Sunday, January 8

most anything is possible.

Riding orange elephants through the milky way may not be possible. Setting, striving and reaching your goals is.

I used to say there was actually no way I could ever run more than 5 minutes let alone run 5k or 10k or whatever k. I wasn't strong enough, i was too heavy, I didn't have it in me, I wasn't a runner. Even when I started working out, running 10 minutes was a huge feat for me and I couldn't see myself advancing much further.

I used to think my body couldn't lose weight. I thought something was wrong with me that was keeping me from losing weight - that was just all the crazy thoughts in my head. I thought I would always be grossly over weight, I would never get a boyfriend, never get married, never have kids, never feel good about myself. I thought a lot of things that were 100% false.

I set a goal in the fall to run in a 5k race by March - or at least be able to run 5k, without stopping by March. I set this goal so that I would be able to run the actual race in the spring sometime with my sister in law. Even this week that seemed impossible. Then today happened.

Today I ran 5.8km, without stopping, without thinking..I just ran. I ran, not until I couldn't run anymore, I just went on a run, and came home. I knew I had done well so I got in my car and I went and I measured it. As I got to the half way mark in my car and turned around, I started to cry. I cried harder as I reached my drive way and realized I had just ran almost 6km. Me.. I did that.

To some people that is no big deal. To people who can run halfs and marathons, 6km is just a warm up run. For me, it's like I ran a marathon. It was my own personal marathon. I started this journey as a 251 lb girl (and yes, i just revealed my weight to you! the craziest thing iv ever done on my blog to date) and I have been doing things since then that I never knew I could do. I don't know many people who weigh over 200lbs and are as active as I am and Im so proud of how far I have come. I'm on fire.

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So since I just came out with my weight(which is a huge deal, you dont even know how huge it is) I might as well tell you my current weight. You can figure it out anyway if you minus 37 from 251. I weigh 214lbs. I reached 215 before New Years and if you have been reading my blog for a while you may remember I promised to tell you my weight if I reached the goal...well..that was the goal. So you are just getting what I promised.

So 214 it is. I am a 214lb girl who just ran 6km and thats any weight, infact. I'm going to keep doing amazing things until I'm my goal weight of 150lbs and basically until I die. I refuse to let that number matter anymore as long as I keep getting better and stronger.

Telling my weight is a huge personal struggle. Girls who weigh 130lbs keep their weight a secret. But really, it's no ones business anyway and it shouldn't matter. It's a's not who I am. I have a feeling that anyone who would judge me over this probably wouldn't read my blog..and I hope they don't. I love my readers, they are all supportive and amazing and that's why I feel I can post this without worrying what the reactions of those reading are.

The important thing here is that I've lost 37lbs. It's a lot of pounds. I've become stronger and more confident. I've made a lot of change and I'm about to make more. I just put in my notice at my job (which I'm not insanely fond of) and I may even make a change in location. Life is short.. and I believe in making positive changes for yourself and doing things that scare the shit out of you often.

I still want to lose 64 lbs (this may change as i get closer to goal). I am going to do it and some day I'm going to be able to say I lost 100lbs. That's great and I can't wait and I'm thankful for those who are supporting me and are here for the long haul :)

This is all going to happen because its possible and .. mostly anything is possible :)

Thanks so much to everyone for all the support. :)
Big love,


  1. my fav post so far :) soooo proud of you

  2. my fave post too brought tears to my eyes i am so proud of you bailey- go girl. love you bubsy

  3. Definitely my favourite post. Congratulations on an awesome accomplishment. Keep writing, running and inspiring us all. xo

  4. again, I am so incredibly proud of you, Bail!! Keep on running to your goals..they are just right THERE!

  5. Nothing like tears first thing in the a.m. but let me assure you they are happy, proud tears for you my precious you so much XOXOXO

  6. Congrats!! SIX k?! WITHOUT stopping? That's amazing!! *throws glitter* Way to keep up your motivation! YAY!

    I finished the first week of C25k and am starting the second week today. I can't wait till I can do what you just did! Especially without realizing it.

  7. this made me cry--I love ya girl

  8. You just rocked my face off! This is awesome. 37 down and the sky is the limit. Run on, doll! You are so amazing.

  9. I just wrote on your other post how much I loved that and now i'm going to say it all over again.

    I love love love this post!!! :)

    Obviously we don't really know each other but I'm incredibly proud of you for running so far and also for revealing your weight, which you were obviously found difficult to do previously.

    High five, actually fuck it, high tens! and keep doing great!


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