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I wouldn't consider myself powerful nor would I consider myself a power hungry person. The little power I have, to make any sort of change, is my voice and my blog which I use as an outlet for my voice. Usually I use my blog for myself -to say how I feel, to make myself feel better and occasionally to make someone else laugh or inspire them. Today I'm choosing to use this power that I have - that much to my surprise reaches hundreds of people in many different countries - to support something else.

If you have me on facebook or if you know me from high school you know I support Invisible Children. In High School my friend Sarah introduced me to the organization and Invisible Children GMCS was born (and died the next year i believe - not cool). A group of 10-15 of us took part in their Change For Change program and had a screening. We had some fundraisers and did okay for a first time group of kids trying to raise funds for something that wasn't a sport on our little island. It didn't particularly take off but I hold the experience and the organization close to my heart.

Don't know what Invisible Children is? Well if you have heard all the Kony 2012 news in the last 2 days, it is because of Invisible Children that it is all going down. Invisible Children is an organization that aims to take down Joseph Kony (and his army The LRA - lords resistancearmy) who have been going into towns through out uganda for over 20 years, slaughtering adults, turning the young men into child soldiers and using the women as sex slaves. Seems like a fair enough goal eh?

So what is Kony 2012?
"Invisible Children’s KONY 2012 campaign aims to make Joseph Kony famous, not to celebrate him, but to raise support for his arrest and set a precedent for international justice. In this case, notoriety translates to public support. If people know about the crimes that Kony has been committing for 26 years, they will unite to stop him. Secondly, they want Kony to be famous so that when he is stopped, he will be a visible, concrete example of international justice. Lastly this event has been formed to not only raise awareness of Joesph Kony, but to encourage social justice on a global level. Where you live shouldn't determine if you live."

I am elated over the support I have seen so quickly for Kony 2012 - on facebook, from people who I misjudged and never thought would care about something like this and on the news, in the blogging world , even on my weight loss site -everywhere! The thing is, I also see everywhere that Snooki is pregnant or married or some other bullshit. So clearly there are still people who dont know or don't have the sense enough to care. There is still more work to be done and awareness to be spread.

I am not asking any of you to go to Uganda and look for Joseph Kony but I would like for you to watch the video I posted at the top AND the bottom. Yes, it is 30 min long, but what are you going to do for the next 30 minutes? Play angry birds? Take even 10 mins and watch part of the documentary I have posted. No need to donate any money, although I totally support that - just wducate yourself on who Joseph Kony is. I am not asking you to facebook it or blog about it just watch it for YOURSELF and that will help - it is one more person who is informed.

A challenge for my readers who are fellow bloggers. Do what I have done if you care about this cause! I commend Ruthanne and Endear for blogging about this already and anyone else who has made any sort of effort. While reading Ruthannes post I came across a whole movement of bloggers for Kony 2012 which I am now a part of. We can all be a a part of something amazing and like the video says - we can let JUSTICE define 2012.

Please watch the video when you have a few minutes. Let it be your background noise while you get ready in the morning or while you play angry birds if you choose to do so. Then get to work because you know it is the right thing to do.


  1. - for some more differentiated information on the whole matter. The atrocities which have been taking place in Uganda for many years have got to stop, but hunting down and killing one single person (who has been famous for long enough, at least for those who cared about the problem) is not the solution.

  2. amazing post!

    i am totally with you -- people who i never thought gave a crap about anything relevant are posting this video & it truly IS worth it's mere 30 minutes.

    i dare ANYONE not to care after viewing if.
    if ya don't then you are just a heartless bastard!



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