Sunday, January 15

being bailey.

Source: via Bailey on Pinterest

I have a hard time accepting how selfish and spoiled pretty much everyone, including myself, is. If everyone in the world was living the way I do, then fine, whatever, whine about not having an ipod but looking at statistics like these makes me so ashamed.

On a happier note, I have received some interesting suggestions for what I will call my site when I have my own domain. My favorite so far is Being Bailey - what do you guys think?

Big Love,


  1. Being Bailey sounds good, natural in fact. I like it.

  2. I saw that image a while ago, but its a nice reminder :)

    I like "Being Bailey" it doesn't categorize your blog too much which is nice!

  3. it is so hard not to sound spoiled -- because truth is we are. but certainly some truth we need to think about the next time we wanna have a pity party!

    i love *being bailey* -- it has an awesome ring to it!

  4. I like it! All for alliteration :)


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