Tuesday, March 20

I Gained 3lbs

It's true. I gained 3lbs. I've been off track.

I've been eating shitty (even without the sugar) and until this week I had taken a complete hiatus from physical activity. The stress of my move was tough and when Im dealing with emotional crisis I turn to food. I read a great blog over at Skinny Jeans Dreams about food addiction and how she will always have to track her food and write down what she eats to remain on track. I believe I will be like this too - I always have to stay in check or I gain weight - just like I did this week.

I was down to 210 and I weighed in the other day at 213. It is back down 1.5lbs so that makes me happy but I have to stay focused. I had a chat with my sister in law from Live Happe and finally talking about it really helped me think it through. I have been feeling frustrated because I expected to have lost at least 50lbs by march and I've been stalled at -40lbs for what feels like forever. But this is my journey and all of the unexpected twists and turns and victories and failures are mine - I cant set rules to it all the time because its going to go the way it goes. Yes, this loss has been pretty slow but it was a loss and I've kept it off and Im a better version of Bailey.

Talking to her helped and the next morning I got out of my bed, put on my jogging shorts, had a piece of toast and hit the road - its on like donkey kong. I have to do this. I have to lose this weight. For myself, for my future, for my health and a small part of me is doing it for others. I feel a certain level of pressure from my blog to lose the weight since Im so public about it but I like that. I also want to keep inspiring others - thats a huge goal. If I can do it, anyone can do it. So I'm gonna do it - one step at a time!

And it is one step at a time. Sometimes its baby steps. No one is going to just lose it. It's not going to be easy for anyone. Whether its 5lbs or 150lbs losing weight and keeping it off are never easy and there is no easy route (you all know how I feel about fad diets aha). The thing is.. I want it. I want it more than anything. I need to stop getting in my own way and letting life get in the way but at the same time I need to accept that its going to be hard to the bitter end and I have to deal with the obstacles and not give up. And I wont.

So I'm back on track, I promise. I won't let myself down and I won't let you guys down! Yesterday I went for a nice run and my eating is stellar. This morning I made a veggie omelet - what the fuck - WHO AM I? aha. Kidding. Living alone and having to cook for myself is proving to be interesting but in a really cool way. Now I just need some warm whether for more bearable runs. Thursday in Truro is giving 21 degrees - HOLLLLAA!

Before I jet just thought I would give 2 shout outs :

1)To my mama! She is leaving on a big trip with my brother and his family and Im wishing her safe travels - have an amazing time mom! you deserve it!

2)To my friend Emma! Last week she left for China for two months! She is going to be amazing (she is teaching!) and I hope she gets absolutely everything possible out of this experience! She has a blog which she has promised she will be update while there so check her out at Head Up, Heart Strong

Big love - i seriously love my readers!

PS. Im thinking about starting a segment called "Only In Truro" where I post pictures of the crazy shit I see in this town - seriously, its a weird town. What do ya'll think?? xx

PPS. Today is FOUR weeks no sugar! I dunno about you guys but I am SO proud of myself aha. Im also surprised.. wtf! aha


  1. WOOT WOOT!!! FOUR weeks no sugar! That's awesome!

  2. Props for staying focused even though you've plateaued! Keep it up! :)

  3. The only way you will let us down is if you say "ok, that's it, I give up" BUT we know you'll never say those words because you're a fighter!


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