Wednesday, February 8

injuries and victories.

herrow readers! sorry my blog has been a tad lame lately! my life is sort of busy with my job and my side job and my naps but that's no excuse! i miss writing and making myself cry and making you guys cry and then making you laugh.. and then making you scowl at my profanity. I promise to be shooting you some better blogs once my lapotop is fixed and home! oh - that was what i meant to tell you -along with many other things in my life this week - my laptop decided to get a virus and go totally ape shit. The guy who usually fixes it is SO amazing and always does a wicked job so im hoping he'll deliver.. again. (shout out to Bill Edgar - get this dude to fix your computer if you live on GM and need your computer fixed!)
So the other things in my life that is broken are my knee and my car. My car just needs new tires and I'm a drama queen but I put way too much money into that thing. As for my knee it's not broken but it's fucked. My knees are pretty bad on a regular basis and I'm guessing that's from 20 years of having way too much weight on them. Then I decided I need to train for 10ks and be fitness barbie while still overweight... stresses them out I suppose. I think it's just inflamed but if it gets worse i'll head over to the hospital.Anyone have any ideas for keeping active while injured? I have no swimming pool so that's out but I need to do something. Im getting super anxious about gaining weight.. I'm such a psycho. The stress of that is leading me to eat which is leading me to be more stressed.. lord help me.
Hmm. What else is new in my ridiculous life? Nothing interesting has been happening but I did finally decide on my last day of work and its March.9. So on the 11th I'm headed to Nova Scotia. It's scary. I have no idea if I will find a job or if I will make friends or be happy but it's worth a shot - I'm as free as a bird... or as crazy as one.. one or the other. And if you like my countdowns, its 84 until my trip to Cuba with Courtney WAHOO!. Anyone else heading down south for a vacation to escape the stupid cold?
Last but most certainly not least I wanted to share some pictures with you guys! If you have me on facebook or have "liked" my blog page Being Bailey J you may have seen the pictures I posted of my mom and I! They make me so happy. I'm going to post them here because I'm so proud of us! The first is us almost exactly one year again right before I left on my backpacking trip to Central America. The second is last night before we went out for dinner. We have lost a combined total of 72.2lbs and I am just so excited for both of us and all that we have and will accomplish! Enjoy the pictures and enjoy the rest of your week, guys!
Big Love,


  1. I used to have big trouble with my knees when I started walking and running, and then someone told me that taking fish oil might help with that because of the omega 3 fatty acids. I tried it and have been running ever since (although I am careful not to wear heels because I figure my knees can only take one kind of stress on a regular basis, and I'd rather run than give the illusion of "legs up to my neck"). If oyu get capsules, they don't even really taste fishy (and don't worry about the calories, that's next to zero).

    Of course you should also take it slow, maybe limit yourself to walking and try some exercises with low impact on your knees... strength training for core and upper body or boxing movements?

  2. It's amazing how much weight both you and your mum have lost.

    Great pics too!


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