refreshed. If you wake up every day or after every nap feeling panicked, you may need to make further efforts in finding a solution for the issues causing you stress.
  2. 2. Exercise. For some people a walk will do but I like to kick my ass. I run harder, bike faster, lift more reps and go longer. Being on the treadmill gives me time to tell off anyone I need to tell off in my head and focus on finishing instead of whatever is bothering me.
  3. “Experts agree that one best way to manage stress is through exercise. Exercise has been proven to relax the body and mind, lower blood pressure, etc. Exercise can help by providing an outlet for negative emotions such as worry, irritability, depression, hostility, anger, frustration, and anxiety.”
  4. 3. Go for a drive and blast the music. I like to get in my car, go for a drive, turn on a good song and sing my heart out. Choosing songs that maybe relate to what I’m stressed about help.
  5. 4. Cry. If I need to cry, I do. Sometimes you just need to let it out.
  6. 5. Talk to someone. I don’t like to talk about my issues really, not the big ones, so I tend to bottle it up inside. When I eventually talk to someone about it it feels really good and they usually can give me a different perspective which is nice. I always feel better!
  7. 6. Write. As you can see a major outlet for me is my blog. I write about things that piss me off or make me sad or just the way I feel about myself. I write about my weight loss journey and random shit. It all helps. Every time I write I feel good and a lot of times I feel weight lifting off of me.
  8. 7. Shop. I know this is a bad idea but I don’t always spend. Sometimes it’s nice to just look around for things you like. I love to shop so sometimes I just sit on my laptop and look around clothing sites for the next time I feel like buying. It settles me down.
  9. 8. Shower and Get pretty. If I’m feeling stressed, especially about my body or weight loss or anything vain like that, I get pretty. I shower, put on sexy underwear, I pick out a nice bra, I wear something nice, I do my hair and I spend time on my make up. It makes me feel better especially if I have to go out into public when Im already stressed and want to lay in my bed all day.
Those are just some random things I do. I’m lucky because I rarely feel stressed for more than a day. I have times where I get stressed about money or having no friends around, sometimes I stress about my physical appearance or the future, but my life is good. Thats another thing – think about all the positives. Keep a positive attitude and be THANKFUL for everything you have. I’m pretty lucky and so I try to focus on that. Doesn’t mean I don’t get stressed, but it helps when I do!
Hope everyone has a great week. Wish me luck as I try to lose a few more pounds before my trip to Fredericton for Nattys birthday!! Leave some commnent love and follow me if you aren’t a follower! Would love to see all my Island Readers following!
Biggg Love.
PS. Operation Sexy Bitch has been updated this weekend as usual. :)


  1. I agree with all of these!!! I do these all myself. It's insane knowing the havoc stress can wreak on your body and mind but nice knowing that there are ways to deal with it if you just try. :)
    Much <3!

  2. these are good ones. i had my first anger/frustration run yesterday. it was just a mile but man it felt good. :)

  3. LOVE to drive and blast the music! It is one of my favorite ways to relieve stress :) I also couldn't agree more with showering and getting pretty. Even though I feel icky a lot of the time, I always try to look nice because it really helps you "feel better" on the inside. Even though it is just a facade, it gives you that little bit of fresh air!

    Love this post!
    Enjoy your week lady!


  4. The driving and singing are good. That's some happy-making stuff right there! I'm with you on these stress-busters.

  5. love you! you are amazing & I love following along with you on this journey! xo

  6. Those answers are awesome. Music is amazing and can change or help any mood. Have a drink? LOL, you sound like me! :)


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