Wednesday, January 11

i need you!!

It's January 11th - almost two weeks into the new year already! If this year goes half as fast as last year did, I need to get my ass in gear cause time fucking flieeesss! How are you doing with all your resolutions? I've altered some, stuck to others and totally ignored 2 or 3 (can't lie to ya'll!).

You know what makes a resolution better? A reward. I love to reward myself for doing good things..even simple things that I should be doing anyway. I know you should just do certain things without being asked or without expecting congratulations, thanks or rewards.. just do it. But fuck that shit - I like rewards, a little motivation!

My favorite thing to reward myself for is weight loss. Losing weight in itself has hundreds (seriously!) of amazing rewards but sometimes going to the gym 5-6 times a week isn't easy. It is TOTALLY worth it, I promise, but as most of you probably already know, the mental fight to get there can be tough. Eating well can be tough too..especially with SO many temptations, TASTY temptations, around all the time! But it is possible. So when you fight the urges and you fight your own lethargic ways and you get to the gym and eat well and lose weight - why not reward yourself? why the fuck not !

So here are some future rewards I have put in place for myself. I may not actually end up following through but I set them for myself for motivation aha.

1) When I have reached 40lbs lost (3 lbs away!!!) I get to buy a few things I've been eying from forever 21!
2) When I run 10k for the first time, I will get fitted for and buy myself new running sneakers.
3) When I look decently good in the new party dress Mom bought me for Christmas, I get a weekend in Freddy with the girls.

I'm thinking I should give myself some sort of reward when I reach halfway and Im leaning towards a massage! My body can get pretty sore from work outs and times and even if it didnt, who wouldnt like a massage? I feel sorry for the one doing the dirty work but.. definitely considering that. I would love to get your input - what do you guys think?

Another thing I would like to reward myself with has to do with my blog. My blog, like weighft loss, is already extremely rewarding on its own! I've learned so much about myself, others, my worth my talents and my passion for writing all while finding my own voice.

Recently my sister in law who blogs over at Live Happe asked if I had ever considered paying Blogger and having my own domain - free of the blogspot label. I didn't even know it was possible and not only is it possible - but it's only 10$ ! Basically, I would get a site name like without the blogspot business in it. It's easier to remember and I would get more traffic!

I am definitely considering now! I have thought about it and I decided that I would reward myself with the 10$ fee but only when I reach 100 followers. So with that being said, if you are reading this, especially if you are a regular reader, PLEASE take 30 seconds to follow. Just go to the top right of this page, and click "join this site".

I've also considered starting a facebook page for my blog. I don't really feel like its popular enough yet so I thought I would use it as another reward. When I get to 120 followers, I will set up my own facebook page!

This is where I REALLY need you guys and your comments! When I get my own domain and then continue on to make a facebook page I will be needing a new blog name! I could keep the old one because I don't really feel like I've outgrown it yet, but the domain is definitely taken.

My current blog name is The Middle. I chose this because when I started this blog I was in the middle earth of growing up. I was sort of over being a teenager but not quite ready to be an adult. I'm definitely not an adult yet but Im growing each day and I think that I need a more suited blog name and since I need to think of one anyway, this would be the perfect opportunity.

Im looking for something that sort of encompasses all of my blog in a few short words which is a lot to ask really. I don't want it to be just about losing weight because i was a blogger before this journey and once I reach my goal weight I will still be a blogger. Not only that but I blog about a lot of topics. It'd be cool if it was a bit sassy, my blog is always honest and real so that could be an inspiration for it. I'd like for it to represent how I'm growing as a writer and a person and a woman, it can definitely have SOME sort of reference to weight loss/healthy lifestyle/getting fit and or sexy. I know this is a lot of information but its just ideas. I really need some creative ideas -I'm SOO not creative! I need help readers, HELP ME!

Anyways, sit on it, sleep on itm spit me out some ideas, let me know :)

Thats all for tonight, pretty lame blog I know! But my last one was filled with a lot of emotion and im still sort of recovering from that ahah. Gotta recuperate before I spit another at ya! But yes... 2 demands tonight - FOLLOW and suggest some new blog names for me!

Thanks guys!!
Big Love!!


  1. I love the Mark Twain quote, I'm still working on finding out why I'm here.... one day!

    I am not creative either! I don't know what I could offer as far as blog name ideas, etc.. You are a great writer and it's really nice to read your young, fresh and optimistic perspective on life.

    Have you heard of FitBloggin? It's a conference they have for healthy lifestyle type bloggers every year. It's in September in Baltimore I think. I have been invited by a couple people and I 'know' some bloggers who are going. I think I am too darn busy that month to go on a weekend vacation, but it might be worth considering. From what I can tell on their website, they have two different tracks of sessions they offer. One is ways to build your blog, how to advertise on blog, etc.. The other sessions are about fitness, diet, healthy choices, success stories, etc.. Check it out. Maybe that can be a BIG goal of yours to hit by September. It would help you figure out how to expand with the blog and get more followers, etc. if your blog is something you truly want to put a lot of effort into.

    I like your goals, they are simple and realistic. You can definitely reach them. I love how you wear cute party dresses and totally rock them! I could just never pull it off.

  2. That is so exciting! I love when bloggers blog about blogging! (I'm such a dork.) My only advice about the name thing is just not to rush into it. Think about it for a while before you make a decision. And write down lists! I came up with the name for my most recent blog just by making lists and brainstorming and all of a sudden it just came out! Good luck! Can't wait to see what you come up with :)

  3. Hello! I don't have a suggestion as I suck at picking names and titles, but I will follow :) Happy 2012!!

  4. when i named mine, I spent hours making lists and all the names I brainstormed were taken already! My advice is to have several options ready...
    Here are our suggestions: (I just used the first words the kids said)
    Rusty says: or, (???) A lot of ideas for 3, really
    Will says: and added "OBVIOUSLY"
    I say:
    Jer says: or or ---

  5. Do a massage sooner than later love! With any body changes, and increases in exercises the body needs some good time to readjust, and massage, especially a reLly good massage, can really help to make the transitions easier. If i was there i would give you one :). Sometimes too u can find Someone who offers packages of a few to make each one cheaper.... One a month is really good maintenence and if u are like me and dont have healthcare, it is one of the best preventative medicines! There are tons of different types of massage, and let me know if u want any input on what they are depending on what u are looking for. YOU DESERVE IT!

    Thanks forkeeping this all up bailey, i really enjoy reading

  6. i think the idea of giving yourself a reward for reaching a goal is stellar.

    whatever it takes to get you to that next step :)

  7. I was also considering paying blogger for a domain but i also dont know what to call it.

    I agree with others though, write down lots of ideas and see what stands out to you and to others. Keep it simple I guess so people remember it.


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