Saturday, March 31

im leaving on a jet plane.

That's right. In 3 weeks my bestie Courtney and I are headed to Varadero in CUBA!!I have never been to cuba, never been to a resort and Court and I have never traveled together. It is going to be such a fun time with some great new experiences. I can't imagine going with anyone else - we are going to have a BALL! Court and I have been friends since kindergarten so not only are we really close but we are a pretty sweet drinking team! Here are some pictures for proof.

It's always interesting and fun when we are together so a whole week of sunshine and partying sounds like a pretty good plan to me! I am so excited for temperatures that are above zero, fruity drinks and finally having A TAN!! We planned this trip forever ago but it didnt hit me until this week that its coming up so quick. YAY! So in my excitement I made this blog. :)

In other news, the challenge is going well. Im still focused and Im going to kick some ass. It would be awesome to lose about 40lbs before I go to cuba but I've heard 40lbs in 3 weeks is unhealthy and unrealistic so I guess I will give up that dream. I will officially weigh in on Monday and let you guys know how my first week went!

For now I will leave you with some glorious pictures of Cuba to make you wish you were coming with me next month.

Big Loveee,

Source: via Michelle on Pinterest


  1. So happy for you! I think our next vacay will be to Cuba too. Let me know how Varadero is!

    And yeah 40 lbs in 3 weeks.. I wish lol

  2. You are going to have so much fun in Cuba! woo! So excited for you two!

  3. Gorgeous. I am JEALOUS! Drink a Maitai for me!!

  4. Yep. The glorious pictures worked. I wanna goooooo!!


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