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skinny jeans dreams

** Hey Guys! This is my first ever guest post. Would like to quickly thank my new friend Krystle for a)guest posting on my blog and b)inspiring me constantly on my weight loss journey. This is her story, you will be totally inspired!! I approached her to do this for me because of the amazing response to my weight loss blogs. So many people can relate when I am having troubles and so many are right there with me saying "i need to make a change". So thought this would be a great way to push you to start or continue in your journey. She is an amazing example of how hard work DOES pay off. Be sure to check out her blog Skinny Jeans Dreams - I'm addicted to it! Enjoy! xo

Successful individuals are those who get up one more time than they fall.
I live by that motto! I’m not perfect and I never will be. Weight loss and soon, weight maintenance, always has been and will continue to be a life long challenge for me. It all started as a child. I started to become overweight very early in life, as early as 5-6 years old. I was the kid at every birthday party who wanted to know when the food was coming out and didn’t leave the table until they put it away. By the time I was in 6th or 7th grade I weighed 200lbs and until this point in my life, never weighed any less. Looking back in my “School Years” book that keeps all my report cards, friends, etc… from each grade, it asks for height and weight. In the fourth grade, at age 10, I weighed 130lbs. By 5th grade I started leaving the space where it asked for my weight blank.
All through middle school and high school it only got worse. By high school I weighed well over 250lbs. Being young, female, and obese, has so many emotional factors that go along with it. When you are out with your thin friends and they want to shop in the mall and you can’t because they don’t have a plus size section. When you meet a guy who will talk to you or hang out with you on the down low but God forbid he be seen with the “Fat Girl” on his arm. When the response to family seeing your school pictures is “Oh you’re so pretty, if you’d just lose weight!” When you wonder why the girl with the small waist and big chest was offered a job over you. When you date a man of African American descent and you are accused of only liking them because “black guys like big girls and white guys don’t pay you any attention.” I could go on and on….being overweight and being a woman are two separate causes for life complications that when compiled into one individual, it leaves for many emotional scars.
So, needless to say, when I gave birth to my daughter in 2010, I knew one thing – she wouldn’t be the overweight kid like I was. End of discussion. But how would I prevent that from happening? Look at me! ….It was time to change ME! If I was going to teach her good habits, I had to lead by example. So in September 2010, I joined Weight Watchers and haven’t looked back since.
I set out to lose 50lbs and planned to go on with my life. Little did I know, my goals were about to change. To date, I have lost 90lbs and have a goal of losing 103lbs. Not only did the number on the scale goal change but I have found a love for fitness and have created new health and fitness goals that compliment my weight loss as well as goals that include helping others to make huge life changes such as the one I have made. Joining Weight Watchers (for what was NOT the 1st time in my life) was the best decision I ever made, aside from having my baby girl of course. I live an entirely different life than I ever have in the past. And to boot, I have a man who loved me at 250, 260, 270lbs and loves me just the same at 163lbs and has always wanted to be seen with ME on his arm.
Although I am close to goal, reaching goal is not the end of my journey. I used to live in fear that when I reached goal, I wasn’t sure what to do afterwards in fear that the weight could so easily pile back on. That was until I read a blog by a good friend of mine (If you’re on Weight Watchers community, her name is Alzabees). She used an analogy that when you renovate a room in your house, you don’t live in fear of using it once it’s done because you are afraid to mess it up and get too relaxed in there. You just start treating that room with more respect than you did in the past. You clean up after yourself and avoid the things that caused the room to need renovating in the first place. The same goes with your body. I have spent over a year renovating my body and I am enjoying all the new changes. When the renovations are complete, I must always treat the new “room” with the love and respect that it deserves. It may take a little more effort on my part, but why would anybody want to mess up something that they put so much hard work, time, energy, and effort into creating?
*Love your body for what it is but love it enough to keep it healthy*


  1. Thank you again for this opportunity! You are the greatest <3

  2. You two are very inspiring! Keep up the awesome work ladies :) WAY TO GO!



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