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day by day.

Do you ever look at the weight you have to lose (or with any big lifestyle change really) and think "Well fuck. That is daunting." Yeah. Me too. When I started this journey I felt I had 101 lbs to lose. That's a lot of fucking pounds, a lot of work and it seemed like it would be a million years to get there. Now I've lost almost 40 lbs (hopefully 40 - i weight in Monday! please be gone plateau!) and the future 60 don't look as hellish.

Then all of a sudden my uncle informed me that I'm not 5'9. I disagreed. I've been 5'9 in my head for quite a few years and I wasn't prepared mentally for the shock that was about to hit me. We went into the kitchen, stood against the wall and he measured me like when we were kids. I'm 5'8..and a quarter. I had an identity crisis.

So tonight I looked up the healthy weight for a girl who is 5'8 - its between 132-164 depending on your frame. I like to think that underneath all this my frame isn't huge so I choose to shoot for medium frame. So I really think I should change my goal weight to 145. So that means I have even more weight to lose. Once again .. daunting.

Tonight I was inspired by my friend April who writes at 30 Before 30. Like me, she is trying to lose weight. She wrote a post basically about all the little changes she has made along the way. I thought it was a really really good idea for her own sake and to show others the little changes you can make to your lifestyle as well.

When you have ALL this weight to lose it's like.. how the FUCK am I going to turn my life around? Clearly to lose that much weight I need to make power moves and kick my ass. Yes, you do have to kick your ass but it also depends SO much on combinations of tiny changes. So I'm going to copy April and just give you guys exmaples of the little things Ive done (some started in Sept, some are as recent as this week) to slowly turn my life around. Day by day people, day by bday!

1. I cut out all meat besides Chicken and Fish. It's healthier, its lower in calories and this rule makes it a helluva lot easier to stay away from the bacon and the burgers!

2. I measure and weigh everything religiously. I also record it all into a calorie counter so I know exactly what Im burning and eating everyday. Weight loss is calories in and calories out so it really is helpful to record.

3. I measure the tiny stuff. Ketchup, salad dressing, a french fry here, a smartie there. I count it all. I try to pick at things less too because all that stuff adds up.

4. I allow myself one diet soda a day. The only two things I drink (when not intoxicated) are water and diet soda. I drink WAY too much diet soda, Im talking SHAMEFUL amounts. I have a dependance and that dependance keeps me bloated. So I cut back.

5. I use Twin.. like.. ALL the time. I never add sugar to anything. I use it in smoothies, on fruit and if I were to bake, Id use splenda for sure.

6. I park far away from the door.

7. I eat smaller portions every few hours. It helps with metabolism.

8. I try REALLY hard to not eat late at night but I sleep in and stay up late and it's a struggle for me. I also work until 8, hate to take leftovers or pay for food so sometimes I end up eating dinner late. It's a work in progress.

9. I drink less. When I drink, I try to be smart about what I'm drinking. No coolers or sugar based shit. Hard liquor - gets you drunk for less calories especially if you drink it straight. If I mix, I use diet sodas.

10. I wear sexy underwear. It doesn't help me lose weight but it makes me feel more confident and when you feel more confident and love yourself more you treat yourself better like treating yourself to healthy food and exercise.

11. I pack snacks for work. If you work around food or treats you know how hard it is! I am tempted daily by chips, bars, ice cream and fast food. It's fucking ridiculous. So I pack little things to snack on if I really can't take the heat.

12. I look for activities I genuinely like. No one wants to force themselves to do a bunch of work out shit they hate. Sometimes you have to try something a few times to see past the agony of the work out and think hey.. i kind of enjoy doing this. It may take you a while but find something you like that keeps you active at the same time.

13. I reflect - a lot. I give my horn a toot when I look better in an outfit, I give myself an applause if I have a good work out, I give myself shit if I'm being lazy and havn't hit the gym in a few days and I question myself when I'm staring down the carrot cake. I know it sounds crazy but I'm an impulsive eater (and buyer - you should see me closet) and that needs to change so when I do these things I need to take a step back and think hey.. do i actually need or even want that? usually, if i have to ask myself, the answer is no. There's nothing wrong with cheering yourself on or giving yourself a slap in the head.

I think 13 is good.. I don't believe in that superstitious shit. I hope that one of you out there somewhere maybe found help in one of my tips. Take it a day a day at a time, learn something new every day because there is so much to be learned about this whole weight loss shit and about yourself! I know that even 10 or 20 lbs can seem so hard but you definitely have it in you!

Happy Weekend Guys!
Big Love,


  1. I agree with you. You have to change the way you cook, prepare and eat. Its not a quick fix but a lifestyle change.

    We need to be more vigilent about what we put in our bodies.

    Whatever works for you and everything in moderation, right?

    Check yer email for details on Guest Posting.

  2. Boy, you're doing everything right. That's a great list.

    All change is hard, especially to our habits. Good luck!

  3. These are great guidelines to live by. I know I have trouble staying on top of things sometimes, so these are some tips that can definitely help me.

    I also drink way too much diet coke, so cutting back it something else I really need to do.

    Great post!

  4. i had that exact same identity crisis -- i was 5'9" my whole adult life & then about two years ago during a routine physical i was told i was barely 5'8" -- it shook me to the core!!! i was so mad & literally argued with the nurse. but alas -- i am indeed 5'8" -- on a good day! sometimes i measure in @ a little less.
    so i feel ya on the whole thing!

    i am aiming for the higher end of the scale where goal weight is concerned. 150 sounds about right to me too -- but i will be happy when 164 rolls around & i will re-evaluate from there!

    you are SOOOOO rockin' it girlie!
    love this post!

  5. Sounds like you are a model student! I took a few lessons from your list, for sure.

  6. Sounds great. I like to break the journey down into tiniest steps - THIS decision. THIS meal. Not "the next 20 pounds" or "the rest of my life". NOW works way better. ^^

  7. "Hard liquor - gets you drunk for less calories especially if you drink it straight." You are my twin, haha. I am laughing so hard right now. You are crazy cool!

    This is an awesome list. I like the sexy underwear thing, it is also a very good motivator!

  8. Oh Bailey, right on with this rad post! I love your attitude about giving yourself shit or cheering yourself on in certain situations. Stick with me it chica!


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