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the skinny on why fad diets keep you fat.

I've been mulling this one over in my head for a few days. Everyone who reads my blog faithfully (so not that many people) should know how I feel about fad diets-I think they are bullshit. I wasnt sure whether to write a whole blog about it or not because its not that interesting for most and I don't want or aim to offend and/or discourage them. I just want people to know that there is no fucking secret to losing weight - unless just having healthy life style changes is a huge secret. You have to stop being a lazy glutton and turn your life around - eat healthy, exercise, be more fit. Seriously. There it is. There's the secret!

I think it's great when people want to lose weight and get healthy so they can feel better and live longer, more productive and satisfying lives. It's amazing, I'm working on it everyday and I'm so happy. I'm glad I finally got off my ass and made these changes and that's just the thing- I had to make some serious changes and so would anyone else.

If you are looking for some easy out then you don't want this enough. If you want a better body, better health then you need to work your ass off for it! You don't get to take a pill, do a few situps, drink a smoothie or wear some vibrating belt and see life changing results.

Why do you have to make lifestyle changes? Because your lifestyle is what made you fat in the first place. You don't move enough and you don't eat the right things and you definitely don't eat them in moderation. These things are not easily learned either when you are so used to them, believe me, I know! Even when I started eating healthy I still wanted 2000 calories of healthier food or I wanted to eat my calories i was allowed in ice cream. Not good.

You have to retrain your brain, usually over an extended period of time, because the way to lose weight is to change your life - eat healthier, move more. This is where fad diets come in. Fad diets tell you to do whatever, and then lose weight quickly, and bam you're skinny. But where is that fad diet when you're back to your lifestyle, with absolutely no tools on how to keep the weight off and live healthy, falling back into your old habits and you gain all if not more of your weight back? They are off finding other other people to buy their product.

And that's exactly what a fad diet it - its a product. You shouldnt have to PAY for weight loss unless they are giving you some really amazing lifestyle skills to help you out (take this pill = not an amazing lifestyle skill.) The only thing I recommend paying for when it comes to weight loss is healthy grocieries, a gym memership, work out equipment (depending on what type of exercise you enjoy) or a weight watchers membership - the only plan I support.

Here are a few tips to help you identify whether your fad diet is "the real deal" or not.
If it says any of the following things - run away .. fast!
- It asks you to pay.
-It asks you to pay for things you can get anywhere else.
-It tells you you can eat whatever you want.
-It says you dont have to do any exercise.
-The person selling to you has never lost any weight
-The person selling to you is a paid actor
-There is a person selling it to you.
-You will drop (insert obscene amount of weight here) in just TWO WEEKS!
-It's on an infomercial

Basically if its a fad diet it doesn't work. Actually... I take it back. It does work.. until its over. The latest trend in my town, which clearly sparked enough interest for me to write this as everyone asked my opinions on it, is Visalus. If you havn't heard of it, basically you replace breakfast and lunch with a smoothie then you eat dinner like you regularly would. They call it the 90 day challenge because Im guessing you do that for 90 days.

My first thought was -I fuckin love smoothies. Then I thought wait.. I already make my OWN smoothies. I like drinking them when I choose to. I would fucking despise smoothies after about smoothie 20 which wouldn't even be two weeks in. I had a friend approach me about doing it and i definitely listened. i wanted to know all about it because I would never just be like "oh its crap".I dont want to discourage anyone using it because its great they want to try something. But there is a lot of shady stuff about this project.

For one thing - it's a fucking pyramid scheme if you havn't noticed. Buy the products, sell to 3 and get your products FREE. That's a pyramid scheme people. There are TONS of videos promoting this product on youtube - search, I dare. The thing is, it's all DISTRIBUTORS. These people are pushing the product because they sell the product. Who cares if it works? They are making a dollar. Notice how they are all fit and attractive? They have probably been that way for a long day, they may have never eve been over weight. You will not look like them by 90 days of smoothies magic.

Does it work? You know, I have no idea because I havn't tried it. Clearly eating less calories, like you will if you follow the Vi plan, will make you lose weight. That's common sense. What happens when the challenge is over? Yes you can continue to eat healthy and work out (but the commercials say you dont have to so maybe you wont) but if you were just drinking smoothies and eating dinner like you normally do - what healthy habits did you even pick up?

This could be a great jump start for a diet, I will admit. Even for 14 days it could be a slim down if you wanna get into a skinny person dress for your birthday. Some people like to do fasts and stuff like that to get rid of water weight and see a change in the scale as motivation. But if you know what want to lose weight and you know how its done - then JUST FUCKING DO IT, MAN!
I've also read that some people use it to tone up, which is fine but there are a million products like that out there (I recommend Whey protein - you can use it for toning or weight loss - ladies, you wont bulk i promise.).

The issue I had with waiting to write this blog was that I really really really want people to succeed. I never want to discourage people from making a change and getting healthy but I also don't want people to fucking kidd themselves! And you know what, maybe they aren't. Maybe this challenge will work for them and they will lose all the weight and they will look great and thats awesome - like PROVE ME WRONG! be my guest, i would love to see everyone who is using this stuff or any fad stuff to succeed because clearly they want to. But I really dont see it happening. And if it doesnt work my biggest advice is to not give up, to get real, and to get moving.

Im including two videos (that it took me forever to find) by a woman who gave a real honest review and was not a distributor of the Vi products. Most of the videos, like I said, are made by people who distribute it and its hard to find a review that sounds like it wasn't written by the CEO of the company. Just something to broaden your pool of knowledge on the Vi Products.

Anyways. I will get heat for this, I know I will and Im prepared. But I do know a little bit of what Im talking about. I have done everything. I've done low carb, no carb, no dairy, vegetarian, no food at all, purging, chewing and spitting, special k diet, 17 day diet.. ive done it all. And im finally changing my life and doing it right and Iv lost almost 40 lbs, I can run 5k and Im the happiest Ive ever been. THIS is real, its results and its healthy. Ask anyone you know who has lost a significant amount of weight how they did it. No fad, no paying for products.. just living healthy. If I can do it, you can too.

Big Love,

I suggest going to about 3:30 in this video for more review on the company and the product.


  1. Hey- great POST Bail!!! Fad diets are garbage... just like that email received by the girl in the video. Everyone is looking for a fast fix. It takes hard work and dedication to get results... there is no easy way... instead of buying into this shite... people need to spend more time here at your blog, and with you, getting real with themselves.

  2. This is a great post. As a kid, I saw my mother and older sister try diet after diet - "cambridge" shakes, wieght watchers, the sauerkraut diet, eating a yogurt every two hours, ... - you name it, they tried it. My mother finally had a lap band (which went horribly wrong) because her weight was really endangering her life and everything else had failed. She is still obese, only less so. And my sister - no lap band yet, no recent dieting attempts (for which I am glad), she has accepted her weight.

    (I started changing my life a littel more htan one and a half years ago, have dropped 15kg and am aiming for the last few to disappear as well. I went from couch potato to runner/swimmer/strength training person without losing my love for good food - only now it has got more vegetables and less fat and salt. I thought I would never have the discipline to push me through any "real diet", so I never tried, and this is not only easy, but it is also amazingly much fun. Plus, it works. ^^)

  3. Well done! XO...You are definitely my daughter!

  4. Love this post. You took the words right out of my mouth. I have been bombarded with this product lately, and honestly, have been nearly tempted to the dark side a time or two. I have finally snapped out of it and realized NOT to waste my money on this product, and get back to running and eating healthy instead. Thanks for these videos too, I spent a lot of time trying to find honest reviews of the product myself. Keep up the good work with you lifestyle changes, and thanks again for keeping me motivated to do the same!

  5. Usually I find that people who have tried one "lose weight quick" diet have also tried several other fad diets too which is further proof to me that they don't work.

    I agree that for short term loss i.e. fitting into a dress for a special occasion - that's fine because usually it isn't a life style change but if people are serious about losing weight to improve their health then surely they need to re-program their brain by doing things properly.

    Great post.

  6. I think you are absolutely right about this! Also I think people need to realize that they have to make a healthy-food-culture, because no matter how hard we try to deny it, people are social animals. I know that when I'm surrounded around people where a majority of them eats unhealthy, that will be how I eat to. I will just think it's ok, as long as everyone else around me does the same. The thing is - it's NOT OK!

    I could go on about this forever!

  7. Chances are the people who lose quick on one of these fad diets will gain it back - and then some. Good post bailey J!


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