Monday, March 26

195 Challenge

I've decided I need to challenge myself. Maybe I do better when I'm under pressure, working towards an attainable goal or trying to win - yeh - im a bit competitive.

I've been so off track. Not like gain 15lbs off track or never get off the couch offtrack. Im definitely the scale keeps going up then down and then up off track though and cant get motivated off track. It's not fun and I'm never going to get anywhere doing that. I need to really step it up!

I've decided to set a weight goal for my birthday! My birthday is in 9 weeks and I want to lose 2lbs a week. I know that sounds a little unrealstic but im shooting for the moon so i can land among the stars or some shit like that. I actually think I can do this, I think I can do more if i put my mind to it and I'm ready to get out of this stupid fucking 211-213 rut.

So right now I'm at 213 and the goal for May 28th is 195lbs (which explains the name of my post - so clever). I've also decided that I'm going to wear and look/feel amazing in the dress (that i love and have wanted to wear for 3 months now) that my mother got me for Christmas. I'm going to take a picture of me in it now and then do before/after pics with birthday pictures in 2 months.

I realize it won't be easy, especially because I have a weeks vacation to Cuba planned and it isn't the easiest thing to maintain let alone lose on vacation. But if you watch the Biggest Loser (which I do and Im obsessed with) you know that it IS possible to lose on vacation and I can do it if I stay focused. Maybe I will get food poisoning and make a big loss! haha kidding.. sorta.

2lbs a week is pretty intense but I know I can do it and I'm going to need your guys help! If someone wants to join with me and set some sort of goal that always makes it easier. I definitely need a bit of support. Lately I've felt like no one even reads my blog anymore and I've been down in the dumps about that and everything else! So I need to get my spirits up and find the OOMPH that i need to not only lose the weight but to be happy and start bringing you guys some better, more inspirational blogs.

Thanks for the past and future support. xo
Big Love

I hated posting these so much but a deal is a deal. This is me today (after i woke up so no make up or anything.. atleast I can say that) at 213. I hate these pictures. I hate my body. The picture from the back makes me want to crawl in bed and cry all day - who would ever date a girl who looks like that? I have no idea. I look like shit and Im shaped like a monster. But this is my body and this is what im working with so.. here I come 195.


  1. Don't be down in the dumps! I still read every single one of your blogs (I'm just terrible at commenting). Think of how much you've accomplished already. I am trying to get in shape for Adrienne's fashion show, which is in a freaking month! I HATE working out. I will challenge myself to lose 2 lbs a week along with you (until April 21st) then you're on your own :P because, frankly, after the show I won't give a shit!

  2. Come on, don't be hard on yourself. That talk won't get you anywhere - more likely, it will keep you from doing what you need to do to get to where you want to be. Maybe you do not look the way you want to look now, but who cares? Work on your looks, do what you can, and the rest will fall into place. In teh end you are not only a body, but a whole person, and 99% of you are not affected by how much you weigh.

  3. Good luck with your goal, buddy.

    We read your blog and we're rooting for you.

  4. Remember to exercise. This will help you achieve your goal!

  5. You have already come so far, don't be so hard on yourself!! You look great!

    If you are stuck in a rut change your work outs up a bit, maybe try zig zagging your calorie intake every other day?

    You got this!! <3

  6. I want to lose 10 lbs by my birthday (the big 3-0 !!!) which is 10 weeks from today so I know I can do it, only 1 pound a week. I just need some motivation so I'm gonna try along with you, keep up the good work Bailey, you're looking awesome!!

  7. If the dress is too big when you reach your goal, just get it altered! You can do it Bailey!


  8. Good for you!! It's so exciting to see the numbers go down on the scales. Remember to take measurements, even if the scales don't always reflect it you will be losing inches and that's even better. Hopefully your dress will be HUGE in 9 weeks...:)

  9. Ouch- you were so hard on yourself in this one!
    I like the birthday challenge though and since we share a bday, I will play along! Once I get back home and you get back from your trip, I will go hard with you for 6 weeks until our birthdays! Let's kick it!

  10. You can do it!! I love blogs like yours and 125 - you are so brave and I believe in you!

  11. I'm back from my holiday and finally catching up! Muchos sorryos!

    2lbs a week is definitely do-able! You've got a great fighting spirit about you. Some weeks you might get more, some weeks less. The important thing is to keep battling and trying your best.

    I totally believe in you!


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