Thursday, December 29

all in the family.

Clearly great writing is in my blood as my sister-in-law was just published in the globe and freaking mail today. Okay.. she's not my blood relative but it just so happens that she also writes. She doesn't just write though, she's amazing. Her writing is hilarious and real and educated, I hope some day my writing can be this good! First of all, if you havn't already seen it pop up in my side bar of blogs, you need to check out here blog :

So as I mentioned she was just published in the globe and mail so I wanted to spread the word and let you guys have the opportunity to read. It's a good article for anyone as she's pretty entertaining but especially for those mamas out there as she talks about what it's like raising her four beautiful children.

So without further adieu, click here to read Robin's article :)

Some day I will be published somewhere..someday.. ahah.

Big love,

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  1. what an amazing article -- i cannot believe people actually say those things to her!!! holy shit i would go ballistic... lol!

    thanks for sharing & i am sure someday you will be showing off your own article!


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