Sunday, February 5

the shit i do for money.

I have found myself saying this phrase almost too much in the last 6 months.

I have a regular person job - well, mostly regular. The store itself is a little awkward. It is a cross between a small sit down restaurant with take out, an ice cream shop, a blockbuster (we rent and even sell vhs and dvds), a benjamin moore outlet, a halmark (we got your greeting card hook up!), and a gift shop which has regular giftware and giftware that caters to the tourist population during our touristy spring/summer. Oh and did I mention we fix watches and sell watch batteries? Oh and we also clean scratched discs. Its pretty bizarre when I get thinking about it.

I live on a small island so this sort of hybrid business thing works. Our save easy and our gas station are at the same place, not to mention a Greco (that has a new drive thru - quite exciting for my smalltown) that is attached at the back. Our pharmacy is in a small store that would be comparable to a convenience store that also sells greeting cards and is a christian book/movie store. Sometimes it's easier to just have things in one place because having, say an actual Halmark or a Blockbuster, would simply not survive in such a small town.

Aside from the quirkiness of the business, I basically am a cashier. I ring in your food or ice cream after I serve it to you and if you chose to stay and eat I serve you. I consider it a cashier/waitressing job. Not everyone would agree, some people don't consider it waitressing at all. I have to put up with a lot of peoples shit and give them food - in my experience, that is waitressing.

I love my job. I love most of my customers but sometimes it can be a little frustrating. One of the big arguments with my job is whether the workers deserve tips. I think we do because a)I've been a waitress in more than one restaurant for like 6 years and I tip everywhere so it's simply how I roll and b)i'm serving you. There are exceptions of course. If you come in everyday, you order a hamburger, I bring it you and you I definitely do not deserve a tip. If I fix you up a poutine or you call in an order, no of course not. But you know who does deserve a tip if you call in a 50$ take out order? The girls in the kitchen do, the girls who busted their ass to do your 10 item order and still do all the other orders they have to do, especially if you liked your food.

Sometimes I have families of 5-10 people come in. I try my best to cater to them and I make several trips to bring them their food and any extras they ask for because thats the job and I don't think they should have to get up and go grab everything they need. After they finish eating I usually whip up sundaes, tornados and ice cream cones for them and then wait as they fight over who is paying and I ring them in.

After that I clean up their undoubtedly huge mess while trying to wait on the rest of my customers. I don't mind this - its my job and like I said I do love it and I love those families who come in! I love their kids and I love having people around and being entertained. I also expect a mess, you are there to eat out and you have kids and you can leave me a mess - dont worry about it, enjoy your meal out!

BUT think that after a 70$ bill, if you liked the service and the food (which im guessing you do if you come back) that maybe you could throw me and the girls in the kitchen a toonie to split.

I dont want people to tip so I can have more money because I don't keep my tips! If you give me 1$ I probably get about 10 cents of it up to 2 weeks later when I am paid. The point is that it's nice to feel appreciated every once in a while and it's nice for the kitchen to know they are appreciated as well - you should see those girls hustle on a busy night. So a big thank you to those who do tip, and those who tip every time and who say thank you and genuinely appreciate us because we appreciate you guys!

The point of this is not to make people tip because I put in my notice and I will be done at my job soon. The point is that appreciation is nice. This is mostly a Grand Manan mentality - 85% of off island customers tip- many Grand Mananers just do not feel we deserve them which is fine. Even though this is frustrating, I still love my job and the people. Im also a bit tip spoiled after working at a different restaurant in the summers where I can get 10-40$ tips per table.

I sort of went off on a tangent but that is the first example of shit I do for money. It's the most lame of them all because its a totally normal job. The rest of them are a little odd but.. you gotta do what you gotta do.

My second job is housesitting. I was asked to housesit one Thanksgiving weekend and it sort of spiraled from there. It is mostly pet sitting - people go away for a vacation and don't want to leave their dogs alone or pay to have them put in a kennel. I actually LOVE this job..well..most of the time. Growing up I was never allowed to have pets but absolutely loved animals, especially dogs.

This job does not come without a few frustations either. I have had to clean up a LOT of dog shit, wipe a lot of piss, clean puppy versions of the runs off of walls, feed pills to both cats and dogs, stand in the cold in the middle of the night with dogs who have "run away" tendencies, etc etc etc. It is worth it, otherwise I wouldn't do it but its just another example of the shit I will do for a dollar.

The third and most interesting job I have taken up recently is sober driving. I find my hometown to be a bit boring since about 90% of my friends go off island for university after the summer is over so going out doesn't overly appeal to me. Instead, when there is a big party and a lot of people out, I sober drive. The money is good but I also love knowing that people got home safe and didn't take their own vehicles - which happens a lot around here.

Driving can be a little tiring considering it usually happens after a long day at work and can go until 3 or 4 in the morning. I have to deal with a lot of.. we'll say personalities, and it can be a little overwhelming. For the most part people are hilarious though and I usually get all the juicy details about the parties. I also have to deal with the tears and the yelling but luckily no puke yet! *Knock on Wood!*

So why am I so obsessed with side jobs when I already have a job? Well my job isn't always full time and I don't really have much else to do. I like to know im secure and I like to always have money saved. I like knowing that at the end of the month I will spend two weekends with my friends, one out of province and one in Fredericton, and come home and still have money in my bank account. I love knowing that after a few months, if i wanted to take off.. I could. There is a sort of freedom that comes with having a bit of money saved that I enjoy.

At the end of the month I will be finished at my current job and be moving off the island. It could be a short lived move or it could last but all I know is that for know, the shit I do for money will be taking a break. No more pets and no more driving around fools.

Hopefully I will have luck finding a job in Nova Scotia. I will just be a regular person working an average job, paying rent, buying my own groceries *panic sets in*..breath in.. okay. Yep. Im good. I like to think Im a good worker with the right personality for customer service and someone will see that and hire me. You never know but I choose to hope for the best. Wish me luck. :)

Big Love


  1. Very exciting Bailey! I love the new look of your blog too btw. Your blog is really on fire lately, as it should be :)

  2. Wow, congrats on the upcoming move! I know a thing or two about hustling and the shit we do for money can be pretty tedious and lame. I hope the move to Nova Scotia goes well and you prosper there!

  3. The eternal optimist. Love yer wee bloggy.

  4. Great blog! Good luck and we'll miss you like crazy! XOXOXO

  5. This is an interesting post. You know a while back, Tim and I shared info back and forth about tipping. They don't tip there and the people that leave tips are thought to be snobs. So different from here, where it is expected or you're a jerk. Interesting. I always tip. I hate people that don't tip. I also think people are idiots when they don't tip their bartender - hellloooo! They are controlling how much hard liquor goes into your mix, you might want to give them a tip! :)

  6. Ellie aka Miss April is kinda right.

    In England we don't have a tipping culture. We tip a waiter if they provide a good service but if they dont then we wouldn't tip and it is in our right to ask for the service charge to be removed from the bill if the service wasn't good enough. Also we'd only leave tips to a waiter in a restaurant, never in a pub or bar. If someone has gone out of their way to provide a good service then obviously giving them a tip can be a nice gesture....however sometimes offering a tip can be considered to be condescending.

    Obviously I'd ALWAYS say please, thank you and be really nice to anyone who would serve me. I don't understand why anyone wouldn't do that. It's just common courtesy.

    When I do go abroad i.e. North America where tipping is part of the culture then I will adapt and tip people because it's the norm. I'd hate it if British people went abroad and refused to tip. Same thing applies to North Americans coming over to the UK. I'd hate for them to waste so much of their travel money on giving tips. We'd rather them spend their money on themselves having a good time in our country.

  7. Oh, I think you would like the juicer! You make the juice flavored to your tastes. Trust me, some days it beats munching on greens just to get the nutrients. You should try it soon! :)


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