Monday, April 2

195 Challenge : Week 1 Results

Today marks one week since I started the 195 Challenge to lose 18lbs before my birthday which is now 8 weeks away. I planned to work my ass off, with various weekly challenges, and lose 2lbs a week and look great in the birthday dress I plan to wear (and have wanted to look good in forever).

My first week went really well. Mon-Thurs and Sunday I exercised and ate well. I did shitty on Friday and Saturday, no exercise, I drank and then Saturday night we had late night take out. Fri was on point with eating though so it wasn't a total loss. Like I said, yesterday was good. I exercised and I spent the day trying to flush out the pizza binge from the previous night.

I was nervous about weigh in after all the pizza because I honestly felt like shit all day yesterday. There was a large, very solid food baby sitting in my belly all day long and I wasn't sure if I was gonna shake it. But by the end of the day I felt better and I got a good nights sleep.

This morning I woke up and almost forgot it was weigh in...almost. I did my regular weigh in mornign ritual (#1, #2 if im lucky and a strip down!) and hit the scale. Then I weighed myself and went about my day. The end.

Just kidding. I lost three pounds! YAY! I weighed in at 210. I was super happy with that number. The plan is to do 2lbs a week and considering I may have a week where I only lose 1, dont lose at all or gain, its nice to know that I did 3 this week. The thing is though, that I could have an even better week. I wasn't on track all week, I ate pizza and chips and there were days I didnt work out.

So whats the plan this week? I'm going to do even better and have another good loss. I can do this! Challenge for week 2? Do the Kick Ass April Calendar on top of all other work outs I do (which i plan to do EVERY single day this week, no day off until Monday when I am traveling back home after Easter). I will be doing the whole calendar but I will use it as my challenge just for the first week and next week I will have a new challenge as planned! I encourage you to do it with me. It's all about the low body.. kick "ass", get it? lol Here is the pin :

For this week Im changing it up a bit. Instead of regular squats I'm going to do butterfly squats. Unfamiliar with a butterfly squat? That might be because its not the correct name ha. Basically when I come back up from the squat I'm going to jump in the air and look like a star, haha. Sounds silly but they're effective. For the wall sits Im doing 30 seconds every day and for the burpees I've decided to start out doing 10 each instead of going by seconds. I'm going to focus on form and improvement (I will be upping the reps by 2 each day this week) because in 30 seconds I could probably only do 5 burpees with good form. They are hard for me so I'd rather 10 well executed burpees in two minutes than 5 (probably shitty) burpees in 30 seconds.

Anyways, thats last week and the plan for this week :) Today, even though I felt like rewarding myself for the loss aha, I have been on track and had a really good work out. I ran 4k - yay! I've always wanted to do a "sweaty post work out pic" like my fellow work out bloggers but I usually look like such shit and its not even appropriate to post pictures of it to my site. Also, Im usually in pain and the last thing on my mind is grabbing a camera and documenting it!

But today was different. I got home, I was sweaty and in pain and I thought.. you just ran 4k. You were in pain, you kept trucking through and you kicked some pavements ass today. Savor it, be proud.. and take a picture of your sweaty face to blog about. I can look back when I am running 10ks and think "that's where i came from".

The thing I like about this picture is I can really see a different in my face. I can't wait to have a normal sized head.. its exciting haha. Even though the face above is sweaty and nasty and make upless and pale and my hair is out of control..I still prefer it! Here is a picture of my face a few years back - SO chubby!

But progress is progress and Im proud!

So wish me luck for week 2, I definitely wish you luck if you need it as well. I know some people are challenging themselves along with me so make sure to let me know how ya'll are doing. :) Thanks for the support on the first post I did about this challenge - I appreciate it as always :)

Big Love
Bail xo


  1. YAY on the 3lbs loss!!!!!

    I started that April challenge yesterday (obviously lol) Glad you are doing it too!

    You look amazingly different in those pics! So proud :)

  2. Hey so I just found your blog and wow you are so totally amazing and inspirational!

    Defiantly one of my new favorite blogs to stalk!

    Love it!

  3. You rock! 3lbs is awesome!!!!! woot!

  4. Bailey, congrats on the 3 lb loss - that's excellent! I love sweaty post work out pics. I post one every single day as soon as I'm done working out. Sweat is beautiful, baby!

  5. WOW!!!
    Look at that awesome difference between those photos. I've always been jealous of your hot looks at any weight, cause you've always been once of the most beautiful people I know! Like genuine beauty and I know so many people that would agree with me!
    But props to you for how far you've come and thank you for being and inspiration and giving me the motivation to get going as well. I was the same on the scales this week, but I didn't really do anything either so shame on me, but I am excited for our gym date!! See you sometime in the next couple of days!!

  6. GO GIRL!

    Can't believe your transformation so far. You're doing brilliantly.

    I have no will power so have made the boyfriend hide the scales. No weigh in until Friday.

    I've been going to the gym, eating my exercise calories and doing Insanity. I hope I will have lost 2lbs, at least. But that's hopefull. After losing 4 stone my weight loss is starting to slow! xx

  7. You've given me a great idea for a blog challenge :)

    I will say no more (just in case I decide not to do it! hahaha)

    P.S - Love the sweaty pic!!!


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