Thursday, March 1

bailey the busy bee.

I'm actually not a busy person. I work 30 hours a week on average (if I had it my way it would be 50), I go to the gym and then I come home. Most of my friends go to university out of town so I don't do much when it comes to being social unless I leave the island. So why havn't I been blogging much? I'm not 100% sure.

I've been struggling with my weight loss for the last few weeks and that definitely has something to do with it. Sometimes when I mess up or I plateau I become ashamed because I don't want to let my readers down. I also am moving off the island in just over a week and the stresses of finding a new job and not having money have settled in. On top of those things, I have been off the island the past two weekends for visiting with friends/birthdays before I move.

So as for the weight loss, at this point Im feeling better. The thing is that almost 3 weeks ago I got a knee injury. I cant remember if I ever wrote about it but it was pretty bad. Basically, one of my knees finally had the biscuit after 6 months of working out hard with a body that is obese. All that weight and impact can start to stress out the knees and my knees have been bad for years (pretty sad when you're not even 21, eh?). Anyways, my knee went crazy, I couldnt even walk. So I spent 2 weeks away from the gym.

The thing about taking time off from the gym is that it sort of sets me into a cycle of bad health behaviors all around. I try to figure out how little I am suppose to be eating to not work out and still lose weight and that is really hard and the truth is I cant figure it out. Then I get frustrated, and I dont lose, and I get depressed and then I eat. Basically I NEED to remain active to lose weight, its what works best for me. Im finally back at the gym and I've had a bit of a loss so that makes me feel better. Its a frustrating struggle though, sometimes I feel like I will never get there.

I've made a few changes/decisions to try to get this losing in motion again. I decided to give up Sweets for Lent and in participation with LiveHappe's Six Week Challenge So far I'm 9 days clean of sweets! It feels good and I feel like my body appreciates it. I'm also trying to eat less processed foods just to be good to my body. Another change is joining a fb page called Nicole's Weight Loss Challenges She has different challenges all the time and while its cool to have challenges its also great to have another group of support.

Surrounding yourself with people who are going for the same goal as you is always super effective. I have my family, my friends, my friends on my fitness pal, blog friends and the new ones at Nicoles. I have to try to make this my life so that I wont slip up. While I was traveling the last two weekends I found it hard to keep on track when no one else was and everyone was drinking and eating pizza and it was all eating out. When I move I have to readjust and that is super scary!

Which leads me to my other news and also an effort to get healthy in a way - Im moving. I have talked about moving but I haven't gone into a lot of detail. For those of you who are interested the big move is toooooo..Truro, Nova Scotia. Okay - not that exciting aha. But it's my first time moving and settling anywhere besides home. I have done big trips but thats all they were and I was moving around all the time during my longer trip. This will be my first time getting a job where I don't know my boss, paying rent, buying my own groceries, going to a real gym and making new friends. I had to make friends while traveling but everyone else is trying to make friends too so its a bit different.

I'm nervous but I'm excited. I think this could be a great thing for my weight loss. I will have a new gym that isn't the size of a walk in closet and I will have a whole new selection of health foods. Also, if I dont make any friends, I will have no choice but to focus all my spare time into exercise aha. This could be a great thing, it could be a bad thing but at least I am taking the chance. You aren't living until you are outside the box right!

So right now I'm sort of in transition mode. I feel as though I'm reborn in the weightloss category, I'm finished my job in 4 more shifts, I'm moving away and I'm finding a new job! I'm hoping this is good for me as I'mLink definitely getting the island fever. Im ready for a change and it should give me some killer blog material..kidding..sort of lol.

I should get to bed because Im blogging which means its 1:30Am aha. I have to work tomorrow and sleep MIGHT be a good idea. Then its the weekend..and I am so happy. All my friends are home for March Break (think sprig break, you silly americans) and I have 4 days off so consider me PSYCHED!

Just wanted to ask you guys : what are you looking for with my blog? Do you enjoy my rants? Do you enjoy my weight loss blogs? What about my emotional ones that make my mom and Emily cry? Do you enjoy when I just shut the fuck up? Sometimes I feel like Im doing too much of something or not enough of something else. It is my blog so I will write what I wish but I do love my readers and wish to please you as well as myself aha. So let me know in the comments, on my Facebook Page or even in person.. or you can write a blog about it if you have a blog aha. Just let me know, get at me people!!

Big love .. seriously...its big.
Bailey. xo

PS. before/afters are updated usually once a week and I promise to start keeping up with my OSB page !!!


  1. Thank you for sharing Bailey! Also I'm so
    glad you joined us in the challenges!!

  2. I enjoy all the blogs. I like checking in to find out how the weight loss journey is going. I like the rants.

    I know how you feel by asking because I do that as well at happe... well what do you want me to write about? I never get much of a response, but different people tell me in person what they like, and it's different for everyone, so I've kind of realized that variety is okay too, and maybe it's best just to blog for yourself.

  3. Sorry if I am repeating myself (really bad memory), but my knees improved drastically when I started using fish oil, it seems that omega 3 fatty acids are really good for your joints.

    Good luck with moving and with the new job! These things are scary and exciting at the same time...

  4. I, of course, love all your blogs! Keep on writing!

  5. i think the whole month of february was just HARD all across the board. struggling & weight gain seems to be a common thread amongst us weight loss/life bloggers.
    good news is march is here & its time to get renewed & kick some ass-age!

    for the record: i love your blog just as it is -- write what ya want & feel -- that always makes a blog the most special.


  6. so pumped i got a shout out hahahah


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