Saturday, December 3

sunday funday

I have a love/hate relationship with Sundays. Sometimes they bore me to death and sometimes I wish they would bore me to death. After a week of long days and work outs sometimes its nice to have nothing to do though, no commitments, no need to get out of my pjs, no need to shower.. i love not showering ha.. Tomorrow won't be one of those sundays but hopefully I will get a chance to just sit and be. I love reading blogs, online shopping and just looking at cute internet things so I thought I would give those of you enjoying a lazy sunday some cute things to enjoy, courtesy of my first attempt at pinterest...which I still dont fully get. haha. Enjoy. xo

LOVE it. For instructions on how to make these click here.

hahaha. to read how i feel about this one click here

i learned so much from this just now. inspired me to go scarf shoppoing.

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

i will wear these when bruno mars realizes i'm the one for him... just the way i are.

this is so ridiculously true. i think i am a rockstar sometimes when i get intoxicated enough. if i get dressed after im already drinking, i think i am like.. a size 4 and that i am ridiculously sexy. obviously im not and i look CRAZY. i see pictures and im like okay... i was a little off on the sexy assumption.

Source: via Layne on Pinterest

if you havn't seen this video, you need to. SO fucking funny. these guys are adorable.

are you tired of my pinterests yet? cause im not.

oh my god. i need me one of these beasts!! <3 sweet sweet naps cuddled up with this thing..ouh baby. fuck having a boyfriend.. we know im not going to ever get one anyway, might as well commit to this lovely creation!

ok. one more. i leave you with some inspiration for your sunday!

its true. no matter what.. you can apply this to pretty much anything if not everything. i love nike.. they always know what to say!

happy sunday ya'll! don't forget gm'ers to enter my contest (see post below this) to win 20% off an entire purchase at harbour gifts!

oh AND.. check out my operation sexy bitch page for updates!. xoxo

big love. xoxo


  1. Love this post. It was a great way to start of my Sunday. That video of parents telling their kids they ate all their Halloween candy was hilarious. And thanks for the inspiration at the end, I am going to need it for my long run today. Enjoy your day!

  2. i am such a pinterest junkie -- i spend too much time on that site.

    love alllll of these -- and i definitely need that nappy pillow!

    thanks for rockin' my button over there -- you are awesomeness!

    misadventures of a chunky goddess

  3. Haha, that one about partying hard is so true. In my head, I look super sexy and happy while dancing, then I see photos and I just look a bit sweaty and awkward! Hmm.

    Stopping over from FTLOB, hey :D

  4. I love Pinterest-you found some great stuff! Um...that pillow!?!?! That would be the best. And the partying one-I laughed out loud because it's SO TRUE!

  5. Visiting from comment love day. That pillow looks absolutely amazing. And I love the scarf tutorial. I'm going to have to check that out more so I can wear my scarves more than the two ways I already do. Happy Sunday! I hope you get some rest in.

  6. I freaking LOVE the drunk perspective pics. It's SO TRUE!!! I too feel ah-mazing after a few and somehow can't keep my mouth closed in any picture. It's not flattering. I know it, but I can't stop looking like I'm constantly screaming. The good news is that I've stopped making the "Snookie" face (most of the time, anyway).

  7. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment! And uh, totally with you on the hating showers thing. Don't know why... I just do. And the sexy beasts thing is pretty freaking funny! I love it!

  8. Hahaha, that post made me smile a lot! Thanks for sharing all the fun! That pillow is kinda amazing! And these colorful cupcakes - hello?!

    I totally get what you are talking about. Sundays can be ambigious...

    Here's to a happy week. XO. Nadine

  9. That body pillow looks AHHHHmazing!!! Great Pin Finds. I spend hours on that site each week, it's soo addicting!

  10. i can't understand pinterest either but i'm giving it a shot! totally not showering if i don't have to either , hehehe:)

  11. I tried to do Pinterest, but I am on a 'waiting list' because I invited myself vs. being invited? WTF? I love this post. I laughed my ass off, ok maybe not - all 250 pounds of it seems to still be there. Your blog never shows up in my news feed, I have to come stalk you down. You should feel very special.

  12. LOL some of those pinterests were hilarious!!! "Pretty sure I haven't eaten any sexy beasts today" lmao!!


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