Sunday, February 26

Shit I Don't Get Part 5

It's hard to believe this is the 5th edition of "Shit I Don't Get". It's not hard to believe I came up with that many things, because people never cease to amaze me with their shit, but I don't even remember writing four other editions. Before I start in I want to thank all the people who enjoy when I write these posts. Some people just think I'm a bitch (you're probably not wrong) but to the people who genuinely understand where I'm coming from - you rock. To the people who don't - you're just hating because you do something I openly dis.

Well, it's been 3 long months since Shit I Don't Get 4 so let's get the ball a'rollin.

The Real World
Do you remember being in school and you or one of your peers complained about homework or their part time job at the library? Maybe they complained about their fish dying or a friend being a total bitch except you didn’t say bitch. A lot of the time, especially if it was one you didn’t like coincidentally, the teacher would exclaim “Oh you wait until you get into the real world! Wait until you have a job in the real world. Wait until you go to university in the real world. Wait until you have to pay bills in the real world”. Fuck you and fuck the real world, teach. While maybe our problems in school weren’t the end of the world, they seemed real to us and it doesn’t make them invalid just because we were 13 and we weren’t paying our own bills and going through a divorce. Maybe a child in the class has parents who are going through a divorce, maybe a child works that part time job at the library to help single mom pay the bills. Furthermore, maybe a child in the class is being molested or lost their grandmother. I feel like when teachers say “oh life will be so much harder when you get into the real world” it is saying to a child (who may without your knowledge being going through some tough shit) that a)your problems aren’t a big deal and b)it only gets worse. That is not the right message to be sending to a student whether you care about their shit or not.
Disliking Water
I love the shit out of water. I try to live a healthy lifestyle so most days I drink a fuck ton of water, like way more than any human should be able to manage drinking. Even if I didn’t make a point of drinking water I would probably still drink it because its so damn refreshing. I fucking despise when people say “i don’t drink water because I don’t like it!”. What do you fucking mean you don’t like it? Your body is like 99% water or something!! Well..thats not right but its a lot of water. You need water to live. How do you not like it? Or when people are picky about brands of water.. just fucking drink it. Do you know how many people on this planet have to walk miles and miles (while dehydrated) just to get like.. a sip of water and its not even nearly the amount that they need that they are walking all these miles for? Cherish that bottled nestle water!! The water at my work tastes like actual egg farts and I probably drink about 80oz of it everytime I work – aint no thang but a chicken wang. Get over yourself and just drink the water!
Oh em effing G. I use a lot of shitty acronyms and I abbreviate 70% of my words but I have issues with spelling. The only two words I spell wrong on a regular basis are wiener and necessary. Wiener because weiner just looks better and necessary because it’s hard. The one word that really pisses me off when I see it misspelled is “for”. “Fer” is NOT for. FORRRRR. Say it with me. You’re not going fer a drive in your car, you are going FOR one. I have unsubscribed from people’s facebook feeds because they use this spelling and I hate it. Why? Like why do you need to spell it like that? The bigger idiots are the people who do the next thing I don’t get.
Mispelling Names On Facebook
When someone pops up in my chat and says Hey Baily I could die. My name is Bailey and it has an E in it. I don’t expect everyone to know how to properly spell it but when you had to FUCKING CLICK ON IT to talk to me I expect you to SEE IT RIGHT IN YOUR FUCKING FACE and spell it correctly. If someone comments on another status “Oh you are so right Sarah” and it says Sara right there, like..she WROTE the status, how do you mess that up? It’s ignorant and you are a moron.
Coupons and Harassment
Speaking of spellings I dislike, I thought Id mention some pronunciations I hate. There are a million words I feel are mispronounced but I can deal with it : caramel, about (Canadians say it correctly, the rest of the English speaking world is wrong), taco, bagel,etc – I can deal with those. Two that absolutely urk me are coupons and harassment. Its COO-pawns not QUE-pawns. Seriously? COU coes not make the QUE sound.. ever. The show about couponing brought this to my attention as seriously 100% of the “couponers” couldn’t even pronounce what they were doing. Get ahold of yourselves. And harris-ment. Oh my god. HA-RASS-MENT people, say it with me. There isn’t even a sneaky spelling that would make you think it is pronounced the other way! And its always like lawyers and police officers and people who deal with harassment who say it incorrectly. I hate it.

Default Pictures
I love me a good profile picture on facebook. I am totally one of those girls who when out with friends says “Lets get a pic, I need a new default on FB!” I think it’s okay to care about how you look in it because it’s sort of how you are presenting yourself to the online world and nowadays that’s pretty important. The thing I don’t get is when someone puts up a picture because ONE thing in the whole picture looks good. I admit, when I find a picture of me where Im looking a little slimmer than usual, I post that shit asap but if my face looks all fucked up its like.. clearly I don’t want that to be my default. Just because you look like your stomach is a bit flatter or your biceps are a bit huger (boys – you are SO guilty too!) does not mean you should put the pic as your default when your face looks like you’ve had one to many ( and im talking hits off the crack pipe not drinks). I know it seems really superficial of me to say but you look a FOOL.

Another facebook dislike.. I really do need to have a facebook edition of SIDG. “You better post a link to my blog in your status right now because if you don’t you don’t love me and you are in the 2% of people who will not repost..and I KNOW who you are. Also, you don’t care about cancer victims, the cure for cancer or your other if you don’t do it. So there." Nothing like having your morals, your love of your mother, your friendships and your compassion threatened all in one facebook status. You know the ones. These things make me sick. Posting about cancer awareness or whatever the cause is and then basically saying you are a bad person if you don’t repost is like bullying. For one thing, not everyone has to actively support one cause – there are a billion causes in the world. Secondly, writing a status about something does basically nothing. Its just a status and a status that annoys everyone! You basically wasted more time not helping the cause you are supporting by sitting around making a status about it and we all got annoyed and we now resent your cause – good fucking job.
Okay. I am so fired up. These posts put me in like bitchy beast mode and I feel like I need to take a nap and regroup when I finish. I have no idea why this sentence is underlined or how to change it and It's sort of annoying so I feel I need to finish up this post. Hope you guys had an awesome weekend and I will be back someday soon with some updates from my weight loss challenge - its definitely been a challenge lately.
Big underlined love,
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  1. You're fuckin crazy and I love it. I totally say Que-Pons. So, kill me. I know it's WRONG, but I can't get myself to stop saying it. My boyfriend always makes fun of me, so to him I started calling them 'tickets'.

    "Hey honey, let's get some of this popcorn because I think I have a ticket for it!" I start digging in my wallet for the coupon and he always has this look on his face, it's a cross between wanting to laugh hysterically and wanting to kick me right in my shins. I just can't get myself to say coo-pons, it sounds stupid even though I know que-pons is totally wrong. I give up!

  2. Nothing like a good laugh before bed! I missed you XOXO

  3. The most difficult English word I can actually spell right on the first try is ophthalmologist. ^^

  4. Lol, or: Jesus saw you read this. If you don't repost, you don't love Him. Also, it's SKED-jew-ul, not shed-yule. I don't understand how someone can "not like" water either! Wtf.

  5. Haha! Love it.

    I have a problem with people using "prolly". I hate it! I hate it! I haaaaaaate it!

    There isn't even two Ls in 'probably' so that annoys me too! If it was 'proly' then at least I can slightly understand it despite wanting to throw myself off a cliff when I see it.

  6. If one more person writes "Happy Birthday Cristina!" on my facebook wall I'm unfriending them. Seriously people, can you NOT OPEN YOUR EYES AND SEE MY NAME IS SPELLED ChRISTINA?!?!?! ughhhhhhhh it drives me crazy

  7. Bahaha...SIDG are some of my favorite posts. I'm loving your new blog look/layout. You have come so far since your first post! You are becoming a super blogger fast and furious, keep it up!


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