Saturday, January 21

i confess.

I'm linking up with The Blonde Ambition for Confessional Friday :) It's technically Saturday I guess because its 12:30 but I needed something quick and fun after that heart and soul blog I wrote the other night. I recieved so much amazing response to it - I even had my grandmother dropping the F bomb!! oh yeah!- and I'm really thankful for all my readers. I'm so glad that I can write stuff like that and people can relate to me, and laugh and cry with me and feel a little less alone. That's sort of the point. So thanks to everyone who comments and emails me - I really appreciate it and love hearing from you! But back to the are some confessions from the Bailster this week.

1.) While I'm proud of the fact that I'm Booze free since NYE.. I confess that I'm not so proud of the fact that I havn't shaved my legs since then. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't go out in public in shorts to work out, play vball, etc. It's getting seriously scary.

2.) I confess that all day I looked forward to that moment tonight that I could unzip my pants and put on PJS.

3.) I confess that I am choosing to sober drive instead of party for the 3rd weekend in a row because I genuinely would rather do that. I'm getting super lame.

4.)I confess that I am super excited for the end of February when I reward myself for 6 weeks no drinking with over drinking.

5.) I confess that I online shop every single day.

6.) I confess that I would love to start making money off of my blog. I did an appraisal and it said my blog was worth 25 000$..wheres the cheque? aha I would never give up my blog for money but it would be cool to do some advertising and stuff. Maybe in the future.

7.) I confess that working with the public is starting to make me like people a lot less.

8.)I confess that I judge people who have trashy, ugly tattoos.

9.)I confess that I hope karma kicks the asses of all the internally ugly people i've been faced with lately.
Source: via Salma on Pinterest

10.)I confess that Im struggling with the weight loss plateau I am going through.

got advice for that last one? aha.

big love. xo


  1. i love confessions!!!
    it makes us real & real rocks!

    the last photo is my fave -- i posted it earlier this week on my blog. obviously we both have killer taste!

  2. I dont work with the public yet i still hate them! haha.

  3. I'm jealous of people in the USA/Canada because you can drive to all the places I want to visit! :P

    I promise to take pictures and if you remind me closer to the time, i'll send you a postcard (obviously just to make you even more jealous!!)

  4. These are great statements! I love the shaving of the legs flow chart. So, so true. Especially w/Wisconsin winters. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm going to look around yours some more.

  5. Love your confessions! GOOD FOR YOU for keeping away from the booze. Mad props!

    I am super lame too, i would rather dd cause then I get to go home when I WANT and take them home too. And I don't feel like crap the next day!

    Thanks for the outfit advice :)!


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