Sunday, February 12

sunday sweetness.

Before I start I just want to mention to you guys that I am on Facebook now! So if you havn't already liked my page - get on that shit! I will be updating that page with my new blogs instead of my personal page and I will also be keeping that page up to date with weightloss stuff! So like it up :)

Most sundays I participate in this project in the blog community called Sunday Sweetness (formerly known as Comment Love Day). Yes, there is a blog community and no, you do not have to be vip to be a part of it. Sunday Sweetness is basically a day where writers leave their blog and then visit other peoples blogs and give their posts some comment love. If you blog you know that nothing is better than going to your dashboard and seeing you have 6 or even 2 new comments to approve.

The people who started this ran For The Love of Blogs which is a huge networking tool for bloggers. Recently they made a change and are now and it seems as though most members aren't figuring out the changes so well. Sunday Sweetness has gone from almost 100 participants weekly to 5-10. I hate this and I've also noticed that EVERY single time I participate- my post NEVER shows up. Maybe this is happening to 90 other people.. either way.. I miss reading all the amazing blogs.

If you guys love reading on sunday, especially blogs, I thought I would link you to some good posts I've read this week. If you are a blogger and you miss Sunday Sweetness, this could be for you. I love to hook my readers up with blogs I love because if you love my blog you may love their blog and everyone loves a good blog. Thats a lie but.. a few of us do!

I won't keep you waiting. Here are some blogs I enjoyed this week.

Amy Rose Brown - This week she wrote a really nice post about loving your body regardless and the skewed opinions of what "fat" is. It was to the point and I really appreciated it.

Leftists Have No Rights - I love this guy. He is awkward and ridiculous and his stories, whether true or untrue, crack me up. I linked you to the first one I ever read.

Life Plus Fitness - While most girls are wishing to slim down their booty, I'd go to pretty extreme lengths to pump mine up. I hate my shape and I wish I carried my weight through my legs and booty. Im always looking for work outs to build my bum and this one looks killer. Exercises like these work for whoever- if you have a big booty it will tone and shape it, if you have a flat one it will lift and shape it. While I do these exercises I scheme up ways on how to make enough money for cheek impants.

Tri-ing to be Athletic - Chronicles her journey on becoming a tri-athlete with lots little cartoons to accompany her humorous posts(she does the cartoons herself).

Georgias Trying Something New - I already made a post abut this post but its still good and not all of you saw it. Basically the post is about her dislike for being labeled as gay or bisexual because she isn't attracted to genitalia, she just loves the person. It's an amazing post and I think everyone should read it. I love her blog (its actually mostly a weightloss/healthy lifestyle blog and thats how I originally found her!)

Live Happe - This is a post in honor of Valentines Day that my sister in law wrote for my brother. I thought it was really nice as it mentioned all the reasons shes thankful for him. I hope I can marry a guy with these qualities someday and I hope I can be the supportive and amazing wife/mother that my sister in law is and like my own mom as well.

Awkward Sex And The City - She is absolutely 100% offensive and sometimes I think I would hate her but she is fucking funny. This post I linked you to has definitely influenced me to write one like it because I am the exact same way. It is a bunch of words she hates and I have so many words I do not like to hear or say because they just sound ridiculous or disgusting. Check this out and check out the rest of her blog if you enjoy crude/sexual/offensive humor or mayo.

So that is it for now. I want to leave you with a little saying I read earlier on my blog friend Tims blog. He has been writing about his journey to go from 245 to 175 - WHICH HE DID! He is amazing and his blog definitely inspires me. He wrote "Little pickers where bigger knickers." It sort of struck me because Ive been stressed about my injury and not being at the gym adn its making me pick at food which is a horrible habit. (and for those of you who live under a rock - knickers is another word for undies!). Anyways.. unrelated completely but this is a part time weight loss blog and I want to share it. You can check out his blog at Fat.Boy.Thin

Happy Sunday
Big Loooove.


  1. Well, aren't you just the greatest thing ever!

    Thank you!

  2. :) I'm so glad you liked it! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Aw shucks lady, thanks for the link love. and dont worry i'd hate myself too if i wasnt so fucking funny.

  4. you rock -- off to check out these blogs!

    i LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE tri-ing to be athletic -- she is a HOOT with her amazing drawings!


  5. Thanks for the shout out!

    I read another saying today on a girl's blog who felt guilty about throwing away food but knew that if she kept it, she'd have eaten it all.

    The saying was:

    "Waste it or Waist it"



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